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Published on March 25, 2016

Gary the biker is back!

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Ladies and Gentlemen (yes..there are some Ladies Hunters here!), the sexiest biker that Washington State has ever produced is here! Our prayers were answered and Beefcake Gary the biker is back!
It was months ago when we got the first taste of Gary’s mouthwatering cock, and he even assured me that he was coming back for an anal scene, but he didn’t. He was called for a new job the very next day after our shooting and he decided to cancel. I also believe that he may have had some doubts about his performance in a fuck scene, he hasn’t fucked a guy before and his anxiety is reasonable.

Gary has found a job but the pay is not that good, so he is planning to go to College soon. Meanwhile he is exploring his options, and guess what? It seems that he has found or is in the talks for a gig as a straight porn actor with a company in California, wow! Can you imagine Hunters, if that becomes a reality, we got him first! We should be proud! Lol and it seems Gary is pretty willing to practice at BeefCakeHunter Land for a while, and from what I experienced this time with this sexy guy, is that he can manage to keep his cock rock hard all the time, that is why this video is longer than usual. The riding of his cock was amazing, I could go to any speed and that cock was still hard, and then some more sucking. After that some doggy style. I even included some behind the scenes parts so we can appreciate Garys’ sexiness. After all, this is our video 101 and it had to be special! I ended up very exhausted, but pleased and satisfied that we got our Biker back. I hope is not the last time and even if he becomes a straight porn star he would come back to us! Enjoy guys this video, Gary the biker is back!

                                       Gary the biker is back!

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  • March 25, 2016

    my favorite day of the week love you Vic, love this mans white fat cock great to see him back thanks for finishing him off on the couch hes not my favorite but i guess we have to wait till next weeks man, hope hes a hung latino again love them best 😉

    • victor March 26, 2016

      Thanks HotMouth!Yeah Gary has nice fat cock! I know you are more into Latinos, I am into all types of men, I never go hungry! LOL kisses 😉

  • ToddyDan March 25, 2016

    Loved it, Vic.Glad you made him stand while blowing 😉 Looking forward to seeing a new beefcake!! 😛

    • victor March 26, 2016

      I fell way more submissive sucking that way! Stay tuned for new ones, they are coming! 🙂

  • adonis2 March 25, 2016

    First of all, thanks Vic for bringing him back, i really love him. Second, I love the extended video, hope all the others are like this. Amazing always, can’t wait for more, you made my week. Hoping to see more of their face on the reverse cowgirl position, the first anal scene. Hope to see them go inside of you the next time. You are just amazing, from shooting to the main thing! I’m dying to see this video this morning that I actually stayed up till morning to check the site, Hope there would be a exact date for the release.

    • victor March 26, 2016

      Really Lance, you didn’t sleep? well, I hope the wait was worth it! 😉 I wish I can have an exact day and time of new videos releases but is kind of difficult now for me, but for sure you would have a new video between Wednesday and Saturday, thank you as always for the feedbacks and you are welcome! Gary was due to visit us! right? 🙂

  • March 26, 2016

    And just like that…it feels like Xmas! I am thrilled that Gary has returned. I don’t know what it is about him but he has mad sex appeal. Thank you for bringing back this sexy biker. What an awesome update. I loved every minute of it. I can’t wait to see more.

    • victor March 26, 2016

      Wow , you are really a Gary’s fan ! I am so happy that this video makes you feels like Xmas again! that is “awesome” like Gary says, kisses my friend 🙂 please don’t forget to give him a like to the video…

  • March 26, 2016

    Victor I literally have tears of joy in my eyes. Gary giving anal after the week I’ve had makes me feel like it’s my birthday six months early! Thank you!!

    • victor March 26, 2016

      you are welcome my friend! what happened this week? I hope everything is alright with you baby ! It makes my day knowing that you enjoy this video so much! thanks thank you , thank you , kisses 🙂

  • March 26, 2016

    Vic, when I was guessing who the mystery beefcake would be, I did consider Gary. I had the idea that he had gone back to Washington, so I didn’t suggest him. Boy ! Am I glad I was wrong !!! This has to be the hottest video you have given us. It was a win-win situation. He got to work over your hot ass and you got to give him great head and a be a power bottom for that super dick Both of you so lucky. I don’t know which I would rather be. A great big THANK YOU for this.

