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Justin back to the basics

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Justin back to the basics.

Making a refreshing pause from this “Ass destruction” season, I present you: Justin back to the basics. We made this video a few months after he had an injury on his left leg, with two months out his regular job, he had to catch up with bills and of course with BeefCakeHunter Land 😉

It was a Friday night, he brought some beers and his usual  laid back attitude, perfect elements to make this video about Justin back to the basics: seated, relaxed and enjoying a BCH head.

Once on my knees I started by teasing him a bit, he loves that! Beefcake Justin demeanor got me very relaxed and made me do a couple of bad jokes lol, but I guess he loves that because by the moment I pulled his cock out of his shorts, it was already fully hard, even though some skin still covering his voluminous and shiny cock head umm, one of the best delicatessen here at BCH.

While Beefcake Justin was enjoying his beer, I was performing a slow but passionate oral service on him, I can’t never go wrong with this big Polish cock, and all this happening with his pants halfway down lol.

But you guys know me that I am sucker for testicles, so I had to take his shorts off completely in order for me to feast on his balls, I just realized how big they are! OMG, incredible, after all these years lol

For those Feet Hunters the view gets better when I moved to his side to worship his chest, armpits and arms, I really apologize for the out of focus when I did change the camera angles, I did not realize it, it is time for me to get some glasses. Rimming was not possible because he was not ready for that, if you know what I mean, of course I cut that part of the dialogue from the video 😉 , but I got really close to his ass when I was licking below his balls.

After getting back on my knees, I got more aggressive in my sucking and using my hands, tongue and mouth I wanted to squeeze Justin delicious juices for the world, while he whispered: jerk it harder… amazing!

I hope you guys enjoy this video Justin back to the basics, and I know you maybe were expecting a fuck scene, but video “Justin going all the way” which will include some rimming is coming out soon.

                                       Justin back to the basics

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  • Honeysuckle November 6, 2019

    Beautiful Justin. He just looks better with time! Always a pleasure to see him and very excited to hear he is coming back for another scene soon. I hope some of his delicious cum makes it into your mouth next time, Vic.

    • victor November 12, 2019

      Yeah I am very please to feature Justin in this update, it was about time, right? 😉

  • Endgameinfinitystone November 6, 2019

    Kudos to Justin and you, Vic, you both always give us a good show. Justin is very loyal to BCH after all these time he never vanished without a trace so far. Always coming back ones in a while (also Jacobo). Their presence in BCH is always appreciated and being look forward to.

    • victor November 12, 2019

      I think we are very lucky to have a loyal Beefcake like Justin as you say, I am so happy that you enjoyed the show my friend 🙂

  • November 7, 2019

    we are expecting some fetish scenes, like goldenshower with your buddies: very hot I think. Thanks!!!

    • victor November 12, 2019

      Thanks for comment my friend, not a fan of goldenshower myself, but for sure next video with Justin will be more intense , please stay tuned 🙂

  • not retired 292 November 7, 2019

    One of the best sexy, sensual, blow jobs ever..Justin loves being made can feel his emotions..sooooo Vic…when are you going to take it to another level with the hot old timers, Jacobo, Fred, Justin, Martin, Jason..they are all ready for you to do something you’ve been hesititant in doing…these sexy men want a little more..and all of us Hunter’s can’t fucking wait baby…it’s time!!!!

    • victor November 12, 2019

      Lol I am not sure what you mean by next level but for sure some of the hotties you mentioned are coming back baby! Please stay tuned 😉

  • egarza1509 November 8, 2019

    Wow, that cock … love Justin

    • victor November 12, 2019

      Yeah, its a beautiful cock indeed 🙂

  • November 8, 2019

    Justin shows why he has become a major favorite of us Hunters. I think he is also one of your favorites, Vic. I think I know why too. He has become so comfortable with you and the camera. He gets my attention just by his long and lean body spread out on your couch. Love those red briefs of yours, Vic. I kept thinking that as you worked that exceptional dick of Justin that you might want to hop right on that beauty and go for a ride. I believe Justin truly appreciates the level of service you have and continue to provide him. Don’t stop ! I liked the nipple work and so did he. Another amazing Justin style orgasm. His leas up to it is so hot. So really honest. Justin is definitely high on my list, although King Jason still reigns supreme for me.

