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Worshipping and kissing Danny

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Worshipping and kissing Danny session started off right from the action, a perfect scenario for the highly expected, quiet, serious and indifferent, but, sexy Beefcake Danny.

Having him standing up in the middle of BeefCakeHunter Land, while he is selecting and watching his favorite porn, I did not waste time and getting on my knees and caressing his sexy legs and semi hard cock! By the time I got his shorts down, his nice tool was already hard for me to wrap my lips around it…ummmm.

You guys know that I LOVE to kiss, lick and suck balls, and Danny has one of the most beautiful pair of balls at BCH. Then after turning my attention to his dick head I begun suck and deep throat him, he surprised me with a breve but nice face fucking 😉

After that I got him to seat down on the crib mattress. He was totally unaware of what was going to happen next, but he knows he doesn’t need to worry for whatever was in store, that may be what kept his boner ready for me to continue and finally do a Worshipping and kissing Danny video.

Seated next to him I massaged him, lick and kiss his armpits (funny how he kept his arm up…lol) nipples, arms, fingers, feet and legs, I left the kissing part for was coming ahead.

Seated down and facing him, I begun to ride him, first slow, then fast, and then….out of nowhere I kissed him, what sweet lips this sexy young dude has! Ummm, and the best part was that he gently allowed me to do so, I know… I know, some of you Hunters would need an explanation: Danny knew at some point this would happen, he knows that we would have to add some variety for the sake of doing more videos and for his fans, he understand that his fans would love this…., any other questions? No? …good, let’s move on… 😉

Like I said we added variety in this session, and of course I did reverse cowgirl, doggy and last but no least: a long, deep and full of kisses missionary position. In the missionary part, I got so into it, that at some point I did fuck him (with my hole, of course) his hard cock, few seconds after that he got more enthusiastic and finished inside me with a silent, but full of a warm week load orgasm, that I swear, I could feel it , filing up the condom…

I hope you guys enjoy this video Worshipping and kissing Danny video.

                               Worshipping and kissing Danny

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  • August 28, 2019

    His body isn’t bad, pretty natural, he has a nice dick it’s pretty and nice circumcision and love his head which I see you love to work too victor

    • victor September 2, 2019

      Yes I love to work on that pretty cock head 😉 Thanks for comment baby!

  • motion1234 August 28, 2019

    First, I can never get me enough Danny!! Unbelievably awesome!
    Second, the kissing was the sexiest part!! Victor, please keep him coming and cumming 🙂 love every opportunity to see this incredible man!

    • victor September 2, 2019

      I can’t never get enough of Danny myself! I am so glad that you enjoyed this my friend! 🙂

  • August 28, 2019

    He’s such a cutie pie. I feel every visit is better than the previous. this is his best work as of yet. I’d love to see him in a threesome

    • victor September 2, 2019

      I think so too, this was his best yet, I am so happy that you like this a lot my friend, thanks for comment 😉

  • Sexiboi2014 August 29, 2019

    So sexy omg he looks like someone I talk to in Florida like damn but I always like Danny tho Victor and plus the kissing was a plus

    • victor September 2, 2019

      You are right, he is so sexy! maybe is his twin? lol 😉

  • markleoj August 29, 2019

    Omg! Victor you are so lucky! Kissing and fucking a straight guy!

    • victor September 2, 2019

      All for you Hunters, I dear to kiss him and thankfully he was fine with that, and the fact that you guys loved it, it is awesome! Thanks for your support! 🙂

  • August 30, 2019

    sooo sexy.

    • victor September 2, 2019

      Yes, he is soooo sexy 😉

  • rudyinhouston August 30, 2019

    the kissing is a major turn ON! I love it and it’s so hot!! Best video ever.

