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On my fours for Beefcake Douglas

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Honestly my dear Hunters finally been On my fours for Beefcake Douglas has not been an easy road, , but like some Hunters say, miracles happen, and this miracle happened just in time for BeefCakeHunter Land’s seventh anniversary and my birthday week!

Having this sexy hunk come back for another oral and for “a tentative” anal scene, it was not an easy task, it took a lot of persuasion on my part, and assuring Beefcake Douglas that didn’t matter the outcome we will continue been friends, and will still enjoy a sunny afternoon with drinks at the pool (at least that is what I told him) lol

The making of On my fours for Beefcake Douglas video happened the very next day after our successful second oral scene. He left very happy, he wanted to watch a fight in a local sport bar and call the night, but I am not sure if that was the end of story that night, and you will know why I am saying this 😉

So that morning we have Douglas laying on the bed, looking very willing while playing with his cock, which looked more than ready, so I ventured to act very playful with him, and it worked out very well. We joked about his “dirty socks”, his feet and his earlier anal experiences, it seems this will be his first man-pussy lol

All that seemed to relax him a lot that this time he was more verbal, he even gently asked me not to play with his nipples, just to kiss him, not sure what is the difference lol, but anyways, it came out very organic, which is HOT! So, in the middle of this easiness, it wasn’t hard to ask him to toss his salad hahahaha.

After the oral session, he got up and ready to pound me not before making sure beforehand that I won’t get disappointed if things didn’t go how, we planned lol. The truth is that this sexy stud besides been so hot, he is very humble and deep inside him, he did want to give us what we want, and I could say that he did better than expected for been his first time, those sexy moves, those faces and those glimpses to the camera and my butt are very steamy!

The fact that he wanted to make right until the end, even though he did it by jerking off himself while I was licking his delicious balls shows that perhaps we will be seeing more of him at the BCH arena! I hope you guys enjoy this On my fours for Beefcake Douglas video, and again a big hug and thanks from the bottom of my heart to you Hunters for walking with me this amazing seven years journey THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

                            On my fours for Beefcake Douglas

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  • May 5, 2021

    Happiest Cinco de Mayo ever! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • victor May 14, 2021

      Right? Awesome Cinco de Mayo! 🙂

  • minettalane62 May 5, 2021

    Such a man Douglas is! This is hot! Thanks Vic and Felicidades!!!

    • victor May 14, 2021

      You are very welcome baby and thank you! 🙂

  • abov87 May 5, 2021

    happy birthday and happy seven! best video update

    • victor May 14, 2021

      Thanks baby, I am so happy that you liked it 🙂

  • develand May 5, 2021

    I’m blessed!!!

    • victor May 14, 2021

      Yes you are my friend 🙂

  • May 5, 2021

    Please, please,please keep bringing him back! He’s so manly! Make him the next “Christian” and keep having him back. Love him!

    • victor May 14, 2021

      Ok baby, I promise I will try getting him back for more 🙂

  • bttm_mx90 May 5, 2021

    Wow, that was nice dear Vic! I loved how humble he is and that makes him so authentic. I hope he’ll be back soon. On the other hand, congratulations baby. You’re such a sweet babe who always delights us, I’m so Proud to be a hunter and We‘ll be in this together. Happy birthday dear Victor

    • victor May 14, 2021

      I am glad you noticed that, I believe that makes him even sexier right? I hope so too.Thanks baby, I am happy to count with your support and I hope always deliver delight to your eyes and senses THANK YOU! 🙂

  • May 5, 2021

    He’s hot

    • victor May 14, 2021

      yes he is! 🙂

  • May 5, 2021

    “Do you wanna taste it?” ❤️❤️❤️

    • victor May 14, 2021

      Right? what a moment in history lol

  • Budinokc May 5, 2021

    The best – fuckin stud!

    • victor May 14, 2021

      I am glad you like him so much baby 🙂

  • cnmcginn May 5, 2021

    I’m so jealous of you getting to have sex with all these men, Vic. Especially this gorgeous ginger stud. You’re a lucky fucker. 😀

    • victor May 14, 2021

      I am so glad that you are enjoying their performances. Thank you so much for your support my friend 🙂

  • beefcaker May 5, 2021

    Doooglass, Dude, work Victor for all she’s got while you can. Let’s be honest, that isn’t the best cock on this site but it is attached to one of the finest men ever to take the bait and go for it. Jump in head fist big daddy, you are a fine piece of man ass and you never know what tomorrow brings. Stay in that gym, stay confident, sweet, open to the world around you, and above all make sure you are happy. The world can seem like a weird place most of the time but you would be wise to make of it what you feel is right and fuck anyone who thinks they can shape you into anything less than who you want to be. Gravitate to the people that you want to be like and stay the course. Other than that, please come back and do a scene with only the finest of men that share your same sexual presence and turn you on as well as Vic. Vic, make it worth his while to cum back soon , please.

