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Published on March 27, 2019

Totally worshipping Persian dude Abdel

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Totally worshipping Persian dude Abdel.

In this video I am Totally worshipping Persian dude Abdel, taking advantage that he came to this encounter with a three days load and more relaxed than on our first video when it cost me a little bit more to get him into the “zone” 😉

I love working with Abdel, because besides being sexy; he is very talkative and funny, he smiles and makes me smile a lot too. I learned he knows some Spanish, well, maybe just the keywords for any straight dudes’ conversation about chicks like “culo grande”, wow that sounded so cute on him!

Maybe you don’t know that one of my weakness is when guys wear black socks, that inspired me to start Totally worshipping Persian dude Abdel. So, I started by kissing and licking his socks and then his feet, a popular request here at BeefCakeHunter Land, and like he said, you can tell as well, he has never been done any of that…. we started on the right track in this session Hunters! And that was just the beginning! 🙂

Working his amazing big balls I made my way to his hard cock as a devoted cock sucker while he moaned and asked me several times if I was enjoying it, yeah… Beefcake Abdel is a verbal guy. Also, maybe I did not make justice to his cock’s right size, I said it is 7.5 but this time looks more like an 8 inches tool, I will let that to your opinion Hunters

Of course, in a totally worshipping session I couldn’t leave out some “salad tossing” for my vegetarian Hunters out there LOL, hopefully it was the right amount of dressing 😉

I could work wonders with Abdel’s big hard cock but for being his first time I wanted to play safe doing just doggy style. Talking about safe, while I was changing myself, he did a little advertising for safe sex, so cute. Anyways, like I was saying, doggy style would do it for this session, he went from slow to fast but that thing inside felt amazing! I couldn’t help myself wanting more when I pushed his body against mine to get deeply penetrated, he was having fun with the whole thing!

I got him to stand up for the final part and trying to get him up I got chocked up myself, so he took over and started jerking off, making sexy noises and hot faces, wow. I went all over his balls until he said he was ready to cum, then I opened my mouth and he gave me a cum shower all over my face, just the way he wanted! I hope you guys enjoy this Totally worshipping Persian dude Abdel, and I really hope he is back at BCH for more!

                      Totally worshipping Persian dude Abdel

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  • michstate March 27, 2019

    Wow! What an amazing scene with Abdel. Loved watching you undressing him starting with his shoes and peeling off his black socks. It’s was so good seeing how much he enjoyed having you admire his handsome barefeet and he really got into you licking his bare soles. And the blowjob was amazing tool. Your videos are all so good. This one really combined so many pleasurable elements for all of us appreciative viewers. And thank you again for servicing his beautiful barefeet so well. You made my day!!!

    • victor April 2, 2019

      Knowing I made your day, it is wonderful my friend! Like I said it in the video I am not too much into feet but Abdel’s feet are beautiful , along with his handsome face and magnificent cock, makes me want more of him, thanks for comment my friend! 🙂

  • Hooked26 March 27, 2019

    I was hoping the vid would be with him!!! He is even more sexy in this one!! Ay!

    • victor April 2, 2019

      Yeah, I know many Hunters were waiting for him! Thanks baby! 🙂

  • hotmouth March 27, 2019

    what SEXY MAN love that cock!

    • victor April 2, 2019

      Right? what a tasty cock! Thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • bttm_mx90 March 27, 2019

    Hmmmmmm! Delicious! I liked Abdel. I hope he’ll be on 2019 Beefcake of the year List! He’s such a cutie, I loved how he promoted safe sex. His cock amazing and his smile just gorgeous. Did not miss a part of this video. Im totally wet. Thanks Vic, kisses for you babe.

    • victor April 2, 2019

      I am so happy that this scene got you so wet my friend! Yeas, Abel is a cutie! 🙂

  • neremeo March 27, 2019

    No mames, está buenísimo ese vato. Increíble. Ojalá regrese 😛 (Really? This guys hot! Incredible! I hope he is back 😛 )

    • victor April 2, 2019

      Si eso espero, no me cansaría de esa verga 😉 ( That is what I hope,I wouldn’t get tired of that cock 😉 )

  • March 27, 2019

    Love the rimjob- he is so easy to get along with it seems- very plyable for sex. He loves it. Thankyou abdel & vic

    • victor April 2, 2019

      You are welcome my friend, yeah Abdel is very fun to work with 🙂

  • Rammi9 March 27, 2019


    • victor April 2, 2019

      That is the right word my friend! 🙂

  • csilva1 March 27, 2019

    ….rubbing, playing, the undies come off, there’s some ball licking and then the moment of glory when your lips first take a suck on that dick head and the str8 guys head goes back in pleasure and in a masculine accent the guy says “ohhhh shiiiiit” …… f’n hot Vic. My fan almost broke because of your sexy guys and mouth

    • victor April 2, 2019

      Wow, what a hot description of the beginning of my worshipping to Abel, wow ! thanks baby 🙂

  • jimmied9 March 27, 2019

    That was great in many ways.
    Congrats to you both with this scene!