    • victor September 2, 2019

      Wow Thanks! I am happy that you enjoyed this my friend 🙂

  • b1p1k1 August 30, 2019

    Hi Vic Danny looking good these days and he has become an expert at the BCH LAND, the entire video was 10 from start to finish, what top it off was my fav position “missionary” showing Danny front and his behind loved it!! not only that he dive in to kiss you????omg that was the icing on the cake…it’s good to be back ? I’m catching up on all I’ve missed.i didn’t know if i should start from old to New or vice versa…i just dove ride in.. I’m taking my time on each video….Missed you Vic but now I’m back….

    • victor September 2, 2019

      Welcome back my dear friend! We have been missing you too here at BCH Land! I knew you were going to love this Danny return! Enjoy it! 😉

  • not retired 292 August 30, 2019

    Hey Vic..i scrolled back to first time you had Danny, you have done wonders with this hot Southern man..he’s soooooo mystic and erotic looking..the mission fuck scene was amazing he made pounding your pussy even more incredible the love making was truly awesome….he’s definitely come a long way.. ***** for sure my freind!!!!! Awesomenesssss

    • victor September 2, 2019

      You know ..the other day I did the same and I noticed it as well..we have work wonders with this sexy man, thanks to you and all the Hunters who support him, thank you so much! 🙂

  • Endgameinfinitystone September 1, 2019

    This is awesome! You brought back Fred, Edgardo, and Danny, please bring back Christian with more rimming and face fucking and actual fucking. And if you could do a miracle bring back Jason too ? Good job Vic!

    • victor September 2, 2019

      I am so happy that you have enjoyed all the “returns”, hopefully I get really lucky and I can get back Christian and Jason 😉

  • September 1, 2019

    Vic, what a great way to start this session. Loved Danny standing when you threw the cushion in. No doubt what was coming next. I agree about his balls. You had fun with them.You used the split screen to the best advantage , Vic. Your editing is amazing. The face fuck though brief is always welcome . .Danny did keep his concentration of the straight porn more than I wish. The “feet hunters” got a bit of something for them. Vic, you did some very serious riding of that dick. Of course, the MIssionary is my favorite and you gave me what I like. You look good with your legs up on the air.I am thankful for the the camera angle of his ass nailing you. You got a real work out on this one,Vic. I
    I was especially happy to see Riki’s suggestion of bringing my Jason back for a visit. Where is he now? It would be great.

    • victor September 2, 2019

      It wasn’t planning to start that way, but when I saw Danny standing up with those shorts and sexy lightly tanned legs, I couldn’t help but to be as soon as possible on my knees savoring his goods and voila! it was a great start! As you I wished he face fuck me for longer , and it is also true that this time more than others he was very distracted by the porn, but he still giving us a good show, and his cock was very receptive to all my holes lol… Regarding Jason , I don’t know my friend, I wish he was just a call a way nowadays , but that is not the case, but lets cross our fingers..miracles happen! 😉

  • September 1, 2019

    Wassup Vic, love your courage and the videos that you make because of it. I do not understand why you want them hard before you expose their cocks. It can be a turn on to see them going from soft to hard. I really would like to see a different beginning to your videos. The interview, the rubbing & teasing before you take their dick out, then the licking & kissing before you actually begin sucking them. I’d like to see you just go for it right after the interview. No rubbing, kissing or rubbing. Just sucking (with no hands) and then get into the fucking. I’m getting hard just thinking about you gobbling down their dick before allowing them to fuck you. Anyway, that’s what I’d like to see at least once. Keep up the good work!

    • victor September 2, 2019

      It is not like I “like” them hard before exposing their cocks, is just that I love that play, and as you can see in many other videos, sometimes that is not enough to get them hard, there are also another videos that I get them naked when their cock still soft, you just need to watch more vids my friend , but for sure I will keep in mind your suggestion, like always I love to make all the Hunters happy! Thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • Leon0933606 September 6, 2019

    oh my god! I love the way you worship him! just put him on the mattress and slowly enjoy him. I love that!
    So envy you kiss Danny!