    • victor May 14, 2021

      Wow! What inspirational words dedicate to Douglas, I hope he could read them. He is a beautiful soul within a handsome man with a beautiful body, and you can count on me my friend that I will do my best to get him back, thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • May 5, 2021

    uhmmm calcetines sucios no se puede ser mas macho (uhmmm dirty socks you can’t be more macho)

    • victor May 14, 2021

      GRACIAS por notarlo, lo pensé desde el primer momento jajaja (THANK YOU for noticing, I thought about it from the first moment hahaha)

  • May 6, 2021

    i am so happy. he is my favorite guy that has ever come on this website. im really jealous that you got to bottom for him, but ill live through you 😍

    • victor May 14, 2021

      I am so happy that I was able to bring back your favorite guy in the site, thanks for let me know that baby 🙂

  • bp3906 May 6, 2021

    He’s a very hot man …. one of my favorites !!

    • victor May 14, 2021

      Yes he is! 🙂

  • edily8005 May 6, 2021

    You should let him use the poppers. He would probably be a wild man.

    • victor May 14, 2021

      Hahahah, I will ask him if he wants to try it next time lol

  • May 7, 2021

    Wanna taste it? You should taste his ass on all fours next!

    • victor May 14, 2021

      lol ok baby 🙂

  • May 7, 2021

    Vic, How can it be 7 years already? That has to be some kind of record. Adding that to it being your birthday week and it makes this session even more special. Douglas tried to be verbal. I had to smile when you pulled the poppers out of your thong. A unique place to keep them. Of course I was happy to see my friend the mirror in position ready to show the action. There is no arguing the fact that Douglas has a perfect body and seeing it action nailing your hole, was a great gift. The perfect end came when he asked if you wanted to taste it. I think every single Hunter said “yes”. I suspect Douglas will be back because he can’t get what you give anywhere else. He will get more and more comfortable I think. Again, You and this site are very special and we all are thankful for you. I hope you will find a way to celebrate your birthday. BTW the years have been very kind to you, Vic.

    • victor May 14, 2021

      Yeap.. seven years already my friend. What a birthday and anniversary celebration right? The poppers part was a fun and unique moment for sure lol Another great moment was also when he asked me that. wow amazing..I hope you are right and he returns to BCH, and you are right, if he does come back he will be more comfortable, I think he is already way more comfortable that his first visit.Thank you my friend for those words, you guys have helped me to make this place in the virtual word, a special place, you are more than Hunters , you guys are my friends, I can feel your love and good energy thru the screen as I am writing this . THANK YOU!

  • Leon2000 May 8, 2021

    He is amazing. Great guy. Happy anniversary

    • victor May 14, 2021

      Yes he is! Thank you baby! 🙂

  • danirile80 May 9, 2021

    Victor, you really economized Douglas’ visit to the BCH Arena, I for one am not complaining; the Hunters cannot have enough of the new BCH Ginger Greatness!
    Douglas is another one of those Beefcakes that quickly realized his potential at BCH Land. He definitely understands the game and gives the Hunters what they want. I love all of Douglas physical reactions: his curling toes, flush skin when he’s about to cum, and looks into the camera. He just rolled with the request to rim him; I laughed when his eyes grew wide as you threw his legs up in the air. Douglas reminds me of Antonio (Mmmm, Antonio, miss him….) with his incredulous stares into the camera; it’s like he still can’t believe that he is in BCH Land, but since he is, Douglas is going to take control and maximize his pleasure. The cherry on top is when he asked if you wanted to taste the fruits of your labor post cum shot; Douglas threw his head back and his eyes rolled up. What a way to make some extra cash.
    I hope that you enjoyed your birthday and BCH’s seventh anniversary with Douglas (according to Douglas’ words and your BCH twitter account, the celebration started after this shoot). I am with the other Hunters in saying that I hope the BCH Ginger Great, Douglas, continues to come around , and we get a Christian or Edward like journey with him. Thank you for seven years of stunning beefcakes! Here’s to as many years that you continue to enjoy serving up the freshest Beefcakes on the web!

