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Hung cowboy Bill got serviced

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Hung cowboy Bill got serviced.

I have been in talk with Cowboy Beefcake Bill for months, he was referred to me by a friend of mine and a fellow Hunter in the Midwest, but Bill chickened out and disappeared. But few weeks ago, he contacted me again, and that is how this Hung cowboy Bill got serviced video was possible 🙂

My friend told me that Bill is a real Cowboy, I didn’t believe him at first, but after seeing him in person, all my doubts cleared, and I got so excited to be servicing a real-life cowboy. He in the other hand seemed to be a little nervous and serious at first, totally understandable to me, that only meant that I had to work harder to get him in the zone 😉

Beefcake Bill has a very specific taste regarding porn, he knew what was needed to stay comfortable, so I didn’t hesitate in give him that.  Little by little I was able to get that beautiful nine-inch cock to his full glory, starting by taking care of his balls first, but not much, since he told me that his balls are too sensitive, too bad, because licking balls is one of my favorite things to do at BeefCakeHunter Land!

Then slowly sucking his cock and using my hands, that cock became any cock sucker dream, it is “fuuuuge” lol. Even though I wanted to go wilder on that, I hold myself, Bill is a very sensitive guy, I could tell by his face, but the pleasure was there, otherwise that massive tool wouldn’t be that erected!

At the last 10 minutes, Beefcake Bill started to get more reactive to my service, moving his hips against my mouth, something that many at BCH land love. By the end I used my tongue and hands to make him cum, and yeah, he did, but not the big amount I was expecting after he assured me that he has held his load for three days, but well, it was an enjoyable session anyways.

I hope you guys enjoy this Hung cowboy Bill got serviced video.

                                Hung cowboy Bill got serviced

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  • September 29, 2021

    wow nothing like a big cock on a short dude loved it keep them cuming Vic!!

    • victor October 5, 2021

      That fact make it look even bigger right? Thanks for the nice comment my friend 🙂

  • MitchK September 29, 2021

    Vic, this is my delicious for after work. Yes and thank you!!

    • victor October 5, 2021

      You are very welcome baby 😉

  • Maya1010 September 29, 2021

    This is the reason I only member of your page please bring more guys like him super straight hope he comes back for more and more verbal, you the best

    • victor October 5, 2021

      Thanks baby, I am working in getting him back, I hope he is up for the task this time 😉

  • cast4ron September 29, 2021

    fuuuuccckiiiinnng!!!! hot! bring him back! I wanna see him fuck you…. thaaaank you!

    • victor October 5, 2021

      I would LOVE to get fucked by that beautiful meat, let’s see if Bill is up for it 🙂

  • k4r1os September 29, 2021

    Great video. Hot guy!

    • victor October 5, 2021

      Thanks baby, I am so glad that you loved it 🙂

  • brownbear80 September 29, 2021

    the grunts, the smiles, the gyrating, you have to have him barrel into you with that fat ol country dick 😍 hes too attractive

    • victor October 5, 2021

      Wow I see that you are very into him! HOT! 🙂

  • Joshua30328 September 29, 2021

    Yes, yes and yes. Just my type

    • victor October 5, 2021

      Right? Thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • September 29, 2021

    My type too- Hope comes back many times- beautiful & large cock.

    • victor October 5, 2021

      Ok baby I will work harder on that 🙂

  • 47noche September 29, 2021

    An amazing regular man, very sexy working class guy, my favorite kind

    • victor October 5, 2021

      Exactly! Thank you! You get exactly what is BCH all about! 🙂

  • motion1234 September 29, 2021

    Sexy bearded hairy ginger… him!

    • victor October 5, 2021

      I am happy that you do. Thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • September 30, 2021

    Can’t wait to see him plow you Cowboy style with that big thing!

    • victor October 5, 2021

      That would be HOTTTTT 🙂

  • 47noche September 30, 2021

    A very sexy working class man. The best kind.

    • victor October 5, 2021

      Right? just the type I am looking for all the time 🙂

  • October 1, 2021

    That cock was made for FUCKING!!!!!! Hope to see it working at its true calling soon!

    • victor October 5, 2021

      I hope so too baby, that cock would feel great in my hole or any hole lol

  • October 1, 2021

    Another ginger🤤. God he’s hot and that meat!