    • victor September 9, 2019

      I really enjoyed that myself, and I am so glad you did it as well, thanks for comment baby! 🙂

  • danirile80 September 7, 2019

    I usually do not like a model that is detached from the activities of the video, Danny’s aloofness and his body reactions somehow work. THe shot of him sitting on the mat with his erect cock is fantastic. I love the way you worshipped Danny’s entire body while he was on the mat prior to the pounding . That is a patented BCH move. Danny really picked up steam when he started pistoning your hole . Then, WHAM! The kissing started, and that changed the whole video dynamic! We haven’t seen that type of action since Reaper. I like that it was not forced but, somewhat organic. Danny has grown on me, and he can always come back and push the envelope at BCH Land

    • victor September 20, 2019

      Yeah, Danny’s body tells the story right? I will try to remember to do that patented move again ;). As you say Danny is all about taking control and start pounding a hole , I am so glad that he has grown on you my friend, because I am planning to bring back Danny again and again, if he still down, of course 🙂

  • Sexdreams September 10, 2019

    OMG!! Uno de mis favoritos, me encanta él, ya lo sabes!!
    Buen video Vic, como siempre, el misonero estuvo buenísimo, eso sí aunque yo prefiero que los heteros se mantengan alejados de tu boca, en cuanto a besar se refiere. Todo lo demás me ha encantado Vic, como siempre superas mis expectativas. Espero que Danny sigue volviendo y poder ver más recorrido de él en la web, lo siguiente podría ser…que te hablara sucio quizás? O si fuma…que fume mientras te folle? No se…por dar ideas…jajajaja (OMG !! One of my favorites, I love him, you know that !!Good video Vic, as always, the missionary was very good, though I prefer that heteros stay away from your mouth, as far as kissing is concerned. Everything else I loved Vic, as always you exceed my expectations. I hope Danny keeps coming back and I can see more of him on the web, the next thing could be … that he talked to you dirty maybe? Or if he smokes … smokes while is fucking you ? I don’t know … just giving ideas … hahahaha)

    • victor September 20, 2019

      Sabes, esto me recuerda cuando hice mi primer video con Reaper, el beso fue tan espontáneo, y yo sin pensar le correspondí apasionadamente, después cuando se acabo el rodaje, estuve varios días en el dilema si incluir el beso en el video o no, también pensé que se pondría en duda a los chicos si me besan, felizmente decidí lo primero, y fue un bombazo,un éxito y le encanto a los Hunters. Analizando mis experiencias en el pasado, un beso puede ser mas fácil en ocasiones robarle a un hetereo, y a veces mas nada que eso, y yo te puedo asegurar, que Reaper es hetereo en todos los aspectos. Cambiando de tema, me gustan tus ideas, las pondré en practica jajajaja, besos mi amigo 😉 (You know, this reminds me of when I made my first video with Reaper, the kiss was so spontaneous, and without thinking too much I passionately reciprocated, then when the filming was over, I spent several days in the dilemma whether to include the kiss in the video or not, I also thought that the Beefcakes would be questioned if they kissed me, fortunately I decided the first, and it was a bombshell, a success and the Hunters loved it. Analyzing my experiences in the past, a kiss can sometimes be easier to steal from a straight guy, and sometimes nothing more than that, and I can assure you, that Reaper is straight in all aspects. Changing the subject, I like your ideas, I will put them into practice hahahaha, kisses my friend😉 )

  • b1p1k1 September 12, 2019

    Hi Vic I keep coming back to Danny’s video it’s so fuk’n hotttttttttt?? Danny did so well…..thank you Danny

    • victor September 20, 2019

      You are always welcome back at Danny’s land my friend 😉

  • September 15, 2019

    Oh man!! Where should I start??
    I just looooooooooooove danny!! I can’t get enough of him!! I love every part of his body!!! The underwear!!! My favorite!!
    Thanks for having this hottie at your command!! Haha

    • victor September 20, 2019

      I know, we all cant get enough of him! Maybe next time his underwear will be for sale 😉 You are very welcome baby!

