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King Justin drilled me good

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King Justin drilled me good as a hot comeback after winning the BCH Fuck Scene of the Year 2023! A little bit of background here: as you Hunters know, I usually shoot the scene where the Beefcakes receive the Award, but it took me some time to schedule a shoot with Justin, and I did not want to delay his prize any longer, so he received it months ago, he was very grateful about it and with you guys for making it possible! He sent you guys some love in his words in this encounter 😊

Knowing how much he is loved at BeefCakeHunter Land sometimes makes him so confident about his performance that he doesn’t hesitate to go out the previous night to party and even to have sex! Omg, he is such a horny guy! But he ensured me that he did not cum, something that was hard for me to believe, but by the amount of cum at the end of this, King Justin drilled me good video; maybe it was true! Lol

Anyways, Daddy Justin is always ready for my mouth, and after a few moments of me caressing that huge Polish Sausage, it got hard and ready to make another award, or at least try 😉

After sucking him passionately, intensely deep throating him, playing with his balls and magnificent cock, I was so ready to sit on it to ride it away in a Reverse Cowgirl position where we can have a view of his cock in its full glory! Yummy!

The riding was long and deep; hearing him moaning was the cherry on top! Then, I laid on my back and let him be on top of me with that rock-hard cock drilling me to oblivion while I couldn’t help to get verbal and touch a lot of his manly body; wow, I was in BCH Heaven!

Then I got on my side, and he continued fucking me hard. By the moment he slowed down, he paused to avoid finishing and leaving me hungry. He knows how a hungry bottom I could be, and he didn’t want to upset Mama, lol.

A few moments later, he couldn’t hold it anymore and pulled out his hard cock from my man pussy and finished on my butt to show that he saved the load for us! I was so satisfied and happy with him that I hugged him tight and showed my appreciation to him. I hope you guys enjoy this King Justin drilled me good video.

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  • Brafly1 July 3, 2024

    Finally, King Justin is back! Can we crown him already as he’s 3 scenes away from setting the record of being at 20?! He needs to go ahead and beat the record this year so that he can get a prize come X-Mas/New Year. All he needs to check off now is doing a live show with you. What do you think, Vic?

    • victor July 9, 2024

      A live show with King Justin is a must and that is coming soon baby, please stay tuned for that and for the 20th mark!! 🙂

  • willieroth July 3, 2024

    Talk about starting out Independence Day with TWO big bangs! Last week, you got the festivities started early with a stone-cold classic scene from Evan. And now Justin cums back in time to remind us why he is still the reigning King of Beefcake Land! It has been a while since we’ve had a threesome here. You, Evan and Justin would be my absolute dream threesome! Vic, is it at all possible you can make that happen before the end of the year? OMG! The fireworks are going off in my pants just thinking about it! My two Kings in the same scene at once! Sounds like heaven on earth to me! Anyway, something else for me to hope for along with the return of some of my favorites from the past. Thank you for bringing back Justin and his anaconda in time for the holiday. What a way to celebrate! This definately made my week!

    • victor July 9, 2024

      You are right, a threesome with those two BCH Legends would be awesome, we have to see if Beefcake Evan is down for it. There are a couple of legends from the past that are makaing their way back to BCH Land, so stay tuned my friend, and thanks for commenting 🙂

  • metalfork July 3, 2024

    I hope king is his official title. Justin videos feel so epic they should have their own special intro theme :). Amazing scene again Justin always brings such a good energy in his scenes I bet he is really easy to work with. I love all you do and wouldn’t change a thing but If i could add something I would love to see beefcakes like Justin get a spa day treatment where they get a nice long massage and then blown. A lot of men don’t get full body massages and some get hard just from the massage which builds up anticipation for the blowjob that is coming or they don’t and it just relaxes them and makes them feel good and appreciated. Just my dream scenario for some cakes. Love your vids Vic and keep Justin coming forever

    • victor July 9, 2024

      From now on, that will be his title, King Justin. Your perception, is right, working with King Justin is easy and fun, he always has that great energy that we all adore here. A massage scene with Justin in my to-do list, and that is coming, he deserves that treatment, he is a hard-working dad. Thanks for commenting baby and for your support to BCH and King Justin 🙂

