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Riding Beefcake Evan

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Making this video Riding Beefcake Evan turned out to be easier and more enjoyable than I had anticipated based on his previous performances. Beefcake Evan belongs to the group of “serious Beefcakes” at BeefCakeHunter Land, you know, the ones with those masculine looks that don’t like to show much, neither in conversation nor in bed… but his cock does all the talking we love here at the BCH arena, right Hunters? 😉

This sexy plumber was loaded with a few days of jizz; honestly, I find it hard to believe that there was no one in his circle to keep him up to date with his oral needs, but that’s what we’re here for; right? As soon as I got down on my knees to rub his bulge, managing to get that cock ready to be enjoyed ;). I love to enjoy his cock slowly at first, then suck it with all my BCH passion, especially when he stands up. During this part of the scene, I edged him a few times, but I kept him horny enough to face fuck me… delicious! 🙂

If I had continued like this, I might have made him cum. Still, to keep enjoying him and make this video Riding Beefcake Evan, I stopped and made him lie comfortably on the bed. I was able to keep him in the “zone” while accommodating my man-pussy to his tool. Having that handsome, masculine face in front of me while feeling impaled by him was pure BCH heaven. Since Evan was so down for business, I took advantage and did a reverse cowgirl position too. Still, I put myself on my fours and let him unleash his fury on my ass… yummy!

But I needed to not only feel but see that big load this sexy plumber was packaging in his balls, so for the grand finale, I made him sit on the edge of the bed, and I made him cum at last! That jeez flew all over my face, hair, etc… hahaha, but I can’t complain; that’s what I asked for, and that’s what he delivered!. I hope you guys enjoy this video Riding Beefcake Evan.

                                     Riding Beefcake Evan

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  • vhortizuela June 15, 2022

    My daddies back ❤️❤️❤️

    • victor June 20, 2022

      Yes!! Our daddy is back! lol

  • joeyrubbo June 15, 2022

    Great cum shot what a stud

    • victor June 20, 2022

      Right? one of the bests! 🙂

  • June 15, 2022

    que leche , que rico ( what a load! delicious! )

    • victor June 20, 2022

      La verdad que fue tremendo lechazo! Gracias por comentar mi amigo 🙂 ( It was a big load for real! Thanks for commenting my friend 🙂 )

  • RAA June 15, 2022

    This guy is gorgeous. Wish we could’ve seen him get his ass rimmed and toes sucked!

    • victor June 20, 2022

      Let get him back then 😉

  • Sexiboi2014 June 15, 2022

    Hey is the best victor love it

    • victor June 20, 2022

      I know right? I miss you my friend, I hope you are doing great 🙂

  • June 15, 2022


    • victor June 20, 2022

      Yes he is! 🙂

  • minettalane62 June 15, 2022

    He’s a milkman! Yummy …always a pleasure to see him!
    Gracias Vic!!!

    • victor June 20, 2022

      You are very welcome my friend, he is one of my favs this year 🙂

  • roberto June 15, 2022

    wow wow wow, great guy, love this guy, as i said before love straight guys that enjoy a good blow job and and ass, Victor a hate you man, jajajaja keep bringing this hot guys.

    • victor June 20, 2022

      Jajajaj please don’t hate me baby, Yes I will try to get him back! 🙂

  • June 15, 2022

    Hot Hot Hot!!! He really enjoys doggystyle! That cum shot was EVERYTHING! I want Evan 💜

    • victor June 20, 2022

      One of the best cum shots right? 🙂

  • cast4ron June 15, 2022

    wow biggest cum shot I’ve seen here!

    • victor June 20, 2022

      I think so, it will be a new category for that this year 🙂

  • Honeysuckle June 15, 2022

    Very happy to see Evan again! Not sure why he was so nervous! He appeared to overcome his nerves when he started face fucking you. I thought he was going to cum at any moment during the oral (I would not have complained). I loved how aggressive and confident he became during the fuck scene. That Alpha Male appeared and completely dominated you. He has very nice feet, too. But, the cum shot! The cum shot! It was like you shook up a big bottle of lotion, opened it and it just exploded everywhere! It was BEAUTIFUL! After Evan’s and Malik’s recent immense ejaculations, I think you may have to add a category for the end of the year Best Cum Shot. Evan, as you can see by all of the comments, the Hunters adore you! I hope you are able to relax a bit more and I would really like to see you become a bit more verbal during the scenes as you slide into your comfort zone. This was An exceptional scene!

    • victor June 20, 2022

      Yes, he was about to cum a few times while I was blowing him, that would have been delicious, of course, we were risking not being able to shoot the fuck part so I am glad he didn’t cum lol. And you are right, I will be adding a new category this year just for the cum-shots. I am so happy that you enjoyed this scene, and let’s try to make him cum-back for more. Thanks for commenting my friend 🙂

  • June 15, 2022

    Evan’s serious demeanor is very intense and sexy. Conversely, he has the nicest smile and a sweet disposition when he talks. I think the nerves were him thinking he might cum too soon. His stamina was insane! Victor, I bet he’ll get more vocal if you tease him with your words as you tease him with your holes. That cumshot is one for the records!

