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Riding Beefcake Omar

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Riding Beefcake Omar was the next natural step in exploring this sexy Cuban Beefcake. He has everything that turns me on, and on top of that, he is very willing to give us what we crave here at BeefCakeHunter Land; that is why he saved a big load for this encounter, a genuinely professional Beefcake 😊

While having him fully naked, I love to work his balls and cock slowly until I get him into the “zone,” and I can tell that he is in it when he starts softly moaning and opening his mouth; he loves the attention and to show pleasure. I could not help being tactile, but he also got a little tactile with me; as I said, he wants to give his best for the BCH show!

Looking straight into his eyes while sucking him at the bed’s edge was delightful, but then we switched positions to have him ready for the riding part, but of course, I sucked him some more. Here we can appreciate his toes curling while I feasted on his cock and balls…

I knew Riding Beefcake Omar would be challenging; he is very willing and everything, but I could tell this was new territory for him; he was sweating with nervousness, poor thing! Lol. He tried to fuck me as he style, and I went along with it, but I wished it was easier.

I think that changing to the cowgirl position worked better for him. I did my best to keep him comfortable; I tried to fit that delicious cock deep inside me; I wished I could see his handsome face. He was focused; his cock was rock hard!. I think he focused too much, and in the best part, he started telling me he was about to cum; I thought he was kidding, but it was real! Another Cumplement for us Hunters! We did it! We made this sexy straight man cum, and what a big load!

I hope you guys enjoy this video, Riding Beefcake Omar.

                                    Riding Beefcake Omar

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  • cast4ron July 12, 2023

    cowgirl position make em bust in you! hot! ty!

    • victor July 22, 2023

      Right? You are welcome baby 🙂

  • motion1234 July 12, 2023

    well first of all, I made the mistake of sitting down with my dinner to watch, but quickly, my plate ended up on the table, and my cock ended up in my hands 🙂 What I love about Omar, is talk about being so comfortable and natural with you. For me, the camera angle from behind his shoulder was amazing. Those sexy hairy pecs do it for me big time. As always, thanks Vic! He is delicious!

    • victor July 22, 2023

      Wow really? I guess the food can wait lol. You are right, that angle right there was hot for me too. Thanks for sharing this my friend 🙂

  • July 12, 2023

    Omar is officially a new favourite of mine! He’s so cute trying to be professional and put on the best show for us! 😊 There’s so much I love about this scene: his hairiness, his moaning, smiling, being verbal, his feet and he’s a toe-curler which I love! Honestly, I’d love to see more scenes of the guys just laying back on the bed getting serviced, moaning and curling their toes! 😍 I might be in the minority here but feel free not to cut out your putting on the condom and lubing them up cause I like seeing that too instead of the magic condom appearing! Cowboy on the bed is my favourite position so seeing it with Omar… I feel complete! It’s my new favourite scene of his. Hope we see more of him, thanks Vic! 👍

    • victor July 22, 2023

      Yes, Beefcake Omar is the complete package and his desire to give us a show is hot.I usually show when I put the condom on the Beefcakes, but sometimes no, like in this case, no intentional I must clarify. I am happy that Beefcake Omar is your new favorite, and I am planning in having him back. Thanks for commenting baby 🙂

  • July 12, 2023

    Pleasantly surprised Big O is back so soon! He’s turning out to be a breath of fresh air! He said he loves his fans and this is an opportunity he’s taking seriously. Showed up looking all fresh and clean; haircut, facial hair, outfit.
    BIG OMAR, “we” notice your efforts and it makes you even more attractive. Keep coming back! With every experience, you become more comfortable. Which will also make you better at the whole sex part too.

    • victor July 22, 2023

      He is going to be very pleased that his fans admire him for his professionalism as well.He is becoming more comfortable at the BCH arena but we still more to go. Thanks my friend for commenting 😉

  • metalfork July 13, 2023

    Devastatingly handsome and an amazing beefcake. I hope Omar keeps coming back

    • victor July 22, 2023

      Yes he is very handsome and I am looking for more with him. Please stay tuned baby 😎

  • Cubanito2u July 13, 2023

    OMG HOT DADDY OMAR!!! Daddy Omar has to return. Seeing him bust in you is sooo FUCKING HOT. Omar has to return with a hot bed fuck scene and him on top busting inside of you. Que papi mas rico, so far he’s in my TOP FAV list, anything Hotter would be a kissing and fucking daddy Omar

    • victor July 22, 2023

      Yeah, that biting inside was totally unexpected but HOT! Honestly it was too soon but I guess that is exactly what made it hotter lol, that is WHY he needs to come back, thanks for commenting my friend 🙂

  • bp3906 July 13, 2023

    Wow he’s sooo hot! …….. I think you’re falling in love Vic !! 🙂

    • victor July 22, 2023

      Wow that is amazing to know 😘

  • terrencedeandre July 13, 2023

    Say Vic, fantastic! I got one little fetish tho I hope u can help. Can we a guy fucking u while he’s wearing Nikes or cool sneakers

    • victor July 22, 2023

      No problem I LOVE the idea, I will try to make possible soon. Thanks my friend 😘

  • July 14, 2023

    This Cuban hottie is everything!! MAn he’s so vocal and love the dirty talk. He is cute trying to be so professional. GREAT SCENE!!!