  • river9525 July 3, 2024

    As I’ve passionately expressed many times in the past I simply Adore each and everything there is to adore about King Daddy Justin. I also truthfully believe that I alone is his biggest fans by far, because In my mind he’s my imaginary boyfriend. I can also safely say that by this point it’s not only because of his extra special man tool, it’s just that he’s so damn sexy and he’s well aware of the sexual powers that he encompass. And lastly, It always bring me complete joy the sight of knowing that each and every time that I see King Daddy Justin, that I’m going to also be able to enjoy his huge sexy man feet as well, which is by far my personal favorite part of him, beyond that killer boyish smile. Once again “Welcome back home” King Daddy Justin……

    • victor July 9, 2024

      I won’t argue with you my friend, you seems pretty much, King Justin’s biggest fan lol. Thanks for sharing what you like the most about Justin, and I think many Hunters love the same thing. I am supper happy that you enjoy this scene baby 🙂

  • ThisGuy94 July 3, 2024

    The missionary scenes in the videos lately have been amazing!!! 🙂

    • victor July 9, 2024

      And there are more cumming! Please stay tuned baby 😉

  • shon202 July 3, 2024

    Justin’s great and I definitely always enjoy when he stops by. But when are we getting the BBC’s again? It’s been a while.

    • victor July 9, 2024

      I am working on that baby, please send me some good energies, so we get a new BBC Beefcake, I am already craving it a lot!!! 😉

  • Serious01 July 4, 2024

    Is truly is the King of Kings……. A sweetheart of a personality. And well equipped. ❤️

    • victor July 9, 2024

      Yeah, he is all of that and more baby. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • Serious01 July 4, 2024

    And he’s a real cutie too

    • victor July 9, 2024

      Yes he is! 🙂

  • Nuttbuster July 4, 2024

    Justin is King 👑 of BCH land !! Love how Justin is so laid back and comfortable with himself and his cock! Would love to see a BCH gangbang in the future! 😘

    • victor July 9, 2024

      Yes , he is the King, I will be working on that my friend. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • July 4, 2024

    My terrible, terrible week started when I watched the two clueless, bumbling bafoons we call our presidential candidates on TV. All I could do is hang my head in disgust.
    Sorry river9525, Justin cannot be your imaginary boyfriend bc he’s MY STRAIGHT DADDY! I think we all look forward to the Wednesday Night Special. But this week, my anticipation was more than usual. Know I know why! Maybe subconsciously, I could smell his cock in the air! Thanks Vic, I appreciate u! Oh, and Hunter’s, let’s be real! Do you honestly think Evan is that open minded to agree to a threesome?!?! Based on his “performances” and attitude, I don’t think he likes coming here by himself. Hey, our most recent newbies seem to be pretty eager to please. Threesome with Colton, Arthur or the hung, tattooed guy. I’m gonna go watch the video now.

    • victor July 9, 2024

      LOL I know, right? what a week… It is ok Hunters, there is enough Justin for all of us, especially for the intuitive ones that can smell Justin’s cock from miles lol. Regarding Evan, that is what I stated in a previous response to willieroth’s comment, I don’t know if he would be down. Let’s we what we can do, in the meantime stay tuned for more 🙂

  • CityBoi305 July 4, 2024

    And this is why he is 🤴

    • victor July 9, 2024

      Exactly! Thanks for noting it baby 🙂

  • muchojuice July 4, 2024

    Ugh! I love him and want him!!

    • victor July 9, 2024

      Yeah, what a hot daddy, right? 😉

  • chocolate718 July 5, 2024

    Hello Vic. Hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥 scene and you never disappoint with Justin! Justin has a beautiful back and ass! Thanks

    • victor July 9, 2024

      You are very welcome baby. I am so happy that you enjoyed this scene 🙂

  • MAB45 July 6, 2024

    Another hot-delicious 🔥🔥🔥🔥 fuck session with sexy-ass Justin!! I love him and his huge grown man cock! This is most definitely now one of my favorite scenes with him. Vic, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THE BACK-TO BACK MISSIONARY FUCKS!!! Honestly, it the antithesis of a sexual encounter; seeing you on your back, with your legs spread widely in the air, giving these hot, masculine tops full control to annihilate your pussy, is soooo fucking hot 🥵 Keep up the HARD wood…I mean work 😉 lol!!

