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Blowing August week load

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A few days ago, August called me to tell me the bad news. That he is going back north, he misses his girlfriend and the last time the he had actual sex was with her few months ago. So, it is perfectly understandable that he is home sick, the good news on the other hand is that he wanted to capitalize his week load by making some bucks at BeefCakeHunter land, and of course I was more than happy to be Blowing August week load!

I know that August has fans but I also know that some Hunters found him too serious or quiet during the shooting. Honestly, I don’t mind much him being like that; his macho attitude, regular body, beautiful blue eyes, hairy pubes and his ALWAYS hard cock is more than enough for me to feel at BCH heaven lol. Anyways I coached him to loosen up a bit or at least smile more, and he really did it. He confessed that it has been an “experience” for him and he even went far to compliment my ass tightness lol.

There is something about Beefcake August that drives me crazy, you can see that when I go up and down on the bed, enjoying that hard cock. I even think I got too rough at moments, but poor thing didn’t complain lol. This sexy Pennsylvanian dude seems to enjoy a lot, he got verbal and his eyes were paying a lot of attention to my servicing, I love that!

August almost came a couple of times but I was hungry for more cock and I used some tactics to make him hold his cum to the max. He wisely made me want his cum out and spoke to me with his eyes and words that I couldn’t resist. He put me in the position to be the one who wanted that load out…. hot! And just like that after Blowing August week load passionately, we got our reward: a generous amount of cum to feed several hungry mouths! Lol I am going to miss Beefcake August and I hope he comes back to Florida in the near future. Enjoy this video Blowing August week load Hunters!

                                   Blowing August week load

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  • September 27, 2017

    Very nice cum shot. I bet it was delicious! 🙂

    • victor October 3, 2017

      yes, it was, sooo creamy ummm☺️

  • markleoj September 28, 2017

    maybe one more anal scene before he is leaving

    • victor October 3, 2017

      I think he already left baby, but I am sure if he is back in town we can have fun with him again ?

  • September 28, 2017

    Love this white dude I would swallow his load any day good job Vic keep then hung white boyz coming love white cock also.

    • victor October 3, 2017

      I am so happy you enjoyed this video with sexy August, thanks for comment baby ?

  • danirile80 September 30, 2017

    Solid scene with August. I like it when you film on the bed and have the model spread out with their dicks straight up. We need to see the other Great J’s and Marcus the Magnificent in this position.

    • victor October 3, 2017

      There is another Marcus scene coming soon, I hope you enjoy it as well, thanks for comment baby ?

  • September 30, 2017

    Sorry we are losing August to his GF in Pennsylvania. His eyes alone are enough to keep my interest. I agree with danirile80 that it is sexy with the beefcakes spread out on a bed. Actually sitting or standing is also sexy. As long as they are getting great service from you.

    • victor October 3, 2017

      Thanks for comment my friend, I know you enjoy different scenarios but overall the sexiness of the Beefcakes ??

  • October 15, 2017

    One of your best model !!!

    • victor October 16, 2017

      Yeah, I think he is very handsome and as sexy as can any regular straight dude can be 🙂

  • December 31, 2019

    Please get him back!

    • victor January 6, 2020

      I wish! I don’t know his whereabouts 🙂

  • Muriel January 2, 2020

    August is definitely one of my favorites! Those beautiful eyes, face, hairy features and good attitude are so ‘hot’! I just can’t help but to revisit his videos many times, most especially this one where you generously showed his awesome ‘big toes’! Thank you Victor! Hoping that he comes back to visit you again!

    • victor January 6, 2020

      I agree with you and I would LOVE to shoot with him again, he moved back to his hometown I guess, thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • Muriel January 8, 2020

    It’s always been a pleasure Victor! I also love the way you naturally handle your guys! I feel more at home with your site where straight men are treated with immense passion yet with kind respect. And you have an impressive line up of delightful handsome studs! Have more fun my dear!!!

    • victor January 20, 2020

      Thanks for those words of appreciation my friend, I am very happy that you feel home here at BCH Land. I will definitely have more fun, stay with me! 😉

  • urbcum August 2, 2020

    HE.. is the reason i signed for a membership. So friggin’ hot. I’m from PA too, Pittsburgh PA

    • victor August 2, 2020

      Right? what a sexy dark hair blue eyes dude! I miss him, greetings to all the PA Hunters! 🙂

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