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Published on September 6, 2017

Ohioan Caleb is back

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Ohioan Caleb is back after playing a hard cookie to get! I thought it would be easy to have him back at BeefCakeHunter Land, but a misunderstanding happened in relation to his Uber ride that made him a little upset. After several weeks, my persistence paid off and here he is for the delight of his fans, bringing us his: sexiness, beautiful smile and delicious thick cock!

Our “date” was planned from one day to the next. I usually allow some days for preparation, but I could not risk Beefcake Caleb changing his mind. You know sometimes the Beefcakes are unpredictable, so I prepared myself as fast as I could to make this shoot.

Ohioan Caleb is back with a nice tan, a very short haircut, smiling and determined to show us what he considers his “ugly” feet, you will agree with me that he has rather nice feet, right?

After chatting a bit, he is in the middle of the living room waiting for me to get to work. I get on my knees touching his “package” that is under his jeans, and then slowly taking off his underwear to uncover an already semi-hard dick. Ready to be wetted by my hungry mouth. I then continue sucking and even rimming his straight cherry. Something that he clearly loves. Here is when we can get a better glance of his feet.

I know many Hunters would like me to get Beefcake Caleb in several positions, but I promised him that there would not be any “complicated” act; so doggy style would do it this time. For sure there will be more if we get lucky and get this Ohioan Beefcake back 😉

It was a fast pace pounding, but I can’t complain, his thick cock was hard all the time and it was a good sensation in my man-pussy. Besides, hearing him laugh at some points made the whole thing more interesting. I guess everyone will have his own opinion about why Caleb may have laugh while fucking, I think it was funny! Lol

Finally, he is laying on the couch, shaking of pleasure just before giving us a creamy load. I did not waste any time in tasting it and swallowed a bit. yeah, I played the dirty girl right there lol.
I hope you enjoy this video of Ohioan Caleb is back Hunters, and let’s cross our fingers that he is back soon!

                                Ohioan Caleb is back

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  • September 6, 2017

    wowzaaaaa…. my fan over heated

    • victor September 9, 2017

      I think I will ended up buying you a new fan ???

  • September 6, 2017

    Me encantó ???

    • victor September 9, 2017

      Que Bruno te gusto mi amigo, gracias por comentar, besos ?

  • September 7, 2017

    i love the swallow scene….look delicious!

    • victor September 9, 2017

      That load was so delicious, the right ice cream I was craving ??

  • September 7, 2017

    wow vic so happy this hot white man is back in action I love this dude love hes cock your so lucky the fuck was not bad for a white boy but not anything like marcus from last week he’s got the best fuck scene right now on here with prince at #2 keep up the good work A+ for this week again.

    • victor September 9, 2017

      I knew you gonna love Caleb, it was a good fuck still, not as good with Marcus but for sure he try to please us , thanks for comment ?

  • September 7, 2017

    This was so hot

    • victor September 9, 2017

      Thanks , I am glad you like it ?

  • hedgehog30 September 7, 2017

    he and sandro are my favorites
    bring sandro again *-*

    • victor September 9, 2017

      Good choices my friend, yeah I wish we can Sandro back again ?

  • September 8, 2017

    Hot!.. Waiting for your anal action with Peter <3
    Also, improved angle of rimming .. thumbs up!

    • victor September 9, 2017

      I am happy that you enjoy this, good news are that Peter is back soon for another bj scene at least, he still playing a hard cookie to get for the fuck scene , but lets cross our fingers ☺️

  • September 8, 2017

    Vic, first and most importantly, I hope you will be safe with this terrible weather coming your way. Caleb is a hot guy. I love his facial expression when you deep throat him. You are the perfect example of a bottom feeling pain and pleasure at the same time as he pounds you. Again, I will be thinking of you as this hurricane hits Florida.

    • victor September 9, 2017

      This is super sweet of you my friend that your thoughts are with me at this moment when everybody in Florida is facing this hurricane, I hope all the Hunters in the area has taken the appropriate cautions and stay safe.Besides prepare myself to this, I have also take the right steps to prevent any interruption for next week update, although I can’t guarantee nothing at this time. But knowing that you guys wish me well, makes me very happy, I am very fortunate that have you, for real! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ???

