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Published on March 6, 2024

COCKing with Justin

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I had this idea for a while about cloning Justin’s dick. I talked to him about it, and he was down to get his tool cloned. Of course, I decided to record the whole deal, well…almost, lol, it has been a while since the last time I had his beautiful cock in my mouth, and the preparation for the cloning of his cock, was the perfect excuse to have so much fun with it! 🙂

After we both read the instructions, I put him in charge of the execution of the video, and OMG, Justin is so good with the cameras that he could easily work in commercials; he is just so charming and sexy at the same time!

After his introduction for this scene, I was playful with him, pretending I didn’t want to do anything, while inside, I was so eager to get fed by that dick…yummy! I ended up submitted between his big less anyways.

After I sucked him for a while, it was time for COCKing with Justin and trying to make a nice toy for me. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well in the actual making of the dildo; even though we followed the instructions, the end product was not what I was looking for, but I don’t regret recording what we were trying to do; it was fun, and of course, in the end, I serviced Justin well, and I swallowed his nut! I should keep trying to make it happen, but I am not promising anything yet, lol.

I hope you guys enjoy this different scene with the one and only Beefcake Justin.

                                                                                 COCKing with Justin

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  • cast4ron March 6, 2024

    Are you selling their molded cocks?! Take my money please!

    • victor March 12, 2024

      I am trying to. I will keep working in that then 🙂

  • March 6, 2024

    Omg you have to start a shop on your site and sell them!! I would buy both Justin’s & Christian’s immediately!

    • victor March 12, 2024

      OK baby, that is the idea. 🙂

  • March 6, 2024

    Put Simply, I love and adore this man for so many unspoken reasons I’m often times sadden by the thought that one would only run across a personality such as Justin’s once in a great lifetime, twice if your just happen to be one of the fortunate one’s in life. Justin to me from day one has always been what I would imagine to share with a life partner, he is the blueprint for all things to come. And lastly I just want him to know that I am one of his biggest fans, and for him to just continue to spread hope, joy and love to all of them that have ever longed for all things that only one such as he could bring to this space we all simply understand as being life. Peace and love……

    • victor March 12, 2024

      What beautiful words of appreciation for Beefcake Justin; he will be happy to know this. Thanks for considering me fortunate to cross paths with Justin; I think I am indeed. Thanks for sharing this my friend 🙂

  • willieroth March 6, 2024

    @river9525 I could not have said it better myself. Justin is forever King Of the Beefcakes. If he were to “retire”, I feel like I would go through a very long, deep grieving/mourning period. Seriously, my eyes are welling up just thinking about it :(. Justin is the primary reason why keep my subscription current. I can honestly say I am in LOVE with Justin (hope my husband never reads this LOL). And Vic, THANK YOU FOR FINALLY SWALLOWING JUSTIN’S LOAD!!!!! That made my entire week!!!!! Justin could just stand naked in the kitchen and scramble a bowl of eggs and make a stack of pancakes and I would be happy. This was a great scene.

    • victor March 12, 2024

      I am so happy that you agree with your fellow Hunter. Thanks for praising the “swallow” part. Honestly, I haven’t realized that, but I am glad I finally did. That tasted delicious! I hope he finish the job and give us a nice dildo lol

  • March 6, 2024

    I would definitely pay for some BCH cocks, and definitely Justins!

    • victor March 12, 2024

      I hear you, baby. I will pursue this if possible 🙂

  • edily8005 March 7, 2024

    Justin comes thru again and Vic you know how to put on a show. I want to thank you for granted my wish and letting him cum in your mouth. There is nothing in this world like the look on a straight mans face when he know he can give you his cum and you are going to swallow it. Bravo.

    • victor March 12, 2024

      Yes, he did, and I am glad I was raised to the occasion. Swallowing that load while watching his handsome face was amazing. Thanks for commenting my friend 🙂

  • March 7, 2024

    Omg if you are going to sell the replicas I need one!!!

    • victor March 12, 2024

      OK baby I hear you 🙂

  • Cubanito2u March 7, 2024

    OMG yessss I want one! You should do this with all the beefcakes

    • victor March 12, 2024

      OK baby, I will work on that 🙂

  • March 8, 2024

    Justin is such a natural. The camera truly loves him. He is the King of BCH and deserves all the praise. I wish he would do a live show, if youbever decide to bring those back. I think he would be amazing doing that

    • victor March 12, 2024

      Yes, baby, I plan to return to those live shows; I am just waiting for my new BCH Land Studio to be ready. I can’t wait! 🙂

  • evoarc233 March 8, 2024

    100% would buy a dildo based on Justin’s cock and plenty others from the site!!

    • victor March 12, 2024

      OK baby, I will work on that 🙂

  • G-Hop226 March 8, 2024

    This was such a cute video, and the mold thing is such a great idea, Vic! You’ll need to try it out with some of the other beefcakes. It was amazing getting to see this side of Justin and how comfortable he is in front of the cameras now. @river9525 is right; he seems like such great husband material here. There will never be such a thing as too much Justin! It would be great to see more videos like this from the other guys too; we’ll be able to see more of their personalities shine through.

