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Kissing Ramon some more

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Closing this third Anal destruction season of the year, we have no other than Mr. Beefcake 2023; yeah, Kissing Ramon some more was a must before he departed from BeefCakeHunter Land, so yeah, this was filmed before he won the Award.

Since our first kiss scene, I have gotten to know Ramon better. He is such a sweet, big man who loves to eat a lot, especially tacos. We both discovered his favorite Taqueria in Miami, and I promised him we would go for a taco feast after the shooting. I also learned a lot about his personal goals and how hard he was working to achieve them, so it was the perfect excuse for a BCH massage 😉

After delighting myself in massaging his upper body and even caressing his neck area, I made him get naked and lay down on his stomach on the bed to give him a proper backside massage. For those Ass Loving Hunters, this would be heaven since you guys can appreciate Ramon’s big butt 😊

Then I made him turn around, and I started sucking his already hard cock while he was softly moaning. Hearing that inspired me to Kissing  Ramon some more once I got to his side; I  was even surprised at how receptive he was and for how long he was willing to go!

The fuck menu for this encounter was long, so we started with the comfortable doggy position when once again, he proved to be forceful but mindful at the same time. A big beefy Beefcake can be as gentle with me as anyone else, and I love that in a man!

Next on the menu of the BCH pounding was the side fuck, which, again, was forceful but gentle, grabbing me hard enough to dominate my hole but soft enough to be so pleasurable!

Finally, as the main dish, with my legs up in the air, I received Ramon’s weight and manhood on top of me. The sight from below was pure BCH Heaven. In this position, he fucked me for a long; even though he was so focused on cum in that way, I even joked with him about it. It was a great moment. Then while he was cumming I kissed again, and that was the perfect dessert for such a delicious afternoon. Then, of course, we headed out for actual food, lol.

I know you were expecting the video of him receiving his award; unfortunately, that has not yet been possible this year. But don’t worry; he knows he won and is pleased. Thankfully, I saved this for a moment when I knew many Hunters would be craving Kissing Ramon some more 😉

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  • metalfork June 5, 2024

    Heart throb Ramon! He reminds me of a Hunkier Sexier Latin Ryan Gosling even down to the voice. Also I LOVE seeing beefcakes get massaged, blown and treated like kings and Ramon definitely deserves the King treatment

    • Victor June 11, 2024

      I love to treat the Beefcakes like Kings; Beefcake Ramon is one of them. I am so glad that you enjoy that and agree with me. Thanks for commenting, baby 🙂

  • Vsimeon95 June 5, 2024

    Ramon just keeps getting sexier and sexier every time he visits you. You really outdid yourself victor!!

    • Victor June 11, 2024

      Thanks, baby, I am so happy that you enjoyed this scene ❤️

  • willieroth June 5, 2024

    First of all, I love the new layout on the site! Ramon – Mister 2023. He proves in this scene why he won the Top prize. Exuding in confidence, sensuality and sexuality! I enjoyed the banter before getting down to business. I loved the massage scene, esp when he was in the buff. He was in the perfect position for a nice rimming. My face would have been buried all the way up in that ass! LOL! As usual, Ramon gave us a stellar performance. You can tell he is really appreciative of the services and attention you offer him. And yes, the kissing just takes everything to the next level for me. Often times I can tell when a Beefcake is mainly there for the money and when it may be more than the money. This is Ramon’s 8th scene in a relatively short period of time and he seems so at ease with you. Definately a special kind of chemistry between the two of you. And I’m happy that we get the honor of watching it unfold. I hope he returns soon to accept his award. Ramon is definately the entire package!

    • Victor June 11, 2024

      I am glad that you love the site’s new look! You are right; Ramon’s journey to the BCH stardom has been meteoric, and we all enjoy the process. The kiss part came out better than I initially thought, and all is that because Ramon feels right at home with us. Thanks for commenting my friend 😉

  • Cubanito2u June 5, 2024

    Ramon is so hot and delicious. Never a disappointment. Que RICO!!! Please please keep him coming

    • Victor June 11, 2024

      I am so happy that you enjoyed this scene so much baby 😊

  • vwilliams1 June 5, 2024

    This is one of the best of Ramon so hot! I wish you called him Daddy again, I don’t know if he’s into that. So hotttt though. He’s such a Daddy and should be treated as such

    I wish you got some of the beefcakes to flex while fucking you. But that’s just a dream scenario lol.