    • victor May 14, 2021

      “Economized Douglas’ visit” hahahah that was great!You are right he understand the game already and is ready to take over if he decides to.All of those reactions are natural on him, I never expected them, but they are definitely hot! The rimming part reminded me a bit the same act with Beefcake Joe.Talking about Antonio, he contacted me the other day, please cross your fingers that he finally is back and perform again!Again the tasting cum moment as many other Hunters pointe it out, was magical. Like you say it, what a way to make some extra cash …
      Actually my birthday celebration kicked off after this scene (my birthday celebration is always like my hometown patronal festivities, around a week long lol ) with Douglas wetting his sexy body in my pool. It was a fun afternoon, we had a couple of beers, we chat a lot, he even gave some nutrition tips, he is the whole package! It is a pleasure having you on boar my friend during these 7 years adventure Thank you baby ! 🙂

  • kawkab May 10, 2021

    I dont know whether you see my comment or not. but I subscribed your site only for you , VICTOR. You are really an amazing bottom. Love to see a daddy gets fucked by various young lads on daily basis. Just one request, Trim your butt regularly. Thats the best meat for me in your videos

    • victor May 14, 2021

      Wow baby, thanks for those words, I am happy that you are enjoying me too, for a change lol My butt is always trimmed baby 🙂

  • May 10, 2021

    I loved the video, just missed you suck his dick after he cum. He seems to have a very sensitive dick after that cum. I love it when you suck guys after they come and you torture them.

    • victor May 14, 2021

      I like that too, but I did it here 🙂

  • metalfork May 11, 2021

    Once again your taste in guys, camera angles, and the way you make these guys comfortable makes this my favorite porn site. Keep at it sir so good

    • victor May 14, 2021

      Thanks baby, it is great to know this 😉

  • kawkab May 12, 2021

    You are so hot Victor. How old are you ?

    • victor May 14, 2021

      I turned 47 baby 🙂

  • develand May 12, 2021

    I just know you’re going to make me happy and bring him back Doug the Studmuffin for a third time str8 in a row because that’s how selfless you are Vic, making your hunters happy!

    • victor May 14, 2021

      Hahahah he needs to reload my friend lol

  • develand May 12, 2021

    …also, I’d like my own “go to” collection of Douglas so I can cancel all my other too many subscriptions, thusly ending my seemingly constant search for the perfect str8, total man stud to which he certainly checks all my boxes, boy howdy!

    • victor May 14, 2021

      Wow baby, you really are a HARD Douglas fan! 🙂

  • Karlieb91 May 12, 2021

    I’m a few weeks behind because of some card theft and replacement, but damn, he’s so much better in his second two videos; he’s so much more ‘present’. He pounded you pretty good, and checked the display to make sure it looked good too.

    He was hot before, but now way hotter.

    • victor May 14, 2021

      Sorry about that my friend, hope everything is fine now. You are right, these last two performances have been great, and he helped me to make things happen, so yeah I definitely want him back. Thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • Quique13 May 16, 2021

    Massive beefcake

    • victor May 20, 2021

      Right? There is enough for everyone! LOL 🙂

  • June 1, 2021

    Can not wait for his return. So HOT.

    • victor June 1, 2021

      Yes he is and I cant wait myself either 🙂

  • June 18, 2021

    He definitely needs to come back. I want to see what else he can do

    • victor June 21, 2021

      Ok baby I will try to get him back, thanks for comment 🙂

  • vhortizuela June 22, 2021

    Douglas is HOT. Another amazing video Victor

    • victor June 25, 2021

      Thanks baby, I am so glad you like him 🙂

  • Glen1649 July 18, 2021

    Initially I didn’t check out DOUGLAS, I thought his pix on your beefcake roll wasn’t very flattering. But once I looked into your vids with him, I’m besotted! What a great body (jealous of his total lack of body fat) and his response to your excellent services. His open mouth and faraway look in his eyes speak volumes. I’m ready to start a GoFundMe account to fly him back to you for a couple of additional vids! Good work and of course you had a great incentive

    • victor July 23, 2021

      I am so happy that you found him hot as I and many Hunters did! Definitely I will start working in getting him back. Thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • collegeboi11 July 22, 2021

    I would love to see Douglas again

    • victor July 23, 2021

      Me too baby 🙂

  • ericmg_1 July 23, 2021

    He’s so handsome. Bring him again

    • victor July 23, 2021

      Working on that baby 🙂

  • July 30, 2021

    Hi Doll, happy customer here from Asia💜 im very freakin curious… mmmm… pre scene do u ask them if they up for kissin or it just comed naturally? I hope you can ask him to return soon babe, and maybe a long popper high french kissin? When he became a savage beast in the finale milking session and turned from a sweet beAst to a ravage from all the flexing, god i gave up! So hot! Hope you really can have him return and do a kissing scene for looong

