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Published on May 25, 2016

Papa Kream got serviced

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Papa Kream got serviced, he is the type of Beefcake I had in mind when I started my journey in Central Florida, and finally I found him! If you set your mind into something, sooner or later you will get it, and we couldn’t be any luckier, when along the way to Central Florida, we got delicious beefcakes Darious, Sergio, and Prince…right?!

But Beefcake Papa Kream was something different, and I’ll tell you why…he and his wife, are very open minded. They wanted to shoot a porn video together, once the opportunity was given to him, she totally agreed. I’m sure, she would’ve loved to be part of the video, not performing a sexual act, but at least just watching..Oh yeah…she gets really aroused when a guy blows her man in front of her, and beefcake Papa Kream its turned on by whatever pleases her! Wow! (Obviously, his real name is not Papa Kream, she calls him that lol). I declined Papa Kream’s offer to have her in the scene, and he was very understanding. Anyways, I told him that I would think about it…what do you think Hunters?
Honestly, if I had to have her in scene in order to blow this hottie, I would do it! Papa Kream has a sexy slim body, hairy legs, and a delicious eight inches cock. He is so horny and has an inner porn star, waiting to be revealed, as I was working my lips and hands around his body. Papa Kream got serviced just the way he wanted, he is totally explosive, a natural moaner. He likes it rough, and I noticed he wanted to be in control, and on top of that, he is a shooter! He delivers a nice load, even though he had fucked his wife the night before. He even joked about that in the end…
I can’t wait to have him back to fuck my ass, because yeah, he will! Who knows, we may even have some company then. Enjoy guys, I hope you like Papa Kream!

                                     Papa Kream got serviced

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  • er9804 May 25, 2016


    • victor May 30, 2016

      OMG is right my friend! 🙂

  • May 25, 2016

    wow Vic another great one so sexy this white boy keep them coming, remember to show some soft dicks then u can suck then so hot when they get hard in your mouth.

    • victor May 30, 2016

      haaahhaa ok , it wasn’t my fault it was already a little hard when I took off his undies 😉

  • May 26, 2016

    I like it.

    • victor May 30, 2016

      I am glad you like him, stay tuned for more of Papa Kream! 🙂

  • May 26, 2016

    I would love to see him with a girl, it’s fine. I suggest also if teasing start with an underwear, preferably brief. Thanks.

    • victor May 30, 2016

      Thanks for your comment ! I think it would be fine too, I think Papa Kream wears only boxers lol 🙂

  • adonis2 May 26, 2016

    thanks VIC, you’ve done it again. hiuhihihihihiihih

    • victor May 30, 2016

      I am happy that you are satisfied this time Lance 😉

  • dunkone May 26, 2016

    In the 70’s we called guys like him Super Streetboys. He oozes sex, loves every minute of it and lets you know it!

    • victor May 30, 2016

      wow I love the 70’s ! I should recreate a 70’s scene some day right? especially with a Super Streetboy like Papa Kream, thanks for comment my friend ! 🙂

  • May 26, 2016

    I must admit I don’t always find the beefcakes attractive for my taste but you do find major hotties from time to time. Good lawd Papa Kream is amazing. I have no doubts this one will be back. He seemed very relaxed and he loved the blow job. As for the wife…hell, if they are willing I say film them fucking. When will you get another opportunity for that? Plus it will be something different for your site…a one-time only type of thing. Just my opinion. I’ve watched this three times already.

    • victor May 30, 2016

      You are right, the timing for that is now, how many times have you watched this video so far? lol Thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • SFPS01 May 26, 2016

    the only thing that would have made this better would have been for him to cum while you had him deep down your throat. To see that big boy pulsing down your throat would have pushed it over the edge. Totally hot scene. Well done!

    • victor May 30, 2016

      Thanks my friend, you know I was really eager to swallow very drop from Papa Kream but you know I cant be that selfish lol 🙂

  • rdr_23 May 26, 2016

    he is perfect

    • victor May 30, 2016

      yes he is 😉

  • May 26, 2016

    I think it would be hot if she came into the scene and he fucked u both one day sounds super hot to me lol

    • victor May 30, 2016

      you are right, I think I am going to do it 😉

  • May 27, 2016

    Vic, I have been out of the country in areas with little or no internet access. I am glad to be back where I can see what you have been doing , or should I say, who you have been doing. I was extremely happy to find my favorite Jason again. He is the best. Sergio gave you a great fuck too. Vic, the way you road his dick was so hot. You can ride mine anytime. Papa Kream is amazing. His attitude so open and sexy. My vote is to keep his wife out of it. There are other sites for that. I am sure when he fucks you, it will be wild. This might be the guy who would do the threesome I have waited for. Him and another guy spit roasting you ..mmmmmm. I have taken up enough space for now. Just very happy to be caught up with you and the beefcakes.

