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Washington State straight biker got serviced

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Washington State straight biker got serviced,Gary drove his bike all the way from Washington State to follow his love. Later, Gary found himself alone in a new city and no income. While he looked for a job, he needed some bucks, after giving it some thought, he decided to participate in my video. He is very masculine and he was in the military for long time. But like he said, he is very comfortable in his own skin. So why not enjoy a good blow job, while things get better? And of course he came to the best hands for that, right?! Lol. What do you think Hunters?…
I know he didn’t make any eye contact while getting serviced, and I know many of you love when the beefcakes make eye contact, but watching that big cock getting hard quickly, and stay hard all the way, it’s rewarding and it compensates. We know he got “into the zone” until he came REALLY good!
He told me that after this video, he felt comfortable, enough to come back and pound my ass… let’s see! Hmm… He might find a job soon, but another blowjob and few extra bucks are always welcomed, especially when you are in a new place. Enjoy this video with biker Gary!

                               Washington State Straight biker

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  • October 22, 2015

    Amazing!!!! Just that

    • Victor October 26, 2015

      Yeah I totally agree with you , Gary was just amazing and so nice to work with him, thanks for comment 🙂

  • October 22, 2015

    Is it possible to take some barefoot pics of your models? That’d be extra hot!!!

    • Victor October 26, 2015

      yeah baby, whenever is possible, I will keep that in mind ! thanks for sharing your fantasies 🙂

  • October 22, 2015


    • Victor October 26, 2015

      Thank you, I am so glad you enjoy this video , stay tuned for more 🙂

  • October 22, 2015

    That was amazing! More bikers!

    • Victor October 26, 2015

      yessss I need to find more bikers!!!

  • October 22, 2015

    Another mann Vic!!! I love his nice thick cock! I hope he come back for “the next adventure”… Fantastic as always..Take care!!!

    • Victor October 26, 2015

      Right Greg? this handsome man came from the other site of the country just to show us how delicious is his cock 🙂

  • October 23, 2015

    Very hot!!!!! Awesome vids. Any chance of Thomas coming back again too?

    • Victor October 26, 2015

      Hi, Thanks , I am SOOOO happy that you enjoy our videos! I don’t think Thomas is coming back. :(, his videos got TOO popular…

  • October 23, 2015

    A truly beautiful dick on him. You know what to do with it , Vic.
    You got a good load from him

    • Victor October 26, 2015

      You know the first time I saw his cock I thought ..yeahhh is ok…but then while shooting I really appreciate how thick and big it was, was a surprise for me too!

  • October 24, 2015

    Damn. Sey guy. He’s scruffy but you can tell under the scruff…he’s a hottie. Please film them as they undress. I like seeing what socks they have on etc. Hope he pounds you soon.

    • Victor October 26, 2015

      Yeah I would LOVE to see him shaved, he should look really nice…I just learned that he got a I am not so sure now..lets cross our fingers 😉

  • October 27, 2015

    Too bad he got a job. Would have been a good time for you

    • Victor November 1, 2015

      I know right? well…you know that in Beefcakehunterland will be more beefcakes 🙂

  • October 30, 2015

    he’s handsome & so sexy with the scruffy look to him

    • Victor November 1, 2015

      right? he has a different look than most of the beefcakes but still been hot and suckable! thanks for comment 🙂

  • November 16, 2015

    Please tell me he fucked you with that big dick…

    • Victor November 19, 2015

      immmm I wish!!!! he supposed to but he found a job 😉

  • November 21, 2015

    this guy has a great dick but dint like that fact that there was no sound coming from him lol i love when they are very verval you should couch then tell them to make sounds something

    • Victor November 22, 2015

      yeah , he was very silent but I guess he was a bit nervous , but I still like him a lot !

  • December 2, 2015

    I can’t to see him fucking you with his thick cock

    • Victor December 4, 2015

      I WISH!!!! I can have him back to fuck me, you are so right! 😉

  • December 14, 2015

    My favorite Gary its so nice , I hope you make a video getting fuck by him 🙂

    • Victor December 15, 2015

      You know I would love that , I hope he come back too 🙂

  • December 16, 2015

    Please rim him and let him fuck you

    • Victor December 17, 2015

      I would do all of that IF he returns 😉

  • December 21, 2015

    Joined because of him. Very hot, pity his shirt wasn’t off when he came.