    • victor April 2, 2019

      Thanks my friend, I am so happy that you love it! 😉

  • March 27, 2019

    As I stated for his first video I wasn’t sure if I was going to be into Abdel. He definitely proved me wrong in that first scene. Watching this, his second video, I got hard just listening to him talk, before you even touched him! :). I must admit Abdel has become one of my favorite beefcakes. He is the whole package. Charming Personality, handsome face, great smile, nice body, great dick…he’s got it all. this is definitely one of the best scenes on the site. You covered everything I love to see in a scene – feet worship, ass eating, great blowjob, fucking and swallowing. This I will be watching over and over again for many years to cum. Incredible job, Vic. Hopefully, Abdel will stick around for a while. And it would be really groovy if you are able to someday talk him into a three way.

    • victor April 2, 2019

      Abdel is all that, the whole package! I am so happy that covered a lot of what the Hunters like to watch in this scene, I must admit that Abdel inspired to do that. Hopefully he still around and we can explore more with him, thanks my friend for comment 🙂

  • March 28, 2019

    Wow so glad to finally see abdel fucking your ass, i adore his big mushroom head but think his first appearence for blow job his head biiger than this

    • victor April 2, 2019

      That cock for me look bigger this time LOL, yeah I love that mushroom head of his cock 🙂

  • MitchK March 28, 2019

    I am speechless. Thank you!!!!

    • victor April 2, 2019

      You are very welcome my friend 🙂

  • Slcster March 28, 2019

    Abdel is loveable, warm, open, sexy and cearly very comfortable with his masculinity, and therefore he seems comfortable with others’ sexuality different from his own. I wish there were more straight man like him. He seems to have no homophobic hang-ups. What a refreshing Dude! Love to see him again. I’m crazy about his smile and his playful attitude towards sex. I love him being verbal and if he comes back again I hope there will be even more verbal banter. Thank you, Abdel And Vic.

    • victor April 2, 2019

      Refreshing.. is one the words most suite Abdel performance in both videos, you are very welcome baby 😉

  • Cocod March 28, 2019

    Haven’t cummed like that in months. Wow I’m in love with him. So fkn sexy love verbal

    • victor April 2, 2019

      Wow! that is amazing to know my friend! 😉

  • rudyinhouston March 28, 2019

    fuck you devoured him.

    • victor April 2, 2019

      Yeah… I think so ..lol

  • Ahan9135 March 29, 2019

    great scenes such cuties!!! Can we request more cute sexy Asians!!

    • victor April 2, 2019

      I am happy that you enjoyed this baby! Yeah, I still in my search for more Asian Beefcakes 🙂

  • Ddyhunter March 30, 2019

    Haven’t commented before but I love your videos. It would be great if you can please have more older/beefy daddy types. I’m sure you can find lots of them. Thank you!

    • victor April 2, 2019

      Ok baby, I will be in the look out for more daddies , thanks for comment 🙂

  • Frederick March 30, 2019

    Abdel is fast becoming a hit with the Hunters. Count me in. I am totally taken with him. His wonderful smile and personality that makes you want to you to be his friend and of course have wild sex with him at the same time. That’s not an easy combination, but Abdel makes it happen. I love his deep voice as he talks about “next time’ is a big turn on for me. When he asked “are you ready for this?’ I answered “yes” lol. You p[eased many Hunters by your attention to his feet and of course the rim job. The way he nods his head while you are blowing him, is so sexy. I know he will be open to more positions when he comes back for another fuck. Let him know how much we love him. Thank you for Abdel, Vic

    • victor April 2, 2019

      He reminds me a lot of some “friends” back in the day when I was his age, that is maybe why I feel so comfortable and inspired by him… You are very welcome baby, and lets see if we can get more of Abel 😉

  • Frederick March 30, 2019

    Michstate, If you are a basketball fan, Spartans still in the playoffs.

  • Robcan2 March 31, 2019

    My God…. I must marry you!

