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Published on November 23, 2016

Jason thick gravy

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Jason thick gravy was the ingredient that I needed to complete my holiday dinner! Lol. What better way to celebrate an All-American Thanksgiving tradition than by having this All American favorite Beefcake!
Like seasoning a main dish, I was side to side teasing his body until finding the right angle to get a mouthful of his juicy cock. Good thing that I had him lay on the bed so we can enjoy his beautiful legs and feet.
Beefcake Jason was out of the country for months with his Latina wife, but a few weeks after arriving to the States, it seemed like the “pressure” was building up inside his sexy body. No wonder he was rock hard all the time, and he made me stop a couple of times to avoid cumming. Ohh yeah, he is very professional and he knows we need more footage of the feast, which is sucking his cock, and have you also noticed Hunters? That he never shaved his pubes again after I told him that we love hairy pubes?
This was supposed to be an anal scene but Jason wanted to save that gig for right before going back to South America to spend Christmas with his wife, yeah. .he is very smart too!
This scene reminds me a lot the scene with Beefcake Chico, but here there is a lot of nipple kissing and some body massage, by now we all know how comfortable Jason is at Beefcakehunter Land! For sure there will be some ass licking in our next encounter and who knows maybe even a kiss since many of you would love to see that
Soon after I gave him the ok to cum, he tried to reach the remote control to re-play the pussy porn that was playing , but it was too late… LOL: Jason thick gravy was already at the tip of his cock and it wasn’t much time to play around LOL .This time besides his exceptional hard cock, he delivered an exceptional amount of cum, wow and it was so funny how he whispered “sigue asi” (Spanish for “continue like that”, you can tell he is married to a Latina ) when I was continuing to jerk him off after he came, Jason loves that edging!
Enjoy your holiday Hunters! And enjoy Jason thick gravy too!

                                             Jason thick gravy

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  • adonis2 November 23, 2016

    Good scene you kno he’s my favorite, wish it was on the couch on living room.

    • victor November 25, 2016

      I knew you love him too! Lets see where we can do a fuck scene if there is more with Jason 🙂

  • csilva1 November 23, 2016

    omg he’s hotter than ever…. missed him!!! and at 6:33-35 when he twitches in ecstasy… mmm tasty. Thanks Vic

    • victor November 25, 2016

      You are welcome my friend, yeah, he has been away for a while , I missed him too 😉

  • Frederick November 24, 2016

    It’s not my birthday or Christmas, Vic, but you just gave me the best gift I can think of.! When you told him I was his biggest fan and he said “What’s up, Frederick” It was my dick that went right up .. My God, can there be a sexier man anywhere? You are the luckiest guy on the planet to be able worship that magnificent cock on that so incredibly handsome man. Love the way you teased his dick before taking it in your mouth. His reactions to the entire session are absolutely amazing. When he started to fuck your mouth, I almost lost it. I can’t say enough about how totally into Jason I am. Guess you can tell that though. LOL Please thank him from me for this session and mentioning me by name . Above all, thanks to you, Vic, for this gift of Jason. I still want to see him in a three way with you , but I will take him any way I can.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Vic, and to all the other Hunters. Also to all the Beefcakes wherever they may be.

    • victor November 25, 2016

      I had a great Thanksgiving day! I hope you had one as well! You have no idea how happy made me know that you would enjoy this scene a lot! Thanks for your support and for sure you will get more of Jason if that depends on me 🙂

  • November 24, 2016

    omg. That guy is magnificent and you know how to serve a man! I wish I could have a regular straight man with a cock and balls like that to worship; and he is soooo appreciative! Heaven:)

    • victor November 25, 2016

      I am pretty sure that there should be a “Jason” for you around there my friend , just keep your eyes wide open , thanks for your support! 😉

  • lickahead November 26, 2016

    He is still my all time favorite…he just oozes sexual energy. You do get so excited when all of your Beekcakes get ready to cum…just relax open your mouth and lick the head slow to completion…you will drive them crazy! Really hope he comes back soon and the rim job sounds great. Thanks Vic…

    • victor November 26, 2016

      I am glad you enjoy this, I am looking forward for a fuck session with Jason 🙂

  • SFPS01 December 1, 2016

    My hot daddy is back. He totally loves what you do to him.

    • victor December 3, 2016

      yeah I think so, that besides the xtra buck have him coming back again and again, good for us! 😉

  • roberto December 11, 2016

    hey victor, Jason is the best…. love him he is so hot… say hello next time for me… hope it does not take to long to come back…

    • victor December 12, 2016

      I will baby, yeah he will probably call me to tell me happy holidays very soon , if he is not already in SouthAmerica 🙂

  • December 18, 2016

    could he possibly…kiss? it would be a great service to humanity if he did. ps your the best out there. love you. xx

    • victor December 19, 2016

      thanks for the compliment my friend! Yeah, next time I will ask him for a kiss and I probably I will do it in front of the cameras, I know he respect a lot his base fan and it would be harder for him to day no, or maybe it is going to be easiest that I think LOL

  • January 12, 2017

    i know his cock tasted and smelled yummy

    • victor January 17, 2017

      yeap! like always, he is pure protein! LOL

  • March 7, 2017

    Omg man did his cum taste good ?? N how did his cock taste ???

    • victor March 9, 2017

      Yes it did taste good, a little sour LOL

  • roberto March 19, 2017

    Victor, please don’t take to long to bring Jason back…. I love him, he is so hot and sensual… love his faces when you are sucking him, he really loves your BJ, I hate you, jajajajaja / Roberto

    • victor March 22, 2017

      jajjaajja Roberto, you made me laugh , I know, I need to find a time to get down with Jason again 🙂

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