    • Victor December 23, 2015

      I know, but I am glad you enjoy this video 🙂

  • March 11, 2016

    Bring him back Vic! His eyes are GORGEOUS!! (his cock too :P)

    • Victor March 11, 2016

      Working on that baby..working on that! 😉

  • March 12, 2016

    omg babe get more of him n his beard. anal?

    • Victor March 14, 2016

      yeah baby, I believe your wishes will be come true pretty soon , stay tuned 😉

  • October 6, 2016

    Amazingly sexy! Gary is my favorite!

    • Victor October 7, 2016

      and what a nice always hard cock he has , right?

  • August 12, 2018

    Nice man, great body, amazing dick.
    Is this the biggest, thickest cock on the site?
    Loved him.

    • Victor August 17, 2018

      Maybe one of the thickets, but for sure in the top 10 hardest ever! yummy!!!

  • December 5, 2018

    More please

    • Victor December 6, 2018

      I know I know but I don’t know where is Gary nowadays, I miss his big white cock 😉

  • January 4, 2019

    He is the best. I want his cum. And you are the best as well.

    • Victor January 5, 2019

      Thanks my friend! 🙂

  • January 14, 2019

    Gary was my intro into your site. I was half paying attention, I swear, I had to do a double take at the resemblance as I heard him say he as in the Army too. My guy is from Wisconsin. Early 30’s /6’1/Same Biker/Homeless look (sorry Gary).
    But underneath, he’s hiding this AMAZING body & cock.
    My guy is blue color too. “prefers” to be nomadic. Innocent country boy/raving hetero.
    Because of how I know him, he ‘hinted’, “I do what I do for a place to stay.” When I saw your hook up with him, & then he fucked you. I almost lost it! That is SO this guy I know.
    Vic. you have the most realistic/authentic. Blue Chip shit out there., Forever a fan.

    • Victor January 17, 2019

      When I first met Gary, I had to coach him a bit and groom him a bit also, but I wanted him to still have the same scruffy looks, I am so excited that you had a guy like him as well, thanks for your support 🙂

  • July 28, 2019

    That man is so fucking hot. Beautiful beard, great pubes and a massive dick. Love him!

    • Victor August 5, 2019

      I love him too baby ?

  • July 28, 2019

    Also he looks amazing when he has an orgasm!

    • Victor August 5, 2019

      One of the best orgasm noises at BCH land for sure ?

  • June 21, 2020

    I know I’ve commented on this man before (and fuck me! – he is the definition of a man) but just rewatching this video I have to say (again) what a total hot dude he is. I love the way he looks down at you with those beautiful, blue eyes to tell you he’s gonna cum soon (at 14m4s). I love the way he suddenly changes at 14m58s as he’s about to start having an orgasm. His face when he starts to cum at 15m10s is seriously intense. Jerking his head back in total ecstasy.

    That is one helluva an intense orgasm.

    I’ve cum so many times imagining Gary on top of me, my legs in the air, taking his big dick balls deep, feeling his big warm, salty cum load into my ass hole. Then hold in it inside for as long as I can after!

    • Victor June 23, 2020

      I think you have done the best description of Gary’s orgasm! The changes in his face expression when getting close to the climax are out of this world, thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • September 19, 2021

    i love men with beards! please bring him back!!!!

    • Victor September 21, 2021

      I will find more men with beard 😉

  • July 4, 2022

    Man you gave him such an intense “Oh My God!” orgasm! Gary’s eyes were glued to the porno and its like he was trying to not reveal how good your blowjob was making him feel, but when he nutted he came hard and could no longer conceal his pleasure. Bikers in my experience are often secure in their manhood and not homophobic.

    • Victor July 5, 2022

      Gary himself was a “omg” moment, and I’m glad I was able to bring him so much pleasure and a good show for you my friend.And you are right about bikers, all my experiences with them has been similar. Thanks for comment baby 😘

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