    • victor October 5, 2021

      Yes he is, I am so happy that you enjoy him so much 🙂

  • minettalane62 October 2, 2021

    Wow…He’s quietly sexy and huge! Please have him back and fuck!!! Thanks Vic

    • victor October 5, 2021

      You are very welcome baby, I am looking forward for that myself, please wish me luck my friend 🙂

  • October 3, 2021

    Vic, yes…. please get him to do anal with you!!!! He’s HOT…. I am a country dude myself and would love to see him go to town!

    • victor October 5, 2021

      I know I know, I would love to be on my fours for this sexy cowboy! 🙂

  • yaisielr2013 October 8, 2021

    He is so hot. OMG I just wish……. 🙂

    • victor October 9, 2021

      I know right? I wish we can have more of him 🙂

  • fuckme October 9, 2021

    I got to see him fuck you raw and nut your boi pus

    • victor October 19, 2021

      lol ok 😉

  • IluvdaD October 16, 2021

    That Dick is Beautiful

    • victor October 19, 2021

      Right? I would love to ride it 🙂

  • danirile80 October 17, 2021

    Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys….

    Unless they are like ginger Cowboy Bill and are going to come to BCH Land 🙂

    Bill was nervous and quiet, but once the pants came down and that red missile started to grow, it was on! What is it about the red heads and gingers at BCH Land (Edward, Douglas. and Justin) ? Cowboy Bill started moaning and forgot that he was filming until he nutted. Get Ginger Cowboy Bill to come back and fill your backside.

    • victor October 19, 2021

      You are right, that missile was ready to launch at anytime lol I am so happy that you enjoyed this scene my friend and I am definitely working in getting him back 🙂

  • October 25, 2021

    PLEASE, more Bill!

    • victor October 25, 2021

      Ok baby, working on that 🙂

  • Sexdreams November 2, 2021

    What a dick!
    Bill is a cowboy and you know how to ride, you know what I mean… you have to ride that cock, you can’t pass up the opportunity.
    On top of that Bill has an aura of a good guy but at the same time a dirty bad boy, Kip type. It all makes him so hot. So go ahead, ride it like you know how cowboy!

    • victor November 6, 2021

      I know I know , not pressure right? lol and you are right , he is good guy from the country side, a real cowboy, and I am looking to ride him! 🙂

  • November 16, 2021


    • victor November 23, 2021

      Crossing my fingers for that baby 🙂

  • wolfriverranger November 28, 2021

    Yes more please

    • victor November 30, 2021

      I wish baby, I wish 🙂

  • malkolmxxx December 21, 2021

    Damn! His Cock almost Bigger than him!😂😆

    • victor December 29, 2021

      lol that was hilarious ! Thanks for making me laugh baby 🙂

  • metalfork January 7, 2022

    Another handsome man! I love the smile he gets as soon as he takes his cock out. He is grinning from ear to ear knowing your gonna like it and he’s right!

    • victor January 10, 2022

      Of course he is right, He has a beautiful cock! Thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • oojosh January 10, 2022

    mmmm bring him back with a friend to suck side by side 😛 yum

    • victor January 11, 2022

      lol Don’t give me ideas 😉

  • trvlstud7 March 13, 2022

    Fucking hot ginger!

    • victor March 16, 2022

      Right? and that cock! OMG! 🙂

  • April 29, 2022

    He is a beautiful man’s man

    • victor May 1, 2022

      Yes he is, with a nice big tool as well 🙂

  • boton June 11, 2022

    Love it!

    • victor June 12, 2022

      I am glad you do baby 🙂

  • July 14, 2023

    Get him back please

    • victor July 15, 2023

      I would love to 🙂

  • Jerkyteddy October 12, 2023

    I just watched this video again… and I want him to return! I usually prefer the oral videos (probably in the minority here lol) but it would be awesome to see you riding this cowboy.

    • victor October 13, 2023

      I wish I could have him back; I would have loved to ride that big cowboy’s cock! Thanks for commenting my friend 🙂

  • January 30, 2024

    I need more bill, and suave. if u read your comments bill, just wanna let you know, you got me cumming back, every month <3

    • victor February 1, 2024

      I am glad you like them, baby. I miss them greatly too. 🙂

  • February 19, 2024

    What a pleasant surprise. Under the hat we find an extremely handsome man with a huge cock!!

    • victor February 19, 2024

      Yeah, he was a big surprise. He is missed dearly…

  • Car May 9, 2024

    Ride him

    • victor May 9, 2024

      That would be awesome! 🙂

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