    • Victor June 11, 2024

      You mean, you want some Beefcakes to show the muscles while fucking me? I can arrange that 😂

  • Frederick June 7, 2024

    Oh my God !! Ramon’s butt is enough to make me extremely happy.To see him lying on his stomach like that is just perfection. His sounds of enjoyment are music to my ears. Then it is your turn to make those great sounds of enjoyment. It is an absolute treat to see Ramon’s perfect body in action. The Missionary section is beyond hot. The kisses were a surprise. Your editing featuring his beautiful butt in action takes this session to the top of the list.

    • Victor June 11, 2024

      I am so glad that I made Ramon lay down like that long enough to make you happy my friend, his butt is fantastic; I know many Hunters would love to be there and eat it! lol. I was kissing him while in a missionary position, which was pure heaven! Thanks for commenting my friend 😘

  • G-Hop226 June 8, 2024

    Great scene, Vic! Ramon is still looking as gorgeous as ever. 😍 I’m always happy to see some more of 2023’s Beefcake of the Year. I hope Ramon comes back soon to receive his well-earned reward, and fingers crossed we get to see a bit more of him this year. 🤞

    • Victor June 11, 2024

      Happy that you enjoyed this scene baby! I am looking forward to more of Ramon this year. Thanks for commenting my friend 😉

  • MAB45 June 9, 2024

    AWESOME Fuck Session should have been the name of this on🥵…looking at his beautiful-sexy ass [up close] during that mouth-watering deep missionary fuck was 🔥🔥🔥…I lost my 💦 3x just watching that alone!! Great job Vic!

    • Victor June 11, 2024

      Watching those close-ups is also my favorite. I am glad that you enjoyed that as much as I did. and thanks for sharing your thoughts my friend 😎

  • danirile80 June 9, 2024

    Wow, Victor! Ramon was extremely prolific in just one year with eight films. He has already reached BCH Legend status! It’s hard to believe that ALL of his films were done in 2023 (pre-Ramon winning the BCH Newcomer of the Year). I think when you featured him in the X/Twitter, we knew we had the next great Beefcake. I love the fact that Ramon has become an exhibitionist as he gets toned with every film, and it makes it easy to get into his pants when you compliment his hard work, LOL!

    I love Ramon’s constant moaning, and the kissing was sensuous. Ramon is really uninhibited when it comes to touch and the finer points of foreplay. The best image of the film is when Ramon is laid out on the bed, intensely locked in a kiss with you; Ramon’s cock is rock hard and pointing up from his abdomen. H-O-T! More massage scenes, please! We need to see Mason and Pablo get the BCH massage treatment, too.

    I hope does come back to claim his award. I hope he does not pull a Joe and abandon us, leaving us desperately yearning for more, Great film !

    • Victor June 11, 2024

      Beefcake Ramon was destined for BCH greatness, and we all witnessed from the very beginning, especially you my friend.He is very confident, he knows what he got and that is hot. I knew you would enjoy the massaging part, after all you were the one lobbying for that all these years lol.He will get his award no matter what. Thanks for commenting my friend 😎

  • Lenoxm501 June 11, 2024

    Nice and nice. Ramon is one of my favorites Beef, he’s so smooth and sexy, so, I have a propose to make to you Viktor; We as loyal members of your page and recurring visitor should be rewarded with a sexy video of Ramon, Pablo, Cory and Mason, all together in one room, chilling and having a sex fest with you, like a bukake, doing what they do the best. I know you can manage and make this scene truel, it will be a good reward to all your faithful members…It will be bomb to enjoy that !!!!..Hope you can do it. Hugs and Keep it up..!!

    • Victor June 11, 2024

      Wow, what a challenge my friend. I know you guys deserve that and more, but sometimes it is easier to say it than do it. But let me see what I can do if you are okay with it. I am so happy that you enjoyed Ramon and this scene 😜

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