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Polished Beefcake Edward dirty talk

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Polished Beefcake Edward dirty talk is a bonus for this video where we can find a hot, hung, hairy and very masculine Beefcake like Edward! I can’t get enough of this hottie!

Last year we had the opportunity to polish this sexy guy not only one but three times here at BeefCakeHunter Land! And as promised here he is delivering a nice performance 🙂

Catching up on Edward’s life lately; he is still dating the same girl on and off, and there is also the possibility that his girlfriend’s gay friends found out about his video at BCH, but he seems to not care about it. Work has been slow on and off as well, and that gave us the chance to enjoy him again.

I tried to include a shower scene in this video, but Beefcake Edward did not feel like getting his whole body wet, just his cock with my hungry mouth, and that is exactly what I did by giving a lot of attention to his cock head. I love how he moaned and complimented my service, a lot.

After feasting on that tool, he was more than ready to fuck, I took advantage of that readiness to ride him good and for long. I asked him to talk dirty to me, something that seems to be funny for him, probably the first time somebody has asked him that, and that is how Polished Beefcake Edward dirty talk came out. Besides getting him to talk dirty I ventured to get closer to his face and I was able to steal a little but super-hot kiss from him, wow, Edward is really polished for 2018! Hmm

Then on my fours, I just let myself and my wet hole be used for Edwards beautiful big white cock’s pleasure. Another bonus besides the dirty talk was how much he lasted in that position, that gave me enough time to fully enjoy that massive tool inside me, maybe I wanted it harder, but I am more than pleased for the length of the fuck part! Wow!

Then I sat down on the couch to finish him off with a mix of sucking and jerking off, again he took enough time for me to enjoy his big cock in my mouth to then receive a facial with his abundant creamy load. He is a gentleman, so afterwards he passed me some paper towel to clean his babies off my mouth! I hope you guys enjoy this Polished Beefcake Edward dirty talk video!

                           Polished Beefcake Edward dirty talk

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  • develand June 13, 2018

    Vic, I think he would have let you take one for the team and tossed his salad?

    • victor June 18, 2018

      Maybe,he is so good performer now that is possible 😉

  • Diphthong June 14, 2018

    That was hot as always. We’re gonna have to call him Prince Edward and name his cock Pussy Slayer. I laughed when you made him talk dirty, you can tell he was a little uncomfortable calling you names, but it was hot. Are you shy about showing your asshole? It would be hot to see shots of his cock stretching your hole from behind underneath Edward’s legs.

    • victor June 18, 2018

      “Prince Edward , The Pussy Slayer” lol You are funny my friend, and yeah it was really funny how Edward try to be “dirty” calling me names, but you can tell is not his nature to be like that, but it was funny , cute and hot! Stay tuned for more of Edward 🙂

  • June 14, 2018

    This man is so hot. Def one of my favorites!

    • victor June 18, 2018

      Right? so masculine! so hairy! so tall! so hung! wow! I feel you my friend 🙂

  • Sexdreams June 14, 2018

    Victor Victor Victor…simplemente me dejas sin palabras ante lo que acabo de ver.
    Este sin duda es uno de mis videos favoritos de la web, Edward es un hombre impresionante y amé cada momento de este video. Su forma de hablar, su simpatía, su masculinidad y sobre todo la complicidad entre el y tú cuando te empezaba a hablar sucio y sonreía. Para próximas sesiones con el esperamos más posturas, pero sin dejar de lado las de siempre. Pienso que Edward aún tiene mucho que ofrecernos, siendo más rudo y sintiéndose aún más cómodo.
    Espero que no tengamos que esperar tanto para volver a verlo por aquí.
    Sin duda Edward está en mi top y tú Victor, tú simplemente haces magia con tu trabajo y nosotros disfrutamos mucho con eso. Gracias!

    • victor June 18, 2018

      No sabes lo bien que me siento al saber que este video te encanto, la verdad que Edward se paso de bueno en este video, en verdad fue muy divertido tratar de hacerlo hablar sucio jajajajaj. Seguro que habra mas de Edward , y te agradezco mucho tus palabras , gracias a TI mi amigo, besos y que vuelva Edward con su polla grande de vuelta! jajajaja

  • bttm_mx90 June 14, 2018

    Loved him.Proud 2b an Edward’s fan

    • victor June 18, 2018

      He will be very happy that you are a proud fan, thanks baby for support him! 🙂

  • danirile80 June 16, 2018

    I was just going yo inquire on the whereabouts of Edward and his thick perfectly shaped penis, LOL! Edward is one of the current GCH Land stars hiding in plain sight, His day job keeps him in shape, so Edward is ready to go when needed We know that he is financially motivated, but his body (particularly his cock) responds so well to your BJ powers 🙂
    Edward’s stroke game is not as impressive as Jacobo’s or Marcus, but it definitely gets the job done . How do you not explode from the pile driving that you take weekly? Like develand wrote, Edward needs to have his salad tossed * or at least his hole played with and lightly fingered). Edward has moved into BCH Land residency rather quickly (4 films) and that is fine with me! He can return and bring the other sexy hidden BCH white guys with him: Christian, Kevin, and Blake, for additional films:)

    • victor June 18, 2018

      I know it was time to bring Edward again, he is a hiding star like you say, and his performance is getting superb this year , I guess we did a great job polishing him last year lol. Right, I don’t know how I don explode! lol, umm I dont know about tossing Edward’s salad hahaha, but I have other ideas and plans for him that I hope you guys like it, stay tuned for that! Thanks for comment baby 😉

  • June 20, 2018

    The dirty talk REALLY did it for me! Very hot!

