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Karavana is back!

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Karavana is back!, My favorite lollipop from the holidays, Karavana, is back… this sexy Beefcake is a latin-german mix with a lean smooth body, sexy accent and a gorgeous 8″ cock that is always hard.  He has been traveling lately and he said that he did “crazy” things while traveling hmm… I bet he has been a bad boy lol. After a few minutes of conversation about his life, I went down to business, I pulled out his cock from his pants, to my surprise, his tool was already rock-hard. I didn’t waste any time in devouring it with my hungry mouth!  This time I went a little further and he allowed me to worship for a little bit his chest. That drove me crazy!!…  After a long blowjob session I was ready to sit on his cock and then change to doggie style, position which he loves. After he pounded me for several minutes, I got him to stand up to squeeze his cum and this time I tasted it… l really missed Karavana, and he is worth every minute to spend with.

                                             Karavana is back!

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  • July 27, 2015

    One of the Best ever!!

    • victor July 29, 2015

      yeah, Karavana is like a porn star 🙂

  • November 29, 2016

    love him .. he’s hot he should lye on the bed .. like jimmy .. he’s hot..

    • victor December 1, 2016

      I miss Karavana, I am glad you like him too 🙂

  • DonkeyDicky44 August 28, 2017

    There’s something about this guy that I could watch all day! His accent and his talking “you like that cock?” Or when he says “just Iike that” I LOVE IT! He needs to come back One More Time for some rimming.

    • victor August 28, 2017

      Karavana was one my first stars at BCH, I loved his accent and I would anything to get him back, I am so glad you enjoy this and thanks for comment baby 😉

  • January 15, 2019

    I LOVE when I see guys like Karavana look up at the porn for a few secs, but they’re more into tearing your ass up.
    I LOVE how cocky /self-assured he is.
    There’s NOTHING about his whole time with you (ALL 3) that says he’s nervous, or it’s his first time with a guy.
    LOL *** & I notice it never comes up at any time during a the taping wink wink..

    • victor January 20, 2019

      Right? I was surprised myself, at some points i had my doubts that he hasn’t done any porn before hahahahah, thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • April 14, 2020

    Omg he needs to come back we miss him!!!

    • victor April 17, 2020

      I miss him so much as well! But it has been so long 🙂

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