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Published on November 15, 2017

Juniro hang over fuck session

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Juniro hang over fuck session.

Like he promised, Beefcake Juniro is back at BeefCakeHunter Land to feed me once again his amazing big Dominican cock!

This scene was shot over the weekend, a Saturday morning to be more specific, and in a very rebel act. Juniro did not get the sleep he needed, like he was instructed to. Instead, he went to party, so he slept just a couple of hours before our encounter, but that did not stop his tool from being ready to feed all my holes!

After arriving to my studio, he went straight to the shower, to awaken himself better. I started my feeding right there in the bathroom with a POV scene where you can notice how hungry and ready I was for this sexy Latino Beefcake. Then Juniro stripped for us, showing us how big and nice his dick is, one of the biggest at BCH Land!

Then I was on my knees once again, before the Juniro hang over fuck session, he gently face-fucked me, and you can tell I wanted more, but I did not want force him. He was still very sleepy by then, not his cock though, that was hard enough to be ready to go straight to “my oven” to be baked very well! Lol

Like it was expected, my “virginal” (hahaha) hole had some trouble getting that monster cock all the way to the right spot, but after that everything is history Hunters! What a pleasurable sensation it was, no, I was not acting, I was in Dominican sex heaven for real! And even though this was his first experience fucking another guy, Juniro was quiet but seemed comfortable enough, to please us for a while. Of course I did not dare to switch positions, something that I may try next time, if there is another Juniro hang over fuck session.

I could go for hours, but the hallway in my building sounded very busy that morning, something to expect on a Saturday. So my apologies Hunters for the baby crying, people yelling, and just the noise outside my apartment lol, but that is my hood, I am part of the hood and I love my hood 😉

To finish him off, I took Juniro to the sofa, to suck him and jerk him off at the same time. Like he likes it, and it was not long before he came, giving us a creamy, thick Dominican delicatessen! Yummy! I hope you guys enjoyed this video of Juniro hang over fuck session Hunters!

                                    Juniro hang over fuck session

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  • November 15, 2017

    love your narrative and love this hot guy! i want him for christmas and that polish guy Justin. yum yum yum!

    • victor November 20, 2017

      Thanks baby! Let’s see if we can get him back for Christmas, I need to find Justing again 🙂

  • kerreej November 16, 2017

    I’ve been waiting on this video for TWO weeks! I love it. I’m reader for video three! ❤️

    • victor November 20, 2017

      hahaah, I am so happy that you love it! sorry for the waiting 🙂

  • dcbxbro November 16, 2017

    yES INDEED..wOW WHAT A bROWN MACHO fUCKER. jUNIRO IS AMAZING..MORE OF THIS TYPE OF STR8 MACHO HUNG tYPE..What a turn on ..get more married sneaky beefcakes…we love them!!!

    • victor November 20, 2017

      For sure Juniro is a sexy brown macho fucker! Yes, I am always in the look out for these married dudes 🙂

  • EliSxc November 16, 2017

    I 100% agree with Rico jeeez this guy is just gold

    • victor November 20, 2017

      Right? Hopefully next time is not hang over so we get the reactions we got in his first video 😉 Thanks for comment baby!

  • danirile80 November 17, 2017

    Another great update, Victor! Juniro’s cock is larger than life! I can’t belive that lhe can stand upright when that thing is fully erect. Furthermore, I can’t believe that you took that whole thing! WOW! Juniro was all business in this update; he got in, got it up, and got up in you, and got off. LOL!
    Juniro is definitely on his way to becoming a great J in BCH Land. The next time that you get him in (and at the end of this video, he seems to be down for more films), please get Juniro on the bed where we can see that tower he has between his legs at its full length and glory.
    Speaking of Great Js: is Jacobo, Justin, or Jason going to make a return to BCH Land. Any of them would be great, but all three would be a “J”olly Holiday season. HA!

    • victor November 20, 2017

      Yeah, Juniro was all business this time! Yeah he is willing for more, we just need to find again the right moment for him 😉 I have been in talks with Jacobo, it seems that there will be another update with this awesome Beefcake , stay tuned my friend and like always , thanks for comment! PS: I definitely will try that position with Juniro !

  • hotmouth November 17, 2017

    Great to see him back I was surprised he don’t fuck like prince he’s still has the best fuck scenes but man what a huge cock he’s got wow must be amazing to see it in person bring more hung Latino dudes please and love the hung white guys also, bit Vic please have then strip naked before they have a hard on so we can see then slowly get hard that’s so hot to see!!

    • victor November 20, 2017

      Actually some people compared him with Prince. What I can tell you (and I was there..lol)is that big cock feels amazing, for some reason I feel less pain and more pleasure with the big ones, and sometimes it is a little more painful the smaller ones, I dont know, its weird.. anyways I am glad you love him baby, thanks for comment 🙂

  • November 18, 2017

    Best video ever

    • victor November 20, 2017

      Thanks my friend 🙂

  • csilva1 November 21, 2017

    definitely a hottie Vic and thank you again for showing his undies….. I have a fetish. I know this is random but WHERE IS FRANKIE??? I could use some Frankie in my life lol

    • victor November 23, 2017

      I am so happy that you enjoyed this session my friend! Happy Thanksgiving day! Frankie contacted me the other day, maybe he is down for more 🙂

  • Frederick November 22, 2017

    One thing struck me as I read all the comments from the Hunters. Of course his cock is impossible to ignore, but am I the only one who thinks his ass is way sexy? It is so perfectly shaped and makes me want to play with it.
    I wish all the hunters a happy Thanksgiving, And especially to you, Vic. I am thankful for you.

    • victor November 23, 2017

      Thanks my friend! Thanks for all this time for been with me in this adventure, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving Day as well! You are right, he has a nice ass, I am pretty sure many Hunters noticed, they are just shy to say it lol

  • Mayinaries April 10, 2018

    Vic I’m depress, he said that he will do it again and he is not back yet! Are we gonna see him again? Please let us know!

    • victor April 12, 2018

      I don’t know baby I haven’t see him since last december 🙂

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