  • September 10, 2017

    OMG VICTOR! This was a hot fuck! Caleb was very touchy and they way he basically held you down and fucked your manpussy! Umf! and that cock tho! I liked it in the end you wiped your face with his cum! LOL!

    • victor September 12, 2017

      I am so happy that you enjoyed this session with Caleb, hopefully he will be back for more! Thanks for comment baby ?

  • September 12, 2017

    First off, Victor, I hope that you were spared much of the devastation that Irma left in Florida, and I hope all the Beefcakes are safe as well,
    Now, about Caleb. As usual you have brought me sheer delight with the return of the expressive Ohioan! He is looking even better with the tan. Caleb’s standing sequence is one of the best in BCH Land; he is very expressive.
    I hope that he returns. After Marcus’ outstanding 3rd film, if’s hard not to compare performances 🙂 But we all know that you are up for the challenge. Keep the Beefcakes like Caleb coming back.

    • victor September 12, 2017

      I am fine baby, very sweet of you for asking ?
      BHC Land still have no power but I am working in a provisional office, so don’t worry there will be no interruptions of my “services” lol, I am so glad that you enjoyed this new scene with Caleb, you are right, he looks very sexy with that tan. Even thought I love performances like Marcus did, I love all the Beefcakes and for me all are winners, they all have their own magic, I know you would agree with me right?

  • September 19, 2017

    I am back! Because of Caleb. Wow he is fine. More of him. Lick his feet next time.

    • victor September 21, 2017

      Welcome back Jsmoot! I am happy that you enjoy Caleb, I will definitely try to get him back ! 🙂

  • September 21, 2017

    Yeess Vic Caleb is yummy☺ please bring him back for more….. i could tell he was enjoying it

    • victor September 21, 2017

      yeah, Caleb is definitely a keeper, thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • September 28, 2017

    Hi Victor,
    Another great video, sexy guy. I only wished he used his hands to force your skull while blowing or a bit of slapping. I always like to see that. Like Reaper and Sandro if I’m correct. Let them use their hands. I love big strong hands.
    Greetings from Amsterdam.

    • victor September 30, 2017

      I love that too my friend, I just let them be themselves so anything is staged here but it is always good to mention it so they may consider doing it, right? kisses to the Amsterdam Hunters 🙂

  • February 25, 2019

    He needs to come back!!!

    • victor February 26, 2019

      I know, it has been a while, but I don’t know his whereabouts 🙂

  • July 3, 2019

    Very sensitive, look at his face he feels the pleasure, nice!!!

    • victor July 15, 2019

      hahaha, his expressions are so intense, I love this Beefcake! 🙂

  • July 7, 2019

    Why I only watched it now? Where was I? Haha ? Please, if still
    possible, bring this stud back for more action!!!

    • victor July 15, 2019

      Really? how come, you need to get up to date with the Beefcakes! lol I think the is back in Ohio 😉

  • August 14, 2019

    it would be nice to see how this young stud has matured so far. Probably one hell of a sexy daddy.

    • victor August 19, 2019

      I would love to see how he looks now as well, I miss you Caleb! 😉

  • February 13, 2021


    • victor March 4, 2021

      Yeah Caleb was so delicious, I miss him too 🙂

  • September 28, 2021

    More booty eating next time that’s hottttt

    • victor October 5, 2021

      Ok baby, taking notes here 😉

  • January 10, 2023

    Damn, just amazing

    • victor January 10, 2023

      Amazing is the right word to describe Caleb 🙂

  • April 13, 2023

    Another one that really enjoys fucking, you can see on the beefcake’s face how focused he is drilling that d**k deep, that’s make the difference !!

    • victor April 13, 2023

      You are right, he was laser focus in drilling my tight hole lol Thanks for noticing it baby 🙂

  • SuiGeneris29 April 10, 2024

    Wow! That moment when Caleb is watching you take his dick and the look on his face seemed to say, “Yeah. I know you’re enjoying this dick ’cause I’m FUCKING you!” Whew, what a hot fuck!

    • victor April 10, 2024

      Yes, it was; too bad I can appreciate that face when I actually watch the video, lol. Thanks for commenting baby 🙂

  • Milos899 April 13, 2024

    Love from France

    • victor April 13, 2024

      Love from BCH Land to you baby 🙂

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