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Published on February 15, 2017

Sexy dude August got ridden

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Sexy dude August got ridden! Yeah, that’s right! It seems that sexy Beefcake August is not that homesick anymore, since he’s still in town. But without a job, he surely will make the trip from time to time to BeefCakeHunterLand. You know that I had to have him back, even though many Hunters find him too quiet or serious, I just think he is so handsome, with those beautiful eyes, facial hair, and regular next door dude body. Sometimes there is something hot in a little dose of indifference. I will always be happy to take a dose of his tasty balls and ready to give him a slow blow job like I did in this session.

When Beefcake August contacted me, he assured me that he was willing to delight me more, and that he would fuck my ass, as he knew he was too shy last time. So, with him being more relaxed I enjoyed very much his hard cock, and well… I took his words and this time not only did this sexy dude August get ridden, but I was able to make him work my hungry hole in a missionary position; what amazing feeling having his face so close to mine. I felt very tempted to kiss him, but I can’t push that much the envelope right? In the missionary position, he got some speed that wasn’t carried over to the doggy style, he was holding his cum since our last video so he was about cum a couple of times while pounding me on my fours.

Then he asked me if I was ready, and hell yeah I was, I knew it would be a big amount of cum to be spurring on my butt, when he took a few extra seconds I got anxious LOL, but feeling that was a lot of it I HAD to drink some LOL, and believe me, there was a lot more…

I hope you guys enjoy this video when sexy dude August got ridden!

                                  Sexy dude August got ridden

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  • February 16, 2017

    One of your hottest guys yet Vic! Super sexy man!! Love his beautiful eyes and the way he licks his lips. Yummy. Please bring August back?

    • victor February 20, 2017

      I totally agree that he is hot and very masculine, maybe he hasn’t the bigger cock or abs but there is always something hot in a regular straight dude, thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • February 16, 2017

    Wow! I love how the siren went off when he came! And I love you got anxious LOL!!!

    • victor February 20, 2017

      hahaha the Firefight department sensed the hit inside my living room LOL 😉

  • February 16, 2017

    OH those eyes !!! They are absolutely gorgeous. August has an average body, but that makes him attractive too. He is
    , as you say, a guy next door type. Wish he lived next door to me.
    He really came alive once he got his dick in your ass. Like a new man. He likes tight and you gave him tight. You know I like missionary and he gave you a great fuck in that position. You got more vocal than usual, Vic. Must be he was doing what you wanted . To change the subject a bit. I have noticed the T shirts in the last 2 videos. They look good from what I can see. I am ready to see August again anytime. Bet you are too.

    • victor February 20, 2017

      yeah, he totally changed in that part when I was riding him! I should have done the whole scene like that, Probably I would have make him cum that way. Yes I have made some T-shirst with the BCH logo for me to use while shooting, lets say is my work uniform LOL , really I have made Papa Kream, Prince and Darious model some for me to promote them later on here on site , for sure they would look very good on those sexy Beefcakes! cant wait to get to that part! Thanks for comment my friend! kisses 🙂

  • February 21, 2017

    Great video, Vic! You have to make more videos with August! The faces he makes when you’re riding him… Priceless

    • victor February 21, 2017

      I am so glad you like my work with August, I hope I can get him back in the future 🙂

  • February 21, 2017

    Vic i really enjoy the part everytime you ride them infront while both of their armpits are expose! I have a huge armpit fetish and seeing them raising both of their arms like that really turns me on!!! ???? please keep doing that position and maybe kore armpit sniffing and nipple worshipping

    • victor February 22, 2017

      I am really happy that you enjoy that my friend , I will keep doing that whenever is possible, thanks for comment 🙂

  • February 21, 2017

    Hi Vic i’m back for more…..Yeeeeessss! August enjoyed himself. you rode him until the sun came up. I like it very much muah!

    • victor February 22, 2017

      Hello my friend! welcome back! Thanks for comment about this video 🙂

  • March 7, 2017

    Love his beefy body. Not so much his cock . But he’s very cute. ??

    • victor March 9, 2017

      Yeah buy August still been very sexy and desirable right? 😉

  • March 8, 2017

    wow! his eyes, his beautiful skin, that dark thatch of sexy pubic hair–he’s gorgeous!

    • victor March 9, 2017

      I totally agree with you, I LOVE August!Thanks for comment my friend! 🙂

  • March 20, 2017

    Damn!! This video was smokin’ hot, the way he looked at you, his manly, hairy, beefy body and gut, his massive load that blew all over your ass….mmmmmm. A+

    • victor March 22, 2017

      Thanks for the rating, wow! yes, August manly features are his best attributes, and of course his always big loads 🙂

  • September 29, 2017

    Realmente estás haciendo un servicio a todo el planeta ¡Tú promueves la paz del mundo succionando y follando! ¡Debo nominarte para un Premio Nobel de la Paz!
    You really are doing a service to the planet, you promote the world peace by sucking and fucking! I should nominate you for The Nobel Peace Prize!

    • victor October 3, 2017

      jajajajaj gracias amigo, que lindo que pienses así, la verdad que deseo te todo corazón paz en la humanidad y poor su puesto mucho mucho sexo!? ( hahahah thanks my friend, so nice you think that way, to be honest I really wish from the bottom of my heart peace for the humanity and of course a lot a lot of sex! ?)

  • July 6, 2018


    • victor July 7, 2018

      Me too! 🙂

  • December 9, 2019

    VIC! please bring back again August… he is freaking hot and he looks like my dream guy before when im working in middle east…

    • victor December 15, 2019

      I know, I miss him so much but he is not longer in town baby 🙂

  • March 15, 2021

    He is so fucking sexy! Damn I’d love to see him fuck again!

    • victor March 31, 2021

      I know I miss him too! Thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • June 12, 2021

    That cum shot is fucking hot! Wish you could have gotten a facial with it.

    • victor June 21, 2021

      I wish the same baby, hopefully there is another chance with him 🙂

  • snowglobes November 10, 2022

    I don’t know HOW you resisted kissing him. I would not have been able to do that myself. He would never have initiated that, but I don’t think he would have killed you, either!

    • victor December 1, 2022

      lol How do you know I didn’t kiss him ? lol just kidding! I know he is so kissable! 🙂

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