    • victor June 20, 2022

      Yes, I love these serious Beefcakes too, their seriousness is very tempting to me lol

  • metalfork June 15, 2022

    What a sexy stud I hope he comes back many more times

    • victor June 20, 2022

      I am looking forward for more of Even, so please stay tuned my friend 🙂

  • Ricky22 June 15, 2022

    EVAN is on fire…. i wanted more ….

    • victor June 20, 2022

      yes, he is HOT!!! 🙂

  • MitchK June 16, 2022

    Wow! A masterful performance. Love how Evan loves your mouth and needed that oral relaxation, before putting in work drilling your butt and splashing jizz across your face and the rest of the room.

    • victor June 20, 2022

      I am so happy that you love this scene so much to call it “masterful”, you just made my day baby. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  • SJCWHUK June 16, 2022

    Ditto on the rimming. Would love to see that!! 😋

    • victor June 20, 2022

      ok not sure about that but I can try 🙂

  • June 17, 2022

    OMG! That was perfection! This man is everything! The only thing missing was a kiss, maybe the next time! But so far the best video of the year 🔥

    • victor June 20, 2022

      I think we are long way to get to he kiss part with Beefcake Evan lol Thanks for commenting baby 🙂

  • June 17, 2022

    I appreciate a more mature Beef Cake in the mix . Evan fills the bill. He seemed a bit apprehensive and certainly was the opposite of Luke when it came to watching what you were doing as opposed to the porn He missed out. The standing BJ always wins in my opinion and with Evan’s wonderfully meaty cock even better. So hot to see him spread eagle on your bed and you made the most of it, Vic. I don’t remember off hand another Beef Cake fingering your hole like Evan did. Added heat to the session. You went for a great ride on that beauty and when he took you doggie, it was obvious how much you enjoyed it . It was what you missed with Luke. I missed the rear view of him nailing you. Wanted to see his ass at work. Amazing orgasm for us. Thank you , Evan and thank you,Vic.

    • victor June 20, 2022

      Yeah, a totally different dynamic here but still being hot right? I think Evan is not the first Beefcake fingering me, I believe Joe and Noel did it too. You are right, Evan gave me the pounding Luke left me craving lol, but Luke made it up with his undivided attention, right? I am so happy that you enjoyed this scene my friend, and hopefully next time I can bring you a visual of his “derriere” lol

  • motion1234 June 18, 2022

    First, between his masculinity, his incredible body, and that gorgeous cock, I had to fight myself not to explode in the first 6 minutes….. Next, every ounce of this man (including that massive cumshot) is impressive….. please, please keep bringing him back Vic….. he absolutely stands out as one of your top 5!

    • victor June 20, 2022

      You are right, Evan is so masculine and sexy, definitely one of my favs for this year. I will start working on getting him back. Thanks for commenting my friend 🙂

  • danirile80 June 20, 2022

    Evan has that nervous Christian vibe going on. I like the way he averts his eyes to avoid looking directly at you, yet Evan’s penis clearly enjoys the world class service that you provided. The image of this film is when Evan was drilling you in reverse cowboy with that intense sneer and eyes rolling up. HOT!
    I agree with another poster who said that we may have to add a BCH Best Cumshot Award and Evan is definitely one of the contenders. He streaked your hair like you were getting highlights, LOL!

    Evan has solidified his lead on BCH Newcomer of the year …until Keith comes back… or Suave makes his return 🙂

    • victor June 23, 2022

      Yeah, I think that Evan’s cock does all the talking right? The way he was looking at me while I was riding him, very intense, I noticed that while editing the video. This year I will definitely include that category at the end of the year, that was a monumental ejaculation , for the records!! Working in getting those 2 back at BCH land, stay tuned baby 😊

  • Sexdreams July 9, 2022

    Evan is the definition of a man with all its letters.

    • victor July 12, 2022

      Totally agree with you my friend! 😉

  • September 17, 2022

    When is he cumming back again? My all time favourite!!!

    • victor September 18, 2022

      Yes baby, he is coming back, please stay tuned 🙂

  • loungelizard24 November 11, 2022

    he may not make a lot of noise, but he makes awesome fuck faces. i love watching him.

    • victor December 1, 2022

      Thank you! I totally agree with you my friend 🙂

  • November 27, 2022

    He’s so hot.

    • victor December 1, 2022

      Yes he is, and guess what? he is coming back my friend 🙂

  • vhortizuela January 1, 2023

    my pick for beefcake of the year 2022

    • victor January 3, 2023

      Good choice 🙂

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