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Getting dirty with Jason

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Sexy married beefcake Jason is back at BeefCakeHunter Land! Those rainy days are good for me because it means that Jason is off from his regular work as exterior painter and he is always looking to make extra bucks; besides, he obviously loves to get his nice cock sucked, Hmm… good for us!
We planned ahead, and this video was supposed to be a “Jason tracing list.” You know, going over some of the request from Hunters that love to see some more of Jason. As you can see, in this video I was ready to go over the list, but Jason seemed to be just in the mood to relax and be worshipped. After all, there has been several weeks since he last got the deserved attention to his body and cock. I have to admit that I forgot about the list myself, as soon I started working in servicing him, and I just went with the flow.
There was the rimming part, but we ended up doing a couple of other things that I know you may enjoy as well, such as kissing his nipples, his legs (I know, nothing new), and holdings his hands  (I love his manly hands, so big…so yummy!). Amongst other things, like almost swallowing his several days of load. It would be too selfish of me, not sharing with you that fresh cum! I had to spit it out, so we all get a glance of Jasons’ jizz! Maybe next time I won’t be that generous ..LOL… just kidding! I had fun getting dirty with Jason, I hope you get my sometimes dark or dumb sense of humor….there is something about him that makes a video so enjoyable, and I know many of his fans were exited for his return. I hope this won’t be the last video with Jason, and hopefully next time, I will make sure we go over the “famous tracing lists” once again…enjoy guys!

                                    Getting dirty with Jason

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  • February 5, 2016

    this is the best beefcake! I love all his movies, he seems open to do a lot more! Cant wait to see his next video

    • victor February 9, 2016

      Thanks for comment Juan, yeah, he is a good performer, lets see if we can make a 4th video with him 🙂

  • makutc February 5, 2016

    I love Jason, waiting to see you sucking his toes and swallow his cum 🙂

    • victor February 9, 2016

      I didn’t swallow because I always wanted you to see their cum LOL

  • February 5, 2016

    Honestly Vic, Jason is the hottest guy here next to Marco, he’s the reason i keep on joining. I love his facial reaction, so real, Hot! Also, If ur gonna do an anal scene again, I like to see his expression because that is what special about him, besides his cock. plsss!! You have a jewel in your hand. Amazing

    • victor February 9, 2016

      You got that right Lance,I am so glad you enjoy a lot this new vid with Jason, hopefully there will be a 4th one 🙂

  • February 5, 2016

    Fuck yeah! Another great job, Vic! Jason looks sexier than ever with some scruff on his face & the little hug he sorta gave you at the end was sweet. I hope all the beefcakes are as nice to you.

    • victor February 9, 2016

      right? that hug was amazing, he really let me go very far with him, he knows what he is and he knows what he wants, a very confident man! Most of the beefcakes are nice with me 🙂

  • February 7, 2016

    The perfect start to my day. Jason has the body type I am queer for. He is so confident and easy going with you in your conversation. That smile drives me crazy. I an glad to see a bit more pubic hair this time. Vic, he wanted you to rim him more. Give the man what he wants. You go right to the top of the list , Vic.

    • victor February 9, 2016

      yeah, I liked Jason even more this time around, it seems that he gained some weight and you are right about the pubic hair lol thanks my friend for comment 🙂

  • February 8, 2016

    jason is the best!!!

    • victor February 9, 2016

      right? for many reasons 🙂

  • cece52 February 10, 2016

    He is sexy, masculine, confident and secure in his own skin. Someone who makes your mouth water and you just can’t get enough of… I hope he returns.

    • victor February 10, 2016

      what a perfect description for Jason! I hope he returns too 🙂 thanks for comment !

  • February 12, 2016

    Hey Vic! Totally HOT, as a;ways! Yes, I agree, Jason love your tongue in his hole, his face and moans prove it!! Do to him, what his wife won’t! And don’t forget those beautiful, thick feet!!!!

    • victor February 12, 2016

      I think he is going to his wife soon! need to get to worshipped him before he leaves 🙂 thanks for comment my friend !

  • Cool2thebone February 14, 2016

    Wow great scene! Next time no spitting out lol:)

    • victor February 15, 2016

      LOL ok no spitting out next time! I really wanted to swallow but I couldn’t be that selfish and not showing Jason juice 🙂

  • bandido1978 February 14, 2016

    The best of all……..

