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Published on September 13, 2017

Golden Beefcake Ben

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I met Beefcake Ben a couple of weeks ago in Miami Beach while he was vacationing. The weather was great; a lot of sunshine, just to perfect even more his already nice tanned skin that goes great with his blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. That is why I call him Golden Beefcake Ben!

He may not have a six pack or big arms but he is sexy as hell just the way he is, and he is the perfect example of what I call the unique sex appeal of a regular handsome straight dude that we offer here at BeefCakeHunter Land!

This electrician from up north, was staying with some friends in South Beach for a couple of days. He spent a lot of his vacationing time at the beach or having some drinks at Ocean Drive where I actually met him. Lucky for me! He mentioned to me that he would love to stay in a hotel by himself rather than at his friends, so at that moment, I saw my opportunity! I knew it would be hard to get him to say yes to any male-male interaction at first, so I changed my tactics and I offered the solo gig. Hoping he would agree to do the blow job scene at least later on, but that was not the case. Though I’m sure we don’t want to waste the opportunity to see this blonde Beefcake naked, right?

Golden Beefcake Ben for sure is an easy-going and fun guy, but it is perfectly understandable that he got shy in front of the BCH cameras, so I kept the chat short but enough to build up some expectation before he lay on the bed where many other Beefcakes have succumbed to us previously…lol

His stroke game was on point, this time moving the camera around his body was not easy for me, knowing that I was not part of the show, maybe because of that I was shaken a lot, lol. Then the sound of his moaning brought often very close to his handsome face, wow that was super-hot! I think we don’t miss any hint of his body, except for his ass, I did ask him to show it but he refused, it was not easy to get him there so I did not insist and I continued enjoying the view of his balls, cock, and legs, he is a sexy dude!

After he cum, I had to tell him how I felt for not servicing him and he seems to enjoy that, lol but like I told him, I am very persistent and I will do everything to get him back for more, and hopefully next time, I’ll be part of the cast! Lol I hope you enjoy this solo scene with Golden Beefcake Ben!

                                        Golden Beefcake Ben

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  • September 14, 2017

    Omg!!!!!!!! He is,everything!!!!! I hope he comes back to be serviced, I think he wiuld loved to be rimmed.

    • victor September 18, 2017

      Working on that baby, please stay tuned 😉

  • csilva1 September 14, 2017

    nice stud……. I think he’ll let you “in” Vic 😉

    • victor September 18, 2017

      I think so too, lets see what happens, there are surprises 🙂

  • hedgehog30 September 14, 2017

    Did not he want to be sucked? 🙁

    • victor September 18, 2017

      No this time, but like I said, I was very persistent, please stay tuned baby 🙂

  • September 15, 2017

    did he had a nice manly smell around his crotch?

    • victor September 18, 2017

      Ohh yeah definitely! he smells “macho” all around 😉

  • Frederick September 15, 2017

    Vic, you get 2 awards. One for managing to get us a Beefcake in spite of the Hurricane. The second is for controlling yourself from diving on that good looking cock of Ben’s.. He is a beautiful man. Blonde curly hair, hairy legs, beautiful eyes and perfect cock. He is very active in jacking off with great facial expression and body movements. He doesn’t know what he is missing by not letting you take care of him. Hopefully he will change his mind and come back I know how persistent you can be. For all our sakes, I hope to see Ben again.

    • victor September 18, 2017

      Hello my friend, I am preparing my speech for when I receive my awards! lol You are so right about him, he is a beautiful man, and for sure you will see him again, please stay tuned, kisses! 🙂

  • wombesi September 16, 2017

    Good show. Hope he comes back…

    • victor September 18, 2017

      Thanks baby! I took your feedback, stay tuned, Ben may surprise us 🙂

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