    • victor July 22, 2023

      I am so happy that you enjoyed him, and this scene. It makes my day ❤️

  • danirile80 July 16, 2023

    Uh oh, Victor! I think I called the race for BCH newcummer of the year too early for Ramon. Although he i still my slight favorite, Omar is moving ever closer with each new film.
    From the opening phrase when Omar said, “They love me? “With that sexy Cuban accent , it was on! Omar is very self-confident and self-assured. He knows why he is at BCH Land: to serve the Hunters that spicy Cuban hairy realness! And we are here for all of it.
    Omar leans into what he likes: your servicing. I love when you had Big Omar spread out on the bed sucking his cock. It gave Great J, Jacobo , vibes and that’s a huge honor.

    It was a little awkward when you were riding Omar and he was trying everything to concentrate on the porn. Maybe it was too much for him to be facing you. However, when you went reverse cowboy and rode him that way, Big Omar had no problem finishing you off. Once again when Omar maoned in that sexy Cuban accent, “I’m cuuummiinngg!” That was it for all of us!
    There is a lot to like with Omar. And he hinted that he was eager to return. It’s easy money for Big Omar. He even makes you blush Victor with all the compliments If he comes back and delivers another Stellar film, I am might just have to change my vote. Come back Ramon! You’re in danger !

    • victor July 22, 2023

      Hahaha, I see the race it is getting tight for you my friend lol, but don’t worry, I will be plenty of opportunities for you to decide your winner this year so far. You are right, he knows exactly what to do at BCH land. I am glad that you noticed that it was not an easy scene to shoot and it came a little shorter than I expected but at the same time realizing how he was doing his best. Please stay tuned for more of him and your other 2023 favorite 😜

  • July 16, 2023

    From the beginning, Omar is so comfortable with you and the camera and bu extension, us. When I saw the beautiful picture of Omar, the bed, and the mirror, I knew I was in for a major treat. Add you to that trio and it was unbeatable !! Soft to hard is always sexy. You had those beautiful low hangers to enjoy. Omar’s verbal appreciation grew and became a perfect addition to this scene. When you changed positions riding him, it made a big difference for both of you. Vic, you had to work hard for this load, but you never disappoint.That filled condom said it all. I was very happy to hear him say “next time” I’ll be waiting.

    • victor July 22, 2023

      That is right my friend, he is very comfortable with YOU the Hunters! I am very happy that you enjoyed this scene so much. I won’t lie, it was a little challenger but Omar and I came thru for you my friend. The switching positions worked wonders lol For sure there will be next time with this hottie. Thank you my friend for commenting 😘

  • July 16, 2023

    Omar delivered again. After you pulled the condom off and licked his cock was it for me. Sent me into la la land. Good video.

    • victor July 22, 2023

      Thanks for sharing the exact moment you enjoyed the most baby 😎

  • Nuttbuster69 July 17, 2023

    Very nice! Omar is sexy and comfortable with his cock! Wish we could see a gangbang episode with some of BFC hottest and biggest cocked !

    • victor July 22, 2023

      Yes he is very sexy and comfortable with the whole situation. I am looking for a threesome pretty soon my friend. Thanks for commenting 😊

  • July 18, 2023

    Great One this week! I would love to see you do a series on BBC for a month or two. That would be amazing! Can we get that?

    • victor July 22, 2023

      I am so happy that you enjoyed this scene baby, and I would LOVE to do what you requested but I have not been very lucky this year with BBC. I hope that changes and I can bring you all that ebony goodness. Thanks for your support baby 😘

  • Budinokc July 19, 2023


    • victor July 22, 2023

      That is the right word baby. Thanks for comment 😎

  • July 20, 2023

    Did he used to do porn? I need to see his videos omg

    • victor July 22, 2023

      Yes he said that he did but I have not been able to watch them myself yet lol

  • August 27, 2023

    That was hot you pick well

    • victor August 29, 2023

      I am glad you love him my friend 🙂

  • January 14, 2024

    He was not ready for that reverse cowboy haha. He loved it

    • victor January 15, 2024

      Yeah, he was not, but it felt good I guess lol Thanks for commenting baby 🙂

  • danirile80 January 31, 2024

    Did Big Omar disappear into the porn ether? I was hoping for his return.

    • victor February 1, 2024

      We were in touch last December but we couldn’t get at time to meet, I will contact him again soon to see if he still down for more 🙂

  • June 19, 2024

    I would LOVE for his return!

    • victor June 20, 2024

      Me too, but he is playing the hard cookie to get, please wish me luck with that 🙂

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