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Sucking tall and sexy Beefcake George

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Sucking tall and sexy Beefcake George was an amazing experience. Beefcake George is very chill and easy-going, and after a long day, it was exactly what I needed 🙂

George standing six-foot four inches is one of the tallest Beefcakes ever been at BeefCakeHunter Land, add to that his age, thick hairy legs, a deep voice and an eight inches cock, and you know Hunters that this would be a feast 😉

This mixed young Beefcake likes older women, actually he is dating one for over two years. At the moment he has no steady job, just some gigs now and then, and that is how he got into the BCH experience, and I couldn’t be happier!

Before Sucking tall and sexy Beefcake George, we chat about his testing experience. You guys may not know certain aspects of the production at BCH, but I think you should know this: like it wasn’t hard enough hunting these sexy straight guys before the Pandemic, now add to that the enhanced testing protocols! But well, everything is for “a good cause” like Beefcake George said lol

Finally, after so many hours waiting and a nice chat I found myself between his sexy legs, touching and playing with his “package” under his underwear, his balls were warm and a little sweaty umm, and of course after I took off his underwear, that’s exactly where my mouth started its performance, and you have to see George’s facial expressions, they are priceless!

Once I got that cock fully hard, I went nuts over it, he loves to get his cock head sucked hard and that cock is perfect for deep throat too, and that is what I did, at those moments was when I got the most reaction out of him…

He told me from the beginning that he is not easy to cum just for head, so I knew this would be a more or less long session, and I am not complaining at all, but at the last moments I used my hands and the pressure of my mouth on his cock head, and I made him cum SO hard that he ejects a huge amount of load that went over my face, shirt and floor wow!

I definitely want more of Beefcake George and he said that he is coming back, so stay tuned my friends! I hope you enjoy this Sucking tall and sexy Beefcake George video.

                         Sucking tall and sexy Beefcake George

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  • March 31, 2021

    Love it! you made him shoot like a geyser

    • victor April 11, 2021

      lol right? that was an amazing cum-shot, not expected at all! Thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • March 31, 2021

    I think he’d let you eat his ass…

    • victor April 11, 2021

      lol it looks like right? 😉

  • looking621 March 31, 2021

    I love his man cock on his baby face. He’ll be back for some booty!

    • victor April 11, 2021

      Right? and he actually did come back! Thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • wu-tang25 March 31, 2021

    Need that next video now! Not next week

    • victor April 11, 2021

      Patience my friend, fuck scene is out already 🙂

  • March 31, 2021

    please eat that ass next time

    • victor April 11, 2021

      I did try that but he didn’t allow me 🙂

  • March 31, 2021

    God damn it that finish!

    • victor April 11, 2021

      Right? it was an awesome cum shoot! 🙂

  • March 31, 2021

    Nice video. As usual you worked that big hard dick. I noticed he was very responsive whenever you licked his nuts. His would close his eyes and he would throw back his head. Great cum shot and it was a shot too!. l just love big fat dicks and George delivered.

    • victor April 11, 2021

      You are right, his expressions said it all! and I love his cock too! Thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • Dumbhott March 31, 2021

    I am always so jealous of you! You get the hottest guys! I can’t wait to see where he puts that monster next.. 😉

    • victor April 11, 2021

      I am glad you like George this much and I hope you enjoyed his fuck scene as well my friend 🙂

  • develand April 1, 2021

    While you were down there Vic, he seemed to want you to dig for gold and french kiss his mangina!

    • victor April 11, 2021

      lol right? I think he wasn’t thinking about it , but he was filling it , thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • thick April 1, 2021

    FUCK!!! That was one hot ass scene! You DO need to have him back, lift those massive legs and just eat that sweet ass out!!!

    • victor April 11, 2021

      Yeah I know that, that is why he is back , I tried to rim him but he didn’t allow me, but please stay tuned for more my friend 🙂

  • danirile80 April 1, 2021

    2021 is the Year if the BCH Titans. George is another massive specimen that fills the entire frame as you film. He took up the entire BCH love seat! I am assuming that George was part of the Spring Break crowd that invaded Florida. Your incredible eye for talent does it again, Victor; you are like an irresistible lure (with a wallet and mouth as bait 🙂 ), George is a big beefy boy in the vein of BCH veteran, Pacman: strong; not a gym-honed body but strong and powerful.
    You certainly didn’t waste any time with George. He was already down to his underwear from the opening frame. George was very responsive to your touch, and that girthy cock filled real fast. He tried to play it cool but, as usual, your mutant BJ powers wore him down. That’s why the first encounter videos are the best. The Beefcakes are in shock and awe, surprised by their bodies’ reactions.
    The cumshot was powerful and plentiful. George felt that from the top of his high-top afro-fade to his toes. I hope that you got him to uphold his promise to return and poke your hole, because I am here for that! The one improvement that I would make is that we did not get to see George standing to get the full measure of his size.
    Victor , you have not missed a step in 2021. Now if we could get some more of the newer beefcakes to return like George and Douglas, that would be fantastic. But I’m good with the BCH Legends and Veterans as well. BCH is still appointment viewing on Wednesdays