    • victor June 21, 2018

      I am glad you like it, it was a little difficult to get him talk dirty lol

  • b1p1k1 June 21, 2018

    Hi Vic its good to be back…..this was sssssooooo hotttttt!!! Edward deserves an award omg!!! My man pussy got hot too….vic i liked whenn he was TRYING to talk dirty but he was laughing…its all good but can you imagine if he was more serious and he slapping your ass and talking mad dirty, pulling your hair omg…ok i need to stay focus…im getting carried away just talking abojt it ?….difenetly…..AWESOME video Vic…and always good to see you! I like how you told Edward too get you a towel… yesss its about time They treat you right?

    • victor June 22, 2018

      Yeap! Edward’s performance was superb! He got really polished for this! lol The dirty talking was fun as well as the towel part, after all Edward for sure is a gentleman lol Thanks for comment baby 😉

  • June 22, 2018

    Vic, you have brought us so many really hot guys since we last saw Edward the I almost had forgotten about him. I say “almost” because it didn’t take long at all to bring back memories of this sexy stud man. He is a beautiful specimen of manhood. Beautiful body and face, Can’t leave out that dick of his. He did try to talk dirty with your prompting him. I don’t t think he was exactly comfortable with that, but he gave it a shot anyway. I think that next time, and I hope there will be a next time, he might be more at ease with it. Dirty talk is always a huge turn on. Samuel was the master of that.
    I hope it won’t be so long until we see Edward again.

    • victor June 25, 2018

      Yeah he really try to speak dirty but it is not in his nature, but it was fun and sexy watching trying lol, I guess you did not watch the show yesterday, he got so nervous, poor thing, but for sure I am counting in bringing back for more, thanks my friend for comment 🙂

  • Barhund June 23, 2018

    Victor a great scene with Edward. He has become comforable with you and it appears that he pays more attention with what you are doing not just the video playing. I agree with the other members – This man is the total package!

    • victor June 25, 2018

      I am so glad you like it, it really was a great scene, I couldn’t enjoy more been on my fours and take his cock, like everybody is saying, Edward is the total package! Thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • vynova14 June 27, 2018

    is there going to be more of Edward, hope so

    • victor June 28, 2018

      I hope so too! 😉

  • b1p1k1 July 6, 2018

    Mmmmmm i love me some Edward..i cant wait to see him again

    • victor July 12, 2018

      Me too baby 🙂

  • markleoj July 11, 2018

    I love this video

    • victor July 12, 2018

      right? what a good performance from Beefcake Edward! 🙂

  • Masculineman 10 July 15, 2018

    He is so fucking sexy! I would love to lick and tongue fuck his ass!

    • victor July 16, 2018

      wow, you really like Edward ass 😉 Thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • Sexdreams September 3, 2018

    Parandome a reflexionar un poco Vic, sin duda, al menos para mí y objetivamente tienes la mejor web de porno gay de hoy en día. Es algo especial, la manera en que muestras a los chicos, como los trabajas y cuidas los detalles, como escuchas comentarios para mejorar. Todo eso hace que te merezca esa nominación en LA.
    Por cierto, espero la vuelta de Edward 🙂 (Stopping to reflect a little Vic, no doubt, at least for me and objectively you have the best gay porn website of today. It’s something special, the way you show the guys, how you work and take care of the details, how you listen to comments to improve. All that makes you deserve that nomination in LA.
    By the way, I’m waiting for Edward’s return 🙂

    • victor September 4, 2018

      Wow! que lindas palabras mi amigo, me hace muy feliz que te sientas así con mi trabajo, gracias a ustedes “The Hunters” es que me inspiro y hago lo que mas puedo por mejorar cada día mi trabajo con los chicos y el sitio en general, estoy bien emocionado con el evento en LA, ya para mi la nominación es un gran honor y se la dedico a todo ustedes, gracias por tu apoyo! (Wow! What nice words my friend, it makes me very happy that you feel this way with my work, thanks to you “The Hunters” is that I am inspired and I do what I can to improve every day my work with the kids and the site in general, I am very excited about the event in LA, and for me the nomination is already a great honor and I dedicate it to all of you, thanks for your support!)

  • September 8, 2018

    I like the dirty talk, more please! From him and future beefcakes

    • victor September 9, 2018

      I always tray that but as you can see sometimes it is not easy to get them to talk dirty 😉

  • danirile80 November 3, 2018

    Is Edward and his pretty penis still around BCH Land?

    • victor November 5, 2018

      Yes he still around, I just need to re-engage with him 🙂

  • November 28, 2018

    Bring him back plz

    • victor December 2, 2018

      Yeah I need to contact him again 🙂

  • Shawnsuck July 5, 2019

    I’m crazy about this guy.

    • victor July 15, 2019

      Yeah? He has a super big and delicious cock right? Thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • Shawnsuck July 5, 2019

    Please do more

    • victor July 15, 2019

      Ok baby 🙂

  • July 31, 2019

    Yes a salad toss and maybe a threeesome with you and Justin that would be so hot

    • victor August 5, 2019

      That was in my mind for a long time but Edward is very conservative in some ways lol, but for sure I want more of him?

  • Endgameinfinitystone October 4, 2019

    Please bring him back again! He is a fucking stud!

    • victor October 7, 2019

      Yes, I think is about time to get Edward back in the arena , thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • tonysign25 March 4, 2021

    Dios, lo que daria por probar un hombre asi… envidia de la buena jaja ( Oh God, the thinks I would do to taste a man like this…I feel envious in a good way lol )

    • victor March 5, 2021

      Me alegro que te guste tanto Edward, la verdad que es un sueno de hombre, gracias por ser parte de BCH mi amigo! ( I am glad that you like Edward this much, he is a dreamy man for sure, thanks for been part of BCH my friend! )

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