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Tasting Oliver’s delicious fresh cum

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After months of being in touch with this handsome young man, this video of Tasting Oliver’s delicious fresh cum scene was finally filmed. We met a few weeks after my accident, and he was willing to try luck at BeefCakeHunter Land then, but I was recovering, so I couldn’t shoot; thankfully, he was patient enough, and he waited.

Beefcake Oliver is a tall, hairy, and handsome guy. He says his goal is to muscle up, which is excellent, but I find him very sexy, just the way he is right now, you know guys, that I am a sucker for hairy legs, lol, and that is where precisely where I started, once I was on my knees in front of him 😉

After taking his shirt off, I took the opportunity to caress his hairy chest and belly, maybe he was not expecting that, but he went along with it, and when I had him fully naked, I went for his big balls before wrapping my lips on his cock head.

When his cock was fully hard, I went deep a few times, and I was surprised by how verbal and reactive to my service he was, but the surprises didn’t end there; Beefcake Oliver loves getting his ass eaten, and I pleased him on that, rimming him for long and using both cameras angles, so for those ass lovers Hunters, this video Tasting Oliver’s delicious fresh cum will be a feast 😊

Towards the end, he became even more verbal and guided me on how to make him cum. He became red, sweaty, and loud! The temperature in the room rose, and when he exploded, the smell of his abundant cum filled the BCH arena!

I hope you guys enjoy this scene of Tasting Oliver’s delicious fresh cum.

                           Tasting Oliver’s delicious fresh cum

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  • January 25, 2023

    He is so gorgeous! Love how tall and hairy he is and what handsome one he is! I can’t wait to see him fuck, please bring him back.

    • victor February 1, 2023

      Yes, he is so hot; I also love his hairy body and cute face. Please wish me luck my friend, in getting him back. 🙂

  • brookscottofficial1 January 25, 2023

    please we want more from him, more moaning and cum licking.

    • victor February 1, 2023

      OK baby I hear you 😉

  • Joshua30328 January 25, 2023

    Very cool. Like this alot. Isn’t it about time for a two-some as well? Been a while

    • victor February 1, 2023

      I know it has been a while. I am thinking about how to get two BCH legends together. Working on that 🙂

  • motion1234 January 25, 2023

    Oliver is incredible! Love his hair, love his body, love your rimming him, but most important, loved how verbal this Beefcake is! And damn Vic, you made him shoot that cum hard…..LOVED IT!!!!!!

    • victor February 1, 2023

      Yes, he is! He was surprisingly more verbal than I expected, which is excellent! I am very happy that you enjoyed this scene so much 🙂

  • January 25, 2023

    I like those hairy legs & chest! You really had fun pleasing that cock I see. 😉

    • victor February 1, 2023

      Yes, I did! 😉

  • January 25, 2023

    Oh wow! He is gorgeous!!!! I love all that moaning and the rim scene. You have to bring him back Vic!!!!

    • victor February 1, 2023

      Yes, baby I know, I am working on that 🙂

  • January 25, 2023

    I’m sure it was fun spending time with this young man. And it’s clear that he’s already taken a liking to you. With that and some open-mindedness, he’ll be down for anything you ask. Looking forward to his return. How bout a shower scene (my favorite)?

    • victor February 1, 2023

      Yes it was fun, I love his personality as well. Yes he is down for more, he told me he will be back, so I am crossing my fringers. I hope not to forget about the shower scene 😉

  • jerryjel January 25, 2023

    He is delicious
    Hast to bring him back he will be our new hottie

    • victor February 1, 2023

      Yes, he is delicious! I hope to get him back soon, even though he said that he prefers to be back when he is all muscled lol I don’t think that is necessary, right? 😉

  • wix1981 January 26, 2023

    Please please don’t jerk them off too fast when they are cuming! Please we cant to see lechita cuming out

    • victor February 1, 2023

      Sorry baby for that, sometimes they ask me to 😉

  • bttm_mx90 January 26, 2023

    Nice scene. Lovw hairy guys

    • victor February 1, 2023

      Me too. I am happy that you liked this scene 🙂

  • berlin.calling January 26, 2023

    Instant favorite. Thank you!! <3

    • victor February 1, 2023

      You are very welcome baby 🙂

  • January 28, 2023

    Vic, I am more than happy to see you again.
    Oliver is a good addition to your collection of hot guys for us Hunters. His body hair is just tight. I especially like his verbal appreciation of your servicing him. Always hot to see the Beefcake grab your head for the blow job. Vic, you have become quite an expert in the art of rimming. You have come a long way on that. I don’t understand facial tattoos, but that is his choice not mine. Would like to see a standing Blowjob since he is so tall. Invitation stands for more Oliver. Again, great to see you.