    • victor April 11, 2021

      Spring breaker George for sure is a Titan!and there is so much potential in that body right? I was ready to be on my knees between George’s thick hairy legs as soon he walked thru the door lol and he was very astonished I think about how passionately I was servicing him. And the cum shots , one of the bests! Yeah my friend I am trying not to miss a step this year but the pressure is a lot , so I do what I can, and I am glad that I always have your support my friend , thanks for been a loyal fan 🙂

  • April 1, 2021

    Can we please see the second vid of him fucking you this week. Please lol

    • victor April 11, 2021

      lol video is already out 🙂

  • BB April 1, 2021

    Damn!! That was fucking HOT!
    The unexpected BIG ending!!!

    • victor April 11, 2021

      Right? it was better that we expected , but what a delicious nut! Thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • MitchK April 1, 2021

    His nuts look nice and salty with sweat. I am glad you took your time to taste all of George for us!

    • victor April 11, 2021

      Sure baby, my pleasure! I am happy that you enjoyed this scene 🙂

  • April 1, 2021

    He loves his balls licked! He’s very responsive when you do that to him. Maybe you can go down to his ass next time! Love his armpits too!

    • victor April 11, 2021

      Yes, lets go little by little my friend 🙂

  • April 2, 2021

    I would love to see a make out session with him!!

    • victor April 11, 2021

      Ummm we are very close to that 🙂

  • April 2, 2021

    The first image of George says a lot about him. There he was with his man spread. Legs as wide open as possible. Arms reaching across the back of the couch showing those hairy pits. Waiting to be serviced.He had his black socks on for you , Vic. Next time make him stand up so I can see his full height. I share your like of hairy legs. You said he was very expressive facially. I was waiting for him to grab your head, but maybe next time? Vic, you got very verbal with him, but he did not reply. No one could ask for a bigger cum shot.
    Glad to hear him say h e was going to fuck you.. Can’t wait..

    • victor April 11, 2021

      You are right my friend, those first impressions say a lot about the Beefcakes right from the beginning. I am pretty sure you will enjoy his second appearance at the BCH arena where you can see how tall he is. I am glad that you love his cum-shot, and yeah he did keep his word! Thanks my friend for comment 🙂

  • Orozrey April 2, 2021

    Agreed with Lunaman! You were so close!!! Please do it next time!!

    • victor April 11, 2021

      Ok baby 🙂

  • April 4, 2021


    • victor April 11, 2021

      That is the right word baby 🙂

  • Rguti102 April 5, 2021

    Look delicioso. Swallow him next time.

    • victor April 11, 2021

      Ok baby, thanks for comment 🙂

  • April 7, 2021

    I hope you take his socks off . Im feetlover so love to see more feet just a clip or snapshot from every guy . Prince never saw a feetpic . I hope you can make it happen

    • victor April 11, 2021

      Yes baby you will see his feet in his next video 🙂

  • April 7, 2021

    George I would say is average in the looks department but his personally is very very sexy. Love to see that he is really enjoying the blowjob you’re giving him and that’s a turn on. Hope to see him again very soon!

    • victor April 11, 2021

      Yes baby you will and you are right, I love his sexy personality too! that is what I see in him besides everything else lol 🙂

  • LeatherHarnessMan April 18, 2021

    Love what you do!

    • victor April 22, 2021

      Thanks baby, I do it whit love 🙂

  • Ogklaus April 26, 2021

    Another amazing cumshot!

    • victor April 29, 2021

      One of the best cum shots of the year so far 🙂

  • April 29, 2021

    I have been gone for about a year because of how the pandemic first affected this wonderful site and then i spent a stretch of time in East Africa where the internet is unstable. So happy to return now and this is my first episode. Wonderful!!! Great job as usual. He is gorgeous & you are an erotic Maestro! Gracias !

    • victor May 5, 2021

      Welcome back my friend, I hope that you stay in Africa was good even in this difficult times. I am so happy that you are enjoying so much my work, you are right George is gorgeous, I hope we can see more of him later , thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • BB June 3, 2021

    I love how you bury your face between his [beautiful] thick legs…mmmm! You give him one of your best blow-jobs!!

    • victor June 8, 2021

      He turned me on a lot as you can see lol

  • August 15, 2021

    You are magic with these guys! Just love seeing how they do give in ever so slightly (wink) to your persuasive ways. Yet another excellent scene!😀

    • victor August 16, 2021

      Thanks baby! I am so happy that you are enjoying the scenes so much! 🙂

  • April 24, 2022

    Love to see him for more. He’s gorgeous.

    • victor April 25, 2022

      yes, he is gorgeous. I haven’t to talk to him since then, I though he was no that popular between the Hunters so I have even try. Thanks for comment baby 🙂

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