    • victor November 12, 2019

      You are right, he is one of my favorites, besides that his cock is amazing, he make felt so welcomed to explore and enjoy service him, I can’t never go wrong with him right? this time I really enjoyed been centered in the bj, because I knew a hot fuck scene with him is coming soon, so please my friend stay tuned for more 🙂

  • danirile80 November 12, 2019

    It’s always a good time when one of the Great J’s makes an appearance at BCH Land. What makes Justin so great is his California cool attitude; if he was ever nervous or ill-at-ease, he has never showed it on film. And then there is that impressive penis that is always hard and ready to perform. Justin along with Manuel have the biggest pieces in all of BCH Land, and once again, I am dumbfounded how he stays erect and throbbing without passing out.
    Like my BCH BFF, Frederick, mentioned, you know that Justin appreciates your world class servicing by the sounds and body reactions that he makes. Justin doesn’t pay too much attention to the porn provided, but he focuses on all the wonderful sensations and melts into the couch/bed, giving us beautiful images like Image #8. Great feedback from the models just makes for good film!
    I guess this serves as Justin’s BCH worship film; you snuck it in on us, Victor:) I’m not mad at all, I could use a BCH Justin Worship Video Part 2, We know that Justin has plenty of cock to worship, LOL!

    • victor November 12, 2019

      You are right, there is so much abundance with Justin, that maybe just one worshipping video would not be enough lol, what is coming with him next is hot, so stay tuned for more my friend 🙂

  • Sexiboi2014 November 12, 2019

    Who have you seen more now justin or Christian? It is hard to tell because they both give great videos but what I love about Justin is how big his dick is and the curve of it. That shit must feel so damn good especially when he fucks you too. Hit that spot just right. Keep it up with the great content which you keep bring that’s why I am so loyal.

    • victor November 16, 2019

      Thank you my dear friend for your comment. At this point I think we have way more content with BIG Polish cock Justin 😉

  • November 13, 2019

    dam always so hot…. justin is great…luv his huge cock and his feet are so hot
    wish you would have sniffed his socks….lol
    thanks for always making hot vids

    • victor November 16, 2019

      You are very welcome my friend, thanks for your support! 🙂

  • rudyinhouston November 16, 2019

    I must say, Justin is my favorite. That big uncut dick and his sexy smile drive me crazy. You are one lucky dude to find him.

    • victor November 16, 2019

      I know right, we all are lucky that Justin is a loyal Beefcake 🙂

  • b1p1k1 November 21, 2019

    YES Justin looking good as well these days…. dam his cock looks good everytime I see it in BCH Land! I just wait until you put your hands up in those shorts and slowly work your way down and then boom pull them shorts and underwear down…. its over for me!!!!! I love it Vic…..

    • victor November 26, 2019

      lol what you mean was over for you ? lol I am happy that you are enjoying this my friend 🙂

  • egarza1509 November 22, 2019

    Beautiful cock…. love that curve

    • victor November 26, 2019

      Yes, it is one of the best cocks around right? 🙂

  • November 30, 2019

    Who rims who in the next video?

    • victor December 5, 2019

      Hahahaha you already know the answer lol

  • mdw1966 May 9, 2020

    Justin makes the most erotic sounds. I love it when a straight guy doesn’t mind letting you know he’s having a good time.

    • victor May 13, 2020

      I am glad to read this, Justin for sure fill the bill 🙂

  • riverajausbcglobalnet April 6, 2024

    Victor, my BCH friend and family before sharing a few heart felt words with you, and hopefully Justin as well. I’d first like to begin by sharing with you that my name is River, and I’m well aware that this video is currently almost 5 years of age, however I still strongly felt that it was the perfect one for me to leave this message to you and Justin as well on in that there is only 28 other comments that has been made on this one, to date. Just as I am sure that you to recognizes that Justin is indeed a very special adult screen talent, as well. And just as so many others I too celebrate in his physical very manly attractive body. However, beyond that in which the human eyes confirm for our fleshly desires of him, my heart and mind lend themselves also to the idea that he to me is soo much more. Justin to me in addition to all other visual qualities, is Human art in the flesh coupled with a personality that is nothing less than pure gold, He’s a Human Peacock on full display for all to learn from. I convey the very idea of learn from, in that from his spirit deep within he provide to all a visual of what all of our lives could possibly look like if we would allow our hearts and minds to be completely free from the fear of judgment of the things that we think others my think of us if we were on full display., Which is in truth the one gift unseen, that continues to make Justin so very attractive and desired by all others. But just as nature, all things in it’s creation of beauty they’re all meant to be enjoyed and cherished, but never to be owned. I share all of these things with the two of you to simply say thanks, for allowing me to see all of the beauty that life reflects itself by way of others that are also here in this place the exact same time as I. heart felt well wishes to the both of you as you both continue upon this Universal journey we all simply understand as being life…..

    • victor April 13, 2024

      Hi, River. I appreciate your taking the time to comment on this fantastic video with Beefcake Legend Justin. What you are writing about him has been in my heart all these years. I am glad it finally was put in no better words than yours. The incredible connection I had with him and the connection that he has with his fans is magical. Thank you for expressing what you feel, my friend; I have no words to tell you how much this means to Justin and me. THANK YOU 🙂

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