    • victor February 1, 2023

      Thanks baby. You are right, Oliver is so tall and hairy, that a standing up scene should be great, even thought sometimes I think that for that I would need a chair lol. Thanks for appreciting my rimming skills, I think I can graduate now in that department lol. I really hope to have him back. THanks again, I am very happy to be back filming, thanks for your support my friend 🙂

  • January 29, 2023

    mmmmm how delicious, what a beautiful man and cock. But you only tasted like a couple of drops of his cum. I would have drunk it all plus his pee afterwards 😛

    • victor February 1, 2023

      Hahaha, you are right, but the world has to watch that jizz as well lol

  • January 31, 2023

    WOW!!!! He has to cum back! Loved how verbal he was and his moaning was HOT. As always, another great video.

    • victor February 1, 2023

      Yeah, we need this moaner back! Please wish me luck with that 🙂

  • danirile80 January 31, 2023

    I wasn’t sure I would like Post Malone Jr. Oliver. But he was engaging , reactive, verbal, and got right to the business of getting it up and getting off in BCH Land. Oliver paid a little too much attention to the porn than I would like, but his verbosity and physical reactions made up for it.
    I curious to see if he will engage your back end in a potential return to BCH Land, Victor. We have not seen this level of enthusiasm, in a while , and I can see him coming back with stiff member ready to plug it:)

    • victor February 1, 2023

      I am glad you ended up liking him. His engaging in the whole BCH experience won you, and I knew that. I can’t wait to have him back for more, but for now, it is just a wish. I am sure that he may return if he knows how much the Hunters want him back. Thanks so much for your comment my friend 🙂

  • February 2, 2023

    Me encantaría ver cómo
    Te folla ( I would love to see how he fucks you )

    • victor February 6, 2023

      A mi también me gustaría estar en mis cuatro para Oliver! Gracias por comentar amigo 🙂 ( I would like also to be on my fours for Oliver! Thanks for commenting my friend 🙂 )

  • keithfanunu19 February 5, 2023

    He’s a beefcake for sure damn so fine🥵🥵

    • victor February 6, 2023

      Yes, he is. I am glad you like him baby 🙂

  • March 2, 2023

    CHEESE AND RICE! OY! That was great! His moans….oy! Loved it! Soooo…Vic….I will have to borrow him when you’re done! HA! 😉

    • victor March 6, 2023

      Hahaha. Stay tuned for more of Oliver 😉

  • March 4, 2023

    I love him. More verbal guys

    • victor March 6, 2023

      I love him too! Yes baby, for more verbal guys in the site! 🙂

  • Jaylanch77 March 14, 2023

    Omg those thighs!

    • victor March 16, 2023

      Right? 😉

  • March 22, 2023


    • victor March 29, 2023

      That is the right word baby 🙂

  • billy7 June 15, 2023

    One of my favorite vids, Love a man who can kick back and enjoy getting serviced. Cheers to him for sharing his beautiful cock and body with us and double cheers to you for this web site.

    • victor June 21, 2023

      You are right, one of the biggest things that I love about Oliver is that he is so chill. I enjoyed so much his company. Cheers to him and you my friend, thanks for your support! 🙂

  • emancipationofmimi November 15, 2023


    • victor November 16, 2023

      That is the right word! 😉

  • matt2020 January 15, 2024

    I revisited this video today and man he is HOT. Any word on a possible return?

    • victor January 15, 2024

      Yes he is hot, and he was nominated for the Beefcake of the Year 2023. I have not been in touch with him since then. I hope he comes back 🙂

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