    • victor August 3, 2021

      Hello to all my Asian Hunters!! Regarding your question, all kissing scenes except for the ones with Jacobo and Justin were organic, after the organic kissing scene with Christian, everybody went crazy that I thought it was great to do it with veterans like Jacobo and Justin, but I had to tell them first 😉 I am missing Douglas too, I spoke with him the other day, he is not ready they for more BCH treatment 🙂

  • October 1, 2021

    Gracias ( Thank you)

    • victor October 5, 2021

      De nada mi amigo 🙂 ( You are welcome my friend )

  • October 15, 2021

    need him again

    • victor October 19, 2021

      Me too baby, me too 🙂

  • December 7, 2021

    Good video, thanks for showing his cock erect before putting on the condom, most other sites ignor having the model walk around with a hardon, it is so erotic. Keep up the good work and again dont block the penis and show it erect and no hands on it.

    • victor December 12, 2021

      You are right, that is hot! Thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • malkolmxxx December 23, 2021

    Douglas is Extremely Sexy!!! You talking with him about Boxing while stoking his Cock was even Sexier! I had a HARDON this entire vid! 🔥🔥🔥

    • victor December 29, 2021

      On elf my favs this year, he is soooo sexy! 🙂

  • malkolmxxx December 24, 2021

    Douglas is Extremely Sexy!!! You talking with him about Boxing while stoking his Cock was even Sexier! I had a HARDON this entire vid! 🔥🔥🔥 After watching entire vid, I have to say Douglas is one of the SEXIEST guys you have on here! His quiet masculine vocal interaction with you is Soooo Hot on top of the fact that he has Body and Handsome face! Triple Sexy Threat!🔥🔥🔥💯🔥🔥🔥

    • victor December 29, 2021

      Yeap! 🙂

  • malkolmxxx December 24, 2021

    BTW, even though these guys are Straight, the Fact that you are Very Cute and Handsome can only help with getting them excited!

    • victor December 29, 2021

      Thanks my friend 🙂

  • January 17, 2022

    love your page V.thanks

    • victor January 19, 2022

      You are very welcome my friend, thanks for your support! 🙂

  • March 21, 2022

    I’m so bummed this the last video we have of this TRUE BEEFCAKE… He seemed comfortable with everything. We can keep hope up that he returns!!!

    MORE IMPORTANTLY; I read in a previous comment that you heard from Antonio (one of my faves)!! I realize it was almost a year ago so I guess nothing came from it?😔 Antonio has the cutest smile, the cutest face and a beautiful dick!!!

    • victor March 26, 2022

      Douglas for sure felt comfortable at BCH Land, and he is welcome back at any time! Regarding Antonio, you are right about everything you said of him. He supposed to come back like year ago, I still waiting lol

  • SJCWHUK April 1, 2022

    I wish he would come back soooo sexy

    • victor April 2, 2022

      He actually texted me the other day he was thinking to come back, lets cross our fingers my friend 🙂

  • May 2, 2022

    Gorgeous man 😈

    • victor May 3, 2022

      Yes he is, hopefully we see him again this year 🙂

  • chumly19 February 16, 2023

    My god, this is a beautiful fucking man…

    • victor February 16, 2023

      Yes he is! He contacted me last year that he wanted to come back but he never confirmed. Thanks for commenting my friend 🙂

  • April 21, 2023

    Next video, make him wear a chain necklace. I wanna see it hit his chest while he’s fucking me- I MEAN YOU.

    • victor April 22, 2023

      Wow! That would be hot! 🙂

  • WhatEven May 15, 2023

    He’s so gorgeous. Bring him back for a missionary scene 🥵

    • victor May 26, 2023

      He contacted some months ago and told me that he was coming back, then disappeared again. Please wish me luck in getting him back 🙂

  • June 8, 2023

    When is this gorgeous man coming back??

    • victor June 8, 2023

      I don’t know baby. He called me once to come back and the he disappeared again lol

  • Belandseb August 21, 2023

    That ass slapping, tho. That’s the fucking hottest.

    • victor August 24, 2023

      I know I know, I still missing this Ginger God Beefcake!

  • Car February 18, 2024

    I love to see men in socks

    • victor February 19, 2024

      Me too! 😉

  • metalfork March 27, 2024

    I hope doug makes it into a a sunday funday he is sooooo hot

    • victor March 28, 2024

      I would love to have some bloopers or not finished scenes with him so I can produce a Sunday Funday dedicated to Douglas,s let’s see what I can find 😉

  • Teno May 6, 2024

    One of the hottest guy ever! Go gourgeous… OMG

    • victor May 6, 2024

      Yes he is one of the hottest to me as well. Thanks for commenting my friend 🙂

  • LMAG1975 May 14, 2024


    • victor May 14, 2024

      Wow, that would be amazing 😉

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