  • September 15, 2019

    My Christmas list or wishes ::::
    Danny of course!!
    Papa Kream
    The fuck machine aka Marcus
    (Almost nothing right?? Haha)
    Please bring some of those guys back!!

    • victor September 20, 2019

      Ok Danny is very possible. Papa Kream is missing in action, my last resource will be email him or Mendy.I don’t know Reaper whereabouts, sorry. Marcus has left me down lately.Edward is in talkings with me. No idea where is Nick nowadays.Kip is out of state and he is not planning to return for now. Yeah almost nothing LOL 😉

  • September 23, 2019

    Great, except never saw kissing because of camera angle…

    • victor September 28, 2019

      Next time baby 😉

  • October 28, 2019

    Le enviaste email a papá kream or mendy?? Haha !! Quiero verlo otra vez aunque sea con la mujer oh y que no se afeite allá abajo!! Hahaha ( Did you email Papa K or Mendy? hahaha!! I would love to see him again, even if is with his wife, and I hope he doesn’t shave down there! hahahaha )

    • victor November 1, 2019

      Estoy trabajado en eso, yo también lo quiero de vuelta y porque no a Mendy también jajajaj 😉 ( I am working on that, I want to see him as well, and why not Mendy as well hahahah 😉 )

  • royal2506 December 16, 2019

    What a wonderful 5th video of Danny !!! He is such a beautiful mystery and always full of surprises. We never know what to expect from him. Servicing him while standing was a great idea, Vic. It was so hot to watch you rub his legs and grope his ass cheeks. This must have felt great to him. Seeing his sexy feet and toes for the first time was amazing. Watching him fucking you missionary style was awesome. What a load in that condom !!! WOW !!! When I realized that you were kissing him and he was kissing you back, I just couldn’t believe it !!! This was the biggest surprise of all. The two of you seemed to like it a lot, Vic, because you kissed 6 times !!! None of your models did that before. Danny is the first and only one to have done it so often. What a beautiful man he is !!! He knows how to please and he doesn’t hold back. He’s my absolute favorite. Please, come back soon, Danny. Please, bring Danny back, Vic !!! Next time, if he wants to kiss you again, may I suggest that you place the cameras so we can see your kisses. During one of your kisses, we can even see some tongue work for a few seconds. It would be nice to see this clearly and for a longer time. Thank you for giving us beautiful Danny, Victor. He seems to be the kindest and nicest person ever. You seem to love working with him. Muchas gracias for your great work, Vic !!!

    • victor December 19, 2019

      You are right, Danny has a lovely mysterious aura that make him even sexier!.I surely enjoyed his sweet lips and I am looking forward for more of that not only for me but for you my friend as well, and of course I will try to get a better angle of that next time, thanks again for such a wonderful comment my friend 🙂

  • toeman2035 December 17, 2019

    OMG this is fucking hot. Vic he’s really into pounding your ass hard, love the dual camera angles and seeing his hot ass humping up and down with his great feet. You both have beautiful feet. More like this please . Vic you rock!

    • victor December 19, 2019

      I will try to get more of Danny and his beautiful feet my friend 🙂

  • lardelli March 9, 2020

    Absolutely beautiful. Well done. Danny is such a cute guy. Glad you showed the condom at the end lol. Much love from South Africa.

    • victor March 11, 2020

      Hey greetings to the South Africa Hunters! I think he is coming back soon, thanks for comment baby ?

  • b1p1k1 May 22, 2020

    Vic looking back….Reaper was the first one that ? kiss and now the rest is history. Tell Danny dont forget about his hunters….stop by once in awhile a blow job or a whatever?????? Ciao Danny….Vic tell Danny we miss him?

    • victor May 25, 2020

      Hey baby, he knows that we Hunters love him, but for some reason he did not show up the last time for the shooting and now he is not in town anymore, well, I hope he knows we still love him and missing him 🙂

  • Pula09 May 30, 2020

    He is so HOT!!!! As in super hot…. I like him so much!

