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Hi, my name is Victor, but you can call me Vic. I’m not going to bore you with details about myself or my life because I am pretty sure you are here for the “beefcakes” and not for me!

Something you many be interested in knowing is why I choose to create a site showing real straight dudes, rather than featuring gay models or actors … the reason is simple : YOU!

If you found my website, it is probably because you get aroused by straight-looking guys and want to see more of them getting down with a guy! This is something you will NOT find on other gay porn sites! Regular gay porn sites just work with gay models, which is cool, but if you are like me, you are always looking for a challenge and for what is hard to get!

I always wondered if that dude next door or the dude at the gym will go “gay for pay!” So, here I am taking the challenge to get these straight guys to get down with me! I’m working hard, I have developed some “hunting skills,” but I’m still developing my tactics even more! I put myself on the line when approaching or seeking out willing straight dudes.Sometimes, I get rejected BAD, but that’s part of the job, and someone has to do it! My goal is to bring you as much variety and as many regular-looking straight guys as possible! I would love to hear your comments and fantasies, so I can bring them to you!

Welcome to BeefCakeHunter!