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Published on July 21, 2016

Making Gary cum fast

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Making Gary cum fast wasn’t planned. He has one of the most beautiful and always HARD cock around here at BeefCakeHunterLand, so who wouldn’t be down to take a good long drill from this beefcake, right? It is always nice to have this biker around, for all the Hunters that love Gary the Biker, your request has been fulfilled! Gary is back and sexier than ever!

This time I wanted to shoot the first scene at the shower, and then go for the blowjob, but I couldn’t help myself when I realized that he wasn’t wearing any underwear…I had to get on my knees and blow that Scandinavian meat! Yeah, and it got fully hard..! At that point, Gary was so comfortable with me, that he didn’t need the pussy porn to perform! I am so proud! (lol) For the sake of the show, I had to cut my servicing short, so he could jump in the shower.

After the shower, Gary sat on the couch just giving himself up to my hungry mouth, I got really lost in the moment, and at some point, I was making Gary cum too fast, (he didn’t want to acknowledge my skills, and he blamed on my early blowjob to it lol) that was funny! I had to stop and get on my fours and get that hard meat inside my ass, before was too late lol… I couldn’t believe it was a little painful at first, I mean come on! I’ve been doing this for years! But once he was inside my man-pussy the pleasure was incredible, and I held on to myself not to move my ass against him, like I’ve done in the past.

Instead, I let him take control of the situation, and I am glad I did it, because the slow motion of his pounding was a sign that he was too close to cum, gosh! lol I wished he could’ve held it for longer, but I can’t complain, it was a good pounding with a delicious cock. 😉 I hope you guys enjoy this Making Gary Cum Fast video!

                                    Making Gary cum fast

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  • July 21, 2016

    Great job!!!
    I have a thing for long-haired bad-boys, and Gary really does it for me!
    Thanks for having him back….send him my way. lol

    • victor July 21, 2016

      you are welcome 🙂

  • July 21, 2016

    The blow job before the shower was extremely hot ! Sometimes the scent of an unwashed man is a real turn on. Within limits of course.. The taste of the dick is also a turn on. Also the POV camera on that was great. Gary is pure male with that deep voice. I am not a huge fan of so much ink, but he seems to carry it off somehow. Vic, you are one lucky guy and thanks for letting us be part of it.

    • victor July 21, 2016

      Wow Frederick thanks! Nice observation of this scene, as you said it Gary is PURE male, very confident, deep voice and what amazing cock! and yeah I really enjoyed blowing him before he jump into the shower 😉

  • August 2, 2016

    Seriously… Magic.

    • victor August 2, 2016

      yeah Gary always works his magic on us 😉

  • August 2, 2016

    I want that for sure…. Just my type. Can’t lie… I’d probably let him lose the rubber too. I’d take that deposit as the one random breeding (on my bucket list… Life is short, why not!?!?!). :). Awesome video!

    • victor August 2, 2016

      wow you really lIKE Gary, I am o glad, for me one of the best cocks too! always hard! Can have him back anytime 😉 Thanks for comment baby !

  • October 6, 2016

    He is by far my FAVORITE!

    • victor October 7, 2016

      yeah and I can tell why LOL

  • hedgehog30 February 11, 2017

    he will ever be back?

    • victor February 13, 2017

      I dont know , I haven’t see him in a while, I will put him in my list of “come back Beefcakes” 😉

  • April 28, 2017

    Sure wish i could find his double in Portland Oregon

    • victor April 29, 2017

      right? a Gary’s double in every state in America! 🙂

  • August 31, 2017

    So amazing you should make more scenes like the shower scene on other videos. It’s a nice view on the dick and your face on it (:

    • victor August 31, 2017

      You mean POV right? you haven’t sen last video with Marcus, there is a long POV scene there 🙂

  • September 7, 2017

    Yes, it was hot with Marcus but I love when you suck their dick right when they get out of the shower.

    • victor September 7, 2017

      yeah I love to do that scene too, I will do it often 😉

  • Bigguy2017 October 3, 2017

    I can’t….. he is so hot to me.. the eyes, tats, moaning, thick cock… I couldn’t take it

    • victor October 3, 2017

      you mean you were not able to finish watching the video? ?

  • November 7, 2017

    top tottie

    • victor November 9, 2017

      yeah, I miss Gary, what a delicious and always rock hard cock to feed my holes 🙂

  • Bigguy2017 November 25, 2017

    Love every inch! Thank you for sharing this pleasureable moment.

    I bet he smelled and tastes so good! I would have slide him back in me after cumming.

    • victor December 4, 2017

      Yeah, Gary honestly has a DELICIOUS cock! gosh! I miss him so much right now! 🙂

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