    • victor March 12, 2024

      Yes, I am planning to bring other Beefcakes to do that. After our 10th anniversary, which is soon, BCH Land will evolve into something else. Thanks for your support of this idea, my friend 🙂

  • March 9, 2024

    I want to see a good shot of Justin’s feet and toes. I love feet and his look amazing with that big uncut cock and huge balls.

    • victor March 12, 2024

      I hear you, my friend; there are plenty of Justin’s feet in his other videos; please take a look at them. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • frederick March 9, 2024

    My major take away from this session is what a good sport Justin is. I know, that weapon of his is always important, but the fun he has trying to make this mold work makes me chuckle. Justin is absolutely the perfect subject for this experiment. I had never thought much about the process for making these dildos. Now I know it is not easy. His “cooking segment” was so much fun to watch. Vic, you did very well playing your part in all this. Your job was to keep him hard.Of course you know how to please that beauty Justin carries between his legs. All in all, this was a noble experiment that kept me happy on so many levels. You got your reward for this. Well deserved load of Justin juice. Great Idea . You are the best, Vic

    • victor March 12, 2024

      You are right; we couldn’t go wrong with Justin doing this; it was fun! I did a good job keeping him hard, lol. I hope you savored that load, too, while it was getting poured into my hungry mouth…yummy! I am so excited that you loved this my friend 🙂

  • danirile80 March 10, 2024

    This could have been a disaster with any other Beefcake but Justin. His supremely charming personality and that ever-hard club that he carries between his legs made this a worthy and adventurous film. As usual, my BCH BFF and I are in agreement about Justin being the perfect model for this film.

    This was like the BCH version of The Art of Cooking with Julia Childs, LOL! Victor, I like how you experiment and try new things with the Beefcakes. It never gets old in BCH Land. When I saw the vibrator as part of the dildo kit, I thought Justin was going to play with his hole (possibly the next step?). Anyway, great change up, and since you had Justin in the studio. I hope that you got to have additional super happy adult fun time with the 10-inches 😉

    • victor March 12, 2024

      You are right. It would have been more difficult with other Beefcakes. But I knew I could count on him in this adventure. Again, you will have me looking into different things outside the BCH world, which I love; I am curious. You can rest assured that I always have fun with that cock 😉

  • March 10, 2024

    Love how Justin is so game and comfortable with you Vic. I hope I can find someone like him. Yopu both had so much fun. This is more like a Sunday Fun Day thing and can be done with other Beefcakes too. Pls have a replica of Christian, Edward, Evan, Papa Kream, and Jason’s cocks too.

    • victor March 12, 2024

      You are right; the initial idea was to post this in a Sunday Funday update, but I wanted to ensure most of the Hunters get it out. I know many are not used to seeing the SF Updates. And yes, I would love to make a replica of all those BCH Cocks you mentioned lol Thanks for commenting baby 🙂

  • Novak337 March 14, 2024

    Us HUNTER’S are very fortunate to have this one specific straight boy. He has so many attributes that draws so many of us in. May he keep returning for years to come.

    • victor March 15, 2024

      I am so happy that you love this and Justin baby, I wish the same 🙂

  • March 18, 2024

    I hope you are planning on selling life cast replicas! This could be lucrative for you and pleasurable for us! What do you need to pull this off Vic!

    • victor March 19, 2024

      I just need to get them fully on board with it and find who can make them in mass production for us. Thanks for commenting baby 🙂

  • willieroth March 25, 2024

    Since I can’t seem to stop watching you swallow Justin’s load (LOL!), thought I would make an observation/suggestion about Justin. Justin seems to be one of the most, if not the most, receptive and open-minded beefcakes ever. Not only is he the first to agree to film this cock-molding scene, I believe he has made himself accessible to take part in all of the threesome scenes you have posted. He always appears to be very engaged in all of his scenes. My suggestion would be maybe to present Justin with some kind of “Career Achievement” award. Maybe a more creative name for the award but I definately think Justin deserves something extra for always being so willing to please his fans and for generally always being such a good sport.

    • victor March 26, 2024

      You are absolutely right about that my friend. He was very happy to win the Anal scene of the Year 2023, but he deserves more. I hope to be in touch with him soon and set something like that. Thanks my friend 🙂

  • myleranger March 28, 2024

    Truly beautiful

    • victor April 1, 2024

      I am so happy that you love this 🙂

  • Brafly1 April 3, 2024

    Hopefully, we get another Justin anal scene soon. Even better would be a Funday Sunday live anal show. We can never get enough of him. That aside, just induct this man (and a few others) into a Beefcake Hall of Fame. He’s earned it.

    • victor April 9, 2024

      The live shows are coming back this year. I hope Justin still around. What other you would consider to be in the Beefcake Hall of fame ? 😉

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