    • victor June 2, 2020

      I totally agree with you my friend, thanks so much for comment 🙂

  • b1p1k1 July 26, 2020

    Missing Danny…i was going back to look at previous videos during this Pandemic. Im anxious to see more new videos to come. I hope its soon. Vic your phone/email will be busy…..

    • victor July 31, 2020

      Yes baby please be patient, you will know for sure. I am missing Danny as well, we supposed to shoot an scene right before the quarantine back in March but he couldn’t make it, then I learned he moved to other state few days later, I will try to get in touch with him , I may visit him lol 🙂

  • August 29, 2020

    Please more kissing videos!

  • albrich October 15, 2020

    I miss danny 🙁

    • victor October 16, 2020

      I miss him too, Danny give me a call 😉

  • HJK1001 March 29, 2021

    This video… Danny is such a sexy name for such a sexy man… The “breeding”, his aesthetic, and the feet. Got such a foot fetish. Best investment I made was subbing here <3

    • victor March 31, 2021

      I am so happy that you are satisfied with my work and you are right my friend, Danny was a great find, thanks for comment 🙂

  • deafguy88 May 14, 2021

    I hope he will come for more. I love his nipples. They are so yummy. I wish he is gay. Lol.

    • victor May 20, 2021

      lol I already miss him, Danny where are you? call me lol

  • albrich June 21, 2021

    I miss Danny.

    • victor June 21, 2021

      I know , I miss him too, Danny where are you? 🙂

  • June 25, 2021

    please..where is he

    • victor June 28, 2021

      I don’t know baby I miss him too 🙂

  • October 4, 2021

    Guilty PLEASURE 🙄🤭

    • victor October 5, 2021

      The sentence is 3 months locked up with Danny! lol

  • tavsan2004 February 16, 2022

    Bitte mehr von diesen Einstellungen. Ich liebe es, wenn sie vor dem PC stehen und du ihren Schwanz lutscht. Kannst du mal paar Filme machen, wo du an der Jeans spielst und die fette Beule zu sehen ist? Dankeschön und hab viel Spass.(Please more of these attitudes. I love it when they stand in front of the computer and you suck their cock. Can you do some movies where you play with the jeans and you can see the big bulge? Thank you and have fun )

    • victor February 18, 2022

      Videos wie dieses werden bald kommen, mein Freund, ich bin froh, dass es dir gefallen hat, danke für deinen Kommentar 🙂 (Videos like this will come soon my friend, I’m glad you liked it, thanks for commenting 🙂 )

  • February 18, 2022

    Please get Danny back!

    • victor February 18, 2022

      I know right? 🙂

  • calebdorm August 24, 2022

    I saw a tweet that said Danny was coming back. Please say its true!

    • victor August 26, 2022

      Really? No baby, that is not true. I wish I can say it is. But, don’t worry , lets find more Danny😘

  • motion1234 October 26, 2022

    He is the most incredibly handsome and sexy men you have had on this site. So fucking hot Vic!!!!!

    • victor October 30, 2022

      Welcome to Danny’s fan club baby! Yeah he is so handsome, and I am missing him dearly. Thanks for commenting baby 🙂

  • Mickey12 December 10, 2022

    Omg i can’t stop watching Danny He’s so fvckn hot. And the kissing part is the best vic Cheers

    • victor December 12, 2022

      Glad that you are enjoying so much Danny, one of the BCH Legends! Thanks for commenting my friend 🙂

  • January 19, 2023

    What an absolute treat! I thought the bj scene was the only one!! Every single video is so hot as he got better and better. What a shame that he’s not come back yet.

    • victor January 20, 2023

      Yes, tell him, WE MISS him! lol

  • FuckBeefRx February 15, 2023

    I hope he comes back soon. Please remind him not to shave at all, lol…I actually miss his porn-stache and am curious as to how much he has matured both body wise and sex skills, lol

    • victor February 16, 2023

      It has been a long time since I saw Danny. I really hope he is doing great and I want him to know that he is welcome back to BCH land anytime. Thanks for commenting my friend 🙂

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