    • victor April 2, 2019

      Yes baby! 😉

  • michstate March 31, 2019

    Yes Frederick, yes I am a basketball fan. And I’m very glad that the Spartans are still in the NCAA tournament. On another note, I always appreciate you comments about the models enjoying having their barefeet massaged and serviced by Victor. So many of us really enjoy sexy manly feet.

  • danirile80 March 31, 2019

    I was not an enthusiastic fan from Abdel’s first video. But I agree with Honeysuckle, Abdel has secured his residency in BCH Land. He has a charming almost inquisitive attitude like Christian. That all changes when the pants come down and he begins to rail you, LOL! Like my bestie, Frederick, said, I believe that Abdel will be open to further exploration in the future. It would be nice to see Abdel ‘s green eyes rolling in pleasure as you toss his salad and get railed by him again.

    • victor April 2, 2019

      Ohhh those beautiful green eyes were amazing when rolling back right my friend? I am so happy that you enjoyed this! 🙂

  • Cricket71h April 2, 2019

    OMG Vic! Man, those feet!! That rimming !! I couldn’t even for the end of the video! Abdel is so hot! Thanks Vic.

    • victor April 15, 2019

      Really? wow, that means that the video turned you on so fast! mission accomplished then! lol You are very welcome baby 🙂

  • April 10, 2019

    Love him

    • victor April 15, 2019

      Me too! I am hoping to ride him next time 😉

  • Sexdreams April 18, 2019

    Abdel es uno de mis favoritos de este año por no decir EL favorito (Nunca es Beefcakeland se puede decir eso, porque siempre aparece un chico mas sexy que el anterior).
    Su manera de hablar y de expresarse es super caliente, a parte de tener una polla preciosa.
    Deseando ver mas y más de el, creo que sin duda puede darnos grandes momentos. No puedo esperar a verlo hablandote sucio, o verlo follandote en el misionero y mirando a cámara. Solo de pensarlo…..!!
    Por cierto, estoy pensando en hacer otro video. Dime si quieres algo especifico o si tienes alguna idea. Un abrazo y…dime que beefcakes regresaran y que nos espera los próximos meses 😛 (Abdel is one of my favorites this year, not to mention THE favorite (Never in Beefcakeland you can say that, because there is always a dude sexier than the previous one).
    The way he speaks and expressing himself is super hot, apart from having a beautiful cock.
    Wishing to see more and more of him, I think he can certainly give us great moments. I can not wait to see him talking dirty, or see him fucking in the missionary and looking at the camera. Just by thinking…..!!
    By the way, I’m thinking about making another video. Tell me if you want something specific or if you have any ideas. A hug and … tell me what beefcakes will come back and what awaits us next months: P

    • victor April 20, 2019

      Yo mismo no puedo esperar tener de vuelta a Abdel! Seguro tratare de hacer todas tus fantasías con el una realidad, yo también solo de pensarlo, me derrito jajajaja. No se amigo, sorpréndeme! jajajaj solo recuerda lo de la música, y quizás un poco mas largo, para cuando lo ponga en PornHub tenga mas exposición 😉 Te cuento que Kyle va a regresar, Pacman, estoy trabajando con Jacobo Y Danny, Jacobo es mas seguro, y por supuesto Martin que solo tiene que regresar a terminar el video, que quedo buenísimo por cierto, yo se que el es uno de tus favoritos 😉 un abrazo para ti también Sexydreams! (I can not wait to have Abdel back myself! Sure I will try to make all your fantasies with him a reality, I also melt just to think about it hahahaha. I dont know my friend, surprise me! hahahaha, just remembers about the music, and maybe a little longer, so when I upload it on PornHub it has more exposure 😉
      I tell you that Kyle is coming back, Pacman, I’m working with Jacobo And Danny, Jacobo is more certain , of course Abdel, and of course Martin whom only has to return to finish the video, which is very good indeed, I know he is one of your favorites;) a hug for you too Sexydreams!

  • RicciB April 20, 2019

    definite hottie

    • victor April 20, 2019

      Yes he is! Thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • b1p1k1 May 7, 2019

    Abdel is just a cool type a guy…mmm so my type..Vic I’m playing catch up And enjoyed himself from your conversation until hi jizzed all over you…dam he needs to come back for more ass okay!!!! He is hella fine😍😘😋😎

    • victor May 7, 2019

      Abdel reminds me some of my straight friend back in the day when I sucked one or two of them .. LOL, yes baby you need to catch up a lot! 🙂

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