    • victor July 9, 2024

      It is great to know you are making this scene of your favorites! Thanks for deliciously describe the missionary part, I knew you guys were going to love these back to back missionary scenes, and there is more baby, so please stay tuned. Yeah… I will keep the hard wood!! lol

  • danirile80 July 7, 2024

    I got caught up in life, but when one of the kings of BCH Land returns, I have to make my appearance to pay homage! King Justin just oozes that masculine “it” factor from his very pores. Like metalfork says in his comment, Justin always brings good energy and an enthusiasm to his scenes. He may be difficult to track down and little lax on following the rules before arriving at BCH Land, but when he is in BCH Land, he is engaged and charming; there is no aloofness or “I’d rather be at the dentist than here” attitude. Justin understands the assignment.

    Physically, I am always amazed at how long everything is on Justin: his legs, arms, and, of course, that ever hard penis, LOL! His dad-bod, belly, and full bush work extremely well for him. My favorite image comes early in this video: Justin is sitting, one arm splayed out across the back of the couch, as you weave your magical BCH servicing on that hardening dick. Justin just seems to surrender his body to you and starts the chorus of deep guttural moans throughout the video (another sexy King Justin feature: that sexy baritone moaning…). 2nd best image of the film: you riding Justin as he just writhes underneath you in ecstasy.

    Then , Justin takes control and rails your manhole until you give him permission to climax. Justin stays in the moment and doesn’t seem like he wants to run from the room once he is finished. It’s the little things that make the difference (you hugging him, playing with his balls) and the main reason why the Hunters love Justin.

    I look forward to more super happy adult fun time with Justin. I am ready for those surprises that you and Justin alluded to at the end of the video. I also like metalfork’s idea of BCH spa day. I am always an advocate for massage and full body worship videos.

    Still going strong in the 10th year, Victor!

    • victor July 9, 2024

      I was wondering where you were, my friend, but I know that Justin is always a good bait to have you back soon and honor us with your amazing comments. He is always happy to be around and that is hot! I must admin that I made clear to Justin that I was not too happy about him breaking some rules of preparation, but I know by now that the maddest I get, the more charming he is with me, lol; he knows how to deal with my BCH “diva” part lol, in fact, many of these straight men found it they loved it! The blow job at the couch and then riding him was a dream, not to mention, being on my back while he was impaling me, it was simply amazing, I wanted him even deeper inside me lol I am glad that you love the warm and sweet moment of me hugging him, you can be sure that it was organic, I really felt like hugging him. Thanks for still cherish me up in our 10th Anniversary my friend! 🙂

  • July 7, 2024

    The hot, manly moaning while you were riding him was sending me crazy, Vic! 🔥 The king truly has returned; long live Justin! 👑 He really is the top beefcake for me; he just has that X factor. I love him! ❤

    • victor July 9, 2024

      Yeah, those moans of his are HOTT. You are right, long live King Justin. He will be happy to know you love him 🙂

  • frederick July 9, 2024

    I can’t imagine anyone who is not very happy to see Justin back at BCH Land over the years, you and he have developed such a great rapport .
    Over time, you and he have established a great rapport. You talk like friends which is the perfect tone knowing what till come next. Justin’s fine cock is always a sight to behold. You with your legs up in the air for the Missionary fuck is the absolute best. Watching his butt in action as he
    nails you, makes my enjoyment level up. Of course Justin is a long and lean guy which makes everything better for me.

    • victor July 9, 2024

      That part is true, we have developed such a friendship, sometimes I have to coach him about life’s things, but he is always a good time, even then. He is a great human been too, I think we all are lucky to have him around. I feel humble again, about another comment praising me been on my back and legs in the air lol, yeah, it was glorious! Thanks for commenting my friend, and for always letting me know I am delivering for you 😉

  • andy2704 July 13, 2024


    • victor July 15, 2024

      Yes he is so iconic! Thanks for commenting my friend 🙂

  • KS July 14, 2024

    I love Justin so much. He’s forever hot to me and so nice and knows exactly what to do. He’s the best

    • victor July 15, 2024

      I am glad to hear this, he is indeed one of the best, that is why m, he is King of BCH Land. Thanks for commenting baby 🙂

  • Kokoseks July 16, 2024

    He could finally try to rim you. That would be a awesome change!

    • victor July 17, 2024

      I know, but I don’t think he will be up for the task, but it won’t hurt to ask him, lol

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