    • victor May 30, 2016

      hey Frederick I was worry about you, I haven’t seen your comments in weeks , but I am so glad you are back and what a better welcoming back that Papa Kream video right? I am happy that you enjoy my scene with Sergio, honestly ..he pounded me really good , I enjoyed ! So far most of the Hunters are fine with the idea of working a video including Papa Kream’s wife, so I hope you open to the idea too, and you are right about the threesome 🙂

  • May 27, 2016

    Bravo, Vic! Another fucking sexxxy movie! I like this vid a lot because the guy looks like rough trade but turns out to be pretty sweet & he’s all smiles after he cums. Your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard & the newest flavor you’re serving is Papa Kream! Yum!

    • victor May 30, 2016

      hahahah I LOVE your comment , yeah come on boys! there is more Papa Kream flavor to serve! 🙂

  • Bafein May 27, 2016

    Get him back for some anal. He seems game 😉

    • victor May 30, 2016

      yeaP! that is for sure my friend, stay tuned 🙂

  • rodneygunn May 27, 2016

    Hey Victor it’s Rodney. A few weeks ago I had requested that you do a scene with Jack just like the second scene you did with Prince in which you would have him on the bed with his legs wide open and giving him a deep throat blow job in the same exact way and position that you gave Prince on the bed. Also the cum shot would be the exact same way with the same view and we see the first shot or two of cum then you suck him dry and continue to deep throat. Well I would like to see that scene with the new guy Papa Kream. He would be perfect because he has the perfect dick and a lot of cum for you to swallow. He also has great emotion when he cums. He has more emotion than Jack. I really hope you can make that happen because I am about to renew my membership and would love to see that scene with Papa Kream. Remember the exact same position you had Prince at the end of his second scene you did with him on the bed. We the viewer would seem the EXACT same view as we saw from that blow job you gave Prince. The cum eating shot is key and important also. That was one of the best videos Ever that you did with Prince. Let’s make it happen with Papa Kream.

    • victor May 30, 2016

      I haven’t forget about your request Rodney, Jack hasn’t been available , I still trying but I believe if you like Papa Kream for this scene, that will be more realistic if I have the chance to work with him again, I will make it happen for you 🙂

  • orlntam May 28, 2016

    Smoking hot guy. So glad he’s coming back. Would love to see him fuck you, fuck his wife, get a BJ from both you and his wife, and…(drum roll please)…have a threesome with you and…Jason.

    • victor May 30, 2016

      I am so glad you enjoy him! For sure he will fuck me and lets see if we can get more fantasies come true with this hottie 🙂

  • pharaoh11463 May 29, 2016

    Way Hot Video!!!!!

    • victor May 30, 2016

      yes, thanks , I am very happy that you like it 🙂

  • June 1, 2016

    Hi Victor! Papa Kream was awesome. I have some request when he come back to fuck you. Is there any chance that you will get some shots or angle focusing his cock inside your hole. Thanks

    • victor June 1, 2016

      I am so glad you love Papa Kream! well that request may have to be for the next scene, I already have the fuck scene done with Papa Kream …yeahhhh, but I am pretty sure you will like it too, thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • June 1, 2016

    When are u gonna post for another one? Can’t wait papa kream will f*** u.

    • victor June 5, 2016

      very soon my friend, very soon 😉

  • ToddyDan June 3, 2016

    Loved it, Vic. He is so hot. You should’ve kissed him on the lips instead. I’m sure he would’ve liked it 😛

    • victor June 5, 2016

      ummmm remember that the wife requested a copy of video of her man been serviced, not sure if she would like see him getting kissed lol Thanks for comment my friend! 🙂

  • daxfratguy October 18, 2016

    He is sooooo hot. I love his videos!!!

    • victor October 18, 2016

      right? I am glad you enjoy him, hopefully there will be more with Papa 🙂

  • December 16, 2016

    Perfection. I want him in me for hours and hours.

    • victor December 19, 2016

      yes he is perfection 😉

  • chumly19 December 21, 2016

    This man is beautiful….love looking at him pound that ass…

    • victor December 21, 2016

      welcome to Papa Kream fans club baby 🙂

  • ChicagoKevin June 20, 2017


    • victor June 21, 2017

      right? I am so glad you like it ?

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