    • victor March 26, 2016

      I was very certain that you would say Gary! lol and I knew you like him a lot, so glad to know your enjoy this video, and like always you are welcome my friend! 🙂

  • March 26, 2016

    P.S Where is the “like” icon? Never knew about that

    • victor March 26, 2016

      the like icon is the little heart underneath the video , next to the amount of views and comments

  • March 27, 2016

    He is so fucking hot!! Love his scruffy masculine appearance. You have amazing taste in men, bud!

    • victor March 27, 2016

      You also have a good taste my friend, that is why you are here 🙂 Thanks for comment !

  • March 27, 2016

    he’s fucking incredible!!

    • victor March 27, 2016

      yes, he is awesome! 🙂

  • rdr_23 March 27, 2016

    Gary is perfect. Love watching him satisfied.

    • victor March 29, 2016

      and I love satisfying him! thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • adonis2 March 28, 2016

    Vic, Can you tell us about what the guy this week is like?? pls??

    • victor March 28, 2016

      Hahaha the only thing I will tell you is that we are talking about 9″ here! ?

  • stldiscreet1 March 29, 2016

    First let me say im GLAD you brought him back…i love your videos here with oneeexception….it’s obvious these guys want to get sucked COMPLETELY off Vic, we’ve seen cum shots before so why not suck them off completely and watch the reaction then.

    • victor March 29, 2016

      yeah I may start swallowing in some scenes but doesn’t matter what I do there will always be complains lol, so I just would do what it feels best at the moment, and there always be magic 🙂

  • March 29, 2016

    Is the next guy new or bringing back a hot one ?

    • victor March 29, 2016

      new! just fresh from the oven! yeahhhhhhhh we are talking about 9″ here lol

  • March 29, 2016

    Can’t wait for this week’s guy I hear it’s a hung 9″ my god Vic love your site

    • victor March 29, 2016

      it is already out baby!

  • April 3, 2016


    • victor April 7, 2016

      Yeah and his cock was rock hard all the time wow!

  • felto1925 May 14, 2016

    Damn,,,,this sexy motha fucker definitely knows how to fuck some ass baby…one of the best fuck scenes so far …..loved it…whoaaa!!!!

    • victor May 15, 2016

      more is coming with Gary, to be honest one of the hardest cock while fucking me, this dude know how to be concentrate and perform! I am glad you noticed 🙂

  • May 28, 2016

    I don’t know how you did that one.

    • victor May 30, 2016

      ahahah what you mean ? 😉

  • June 4, 2016

    Caro Victor, Of all the ones you have done, this was the first one that I didn’t like at all. I couldn’t watch to the end. Please keep up the good work though.

    • victor June 5, 2016

      well, like I have say it before, the concept of beauty and sexiness is very diverse, I find Gary so rough, a real life straight biker, where can you find that? nowhere else than here my friend! Gary has a lot of friends, and many requests to get him back, good news for them ,there is anew video of him coming back, but don’t worry there will be more guys that you like too! Thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • June 26, 2016

    Do you know what straight porn he has done and what studio did he sign up with? His straight porn name?

    • victor June 28, 2016

      he was trying to get into straight porn, I haven’t talk to Gary in a while, so I dont know if he finally got the job, I hope yes! he would be a great performer , he has been tried wit us! lol

  • razzy July 2, 2016

    is he coming back?

    • victor July 5, 2016

      Good news baby! yes!!!;)

  • July 19, 2016

    Yep, Gary is still awesome!
    I got a thing for longhairs, so the more the better!
    Glad to hear he’s coming back a third time….soon?

    • victor July 21, 2016

      hahahah your wishes were my command 😉

  • October 6, 2016

    SOOOOO SEXY! More men like Gary please!

    • victor October 7, 2016

      that is for sure 🙂

  • May 17, 2017

    love to ream that butthole

    • victor May 18, 2017

      wow, I see you really like Gary! 🙂

  • November 7, 2017

    id pay for a flight to the UK !!

    • victor November 9, 2017

      only Gary? what about me? lol hahahahah

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