    • victor February 15, 2016

      I am happy that you enjoy Jason a lot 🙂

  • February 15, 2016

    I always enjoy Jason. I kinda understand you not swallowing so we can see the cum but you could always lick it back up. I know I would. 🙂

    • victor February 17, 2016

      hahahah, great idea for swallow scene baby 🙂

  • February 23, 2016

    Hot hot hot

    • victor February 27, 2016

      thanks thanks thanks LOL

  • March 3, 2016

    Just enjoyed this again, love it when Jason gets turned on when you spit his cum back on him and jack him off with it.

    • victor March 5, 2016

      right? that was reeeeally improvisation right there 😉 thanks for comment my friend !

  • March 4, 2016

    I know you want us to see the cum…BUT im willing to believe that if you swallow his cum, it will TOTALL blow his mind.

    • victor March 6, 2016

      You may be right? I think is time for me to swallow it! 😉

  • ToddyDan March 6, 2016

    I’m in love with Jason 😛 I’ve subscribed to this just to see the full versions of his videos. I love the BJs. You, Vic, have literally have mastered the art of BJ.

    Request: Please let Jason or anyone with good low-hanging balls stand when you blow them. Would love to see those enormous balls hitting your face 😛

    Looking forward to the 4th video.

    • victor March 6, 2016

      Your desires are my command my friend! 😉 Thanks for the compliment !

  • Puri April 1, 2016

    I would love to see more Jason! Keep up the good work, Vic!

    • victor April 7, 2016

      Thanks baby, yeah you will see more of Jason, soon 🙂

  • csilva1 April 21, 2016

    oooooh at 10:02 when Jason bites his arm…… you know he’s loving it. great videos Vic

    • victor April 22, 2016

      Thanks and so glad you enjoy them! Jason is a very sexy and horny man 🙂

  • zircon13 April 25, 2016

    that is how I like to see, the load being swallowed, wish for more

    • victor April 26, 2016

      Dis you see? I swallowed this time 🙂

  • orlntam April 30, 2016

    Jason is my absolute favorite guy here: smoking hot guy and a really cool dude too. I hope he can come back soon. I think he (and I) would very much like to see you give him full body massage, then a HJ, some rimming, and then your ultimate BJ.

    • victor May 1, 2016

      hello my friend i have good news for you, Jason is back soon, stay tuned 🙂

  • csilva1 May 4, 2016

    is he coming back? ooh he’s grown on me

    • victor May 4, 2016

      yes my friend , he is , stay tuned 🙂

  • SFPS01 May 12, 2016

    Victor, you have spoiled him for anyone else. What an incredible young man and I can tell just from watching him that he loves everything you do to him, and at the same time I believe he is “totally straight”. I think it’s magic and its not just his dick, but also what it is attached to.

    • victor May 13, 2016

      Jason doesn’t deserve anything else than been spoiled LOL, besides been so hot, he is such a nice guy, I hope you enjoy the last update with him, I was talking about Magic in resemblance to your comment 🙂

  • SFPS01 June 10, 2016

    There was something very intense about him coming in your mouth….He loved it, and as we know, guys love to cum in a warm deep throat. I think I have watched this at least 6 times……….

    • victor June 12, 2016

      6 times! wow, that is amazing, that makes me very happy that you enjoy this video so much! 😉

  • Alexious January 12, 2017

    I can’t get enough of Jason, love the way he looks and smiles at you. So warm and inviting. We need more of him. He is the reason I joined the site after seeing a clip on another site. ? more of Jason please Vic???

    • victor January 17, 2017

      hopefully we will get more of Jason my friend, he is awesome 🙂

  • May 4, 2017


    • victor May 8, 2017

      wow! Really? well.. Jason is one of the hottest guys in the internet! 😉

  • March 29, 2018

    I know it probably not your thing. But with jason, I would love to see you lightly tickle him all over from head to toe

    • victor March 29, 2018

      how do you know id not my thing baby? lol sounds like fun! Thanks for comment 🙂

  • Jacobojuarez January 6, 2023

    Victor, Mi favorito es ,Jason me gustaria ver otro video de el ( Victor, my favorite guy is Jason, I would love to see another scene with him )

    • victor January 8, 2023

      A mi tambien me encantaría hacer otra escena con el, pero no se donde esta, espero que este bien 🙂 ( I would love to make another scene with him, but I don’t know his whereabouts, I hope he is doing well 🙂 )

  • September 3, 2023

    Victor please get this man back on beefcake hunter land. He’s very missed.

    • victor September 4, 2023

      I know it has been a long time. We used to talk now and then, but I guess he is too busy 🙂

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