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Happy ending with Beefcake Lautaro

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I had to get this handsome and sexy Argentinian Beefcake back at the BCH arena and display his tall figure for the delight of many Hunters and myself.

So, before having this Happy ending with Lautaro, I made him enjoy himself first while I toured his hot body with my camera, and when his dick was ready, I got on my knees while he filmed me sucking his balls and hard cock. I think he got distracted by the good sensation on his cock that, at some points, he lost focus on the POV. It has been a while since we have had a POV at BeefCakeHunter Land. I hope you guys don’t mind 😉

Then, I took the camera away from him so that he could concentrate and for us to enjoy a magnificent view from below! Here we can appreciate how much Beefcake Lautaro enjoys getting his cock head sucked 😊

I didn’t know if this scene would be a Happy ending with Beefcake Lautaro because when I asked him if he was ready, it seemed like he was not lol. Fortunately, his cock was more than prepared to explore a new hole in his life; as he mentioned, this would be the first time he fucks another guy…oops.

He started with his cock very hard and slow, but he got more engaged when I became verbal with him; I think he loved that. I even mentioned the word cock in Argentinian Spanish, “pija”. But things got a lot better when we switched position to me being on my side; I couldn’t hold myself from trying to get closer to his chest and pretty face.

Then I laid down on my stomach to let him go at his own pace; at that moment, I felt his “pija” deep in me. I wished he could cum in that position, but no, again, he asked me to jerk him off, so we could get his precious jizz out of him. It was a really Happy ending with Beefcake Lautaro. And I am sure we can get more of him as he gets more comfortable. I hope you guys enjoy this Happy ending with Beefcake Lautaro.

                          Happy ending with Beefcake Lautaro

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  • March 15, 2023

    He is so effortlessly sexy. Another triumph, Vic.

    • victor March 21, 2023

      That is the perfect way to describe Beefcake Lautaro. Thanks for commenting my friend 🙂

  • hokettga March 15, 2023

    Damn he is gorgeous!!!! Tall with a nice piece of wood between those beautifully sculpted legs 😉 I envy you Vic…

    • victor March 21, 2023

      Yes, he is gorgeous! I am very happy that you like him baby 🙂

  • monben March 15, 2023

    Damn he is gorgeou and very sexy man ! Nice job again Victor. Hope we can see him again on BCH Land !!

    • victor March 21, 2023

      Yes, baby, I am working on getting him back, my friend 🙂

  • Datdudenando March 15, 2023

    Vic, I wanted you to make him speak in Spanish so we can hear his Argentinian accent. I asked you this before 🙁

    • victor March 21, 2023

      Ok baby I will next time, my bad 🙂

  • March 16, 2023

    He’s slowly but surely becoming my new favorite. I can’t wait to see him again, I would let him do anything to me. I really hope he comes back and he’s a lot more into it like he wants to be. You should let the Beefcakes know that it’s a judgement free zone and they are there to be worshipped and treated like kings.

    You’ve been on a roll Vic keep it up. Love love love love love Lautaro.

    • victor March 21, 2023

      I am glad that you enjoyed Beefcake Lautaro so much! You can count on me letting the Beefcakes be themselves. Thanks for your support my friend 🙂

  • March 16, 2023

    Lautaro is such a tall, toned sexy young man! You chest down/ass up with him fucking you was delicious! More please🔥

    • victor March 21, 2023

      Ok baby, you will see more of that. I am glad you love Beefcake Lautaro so much 🙂

  • bp3906 March 16, 2023

    Very sexy … I loved it ! We need a threesome soon! Please

    • victor March 21, 2023

      I hear you 😉

  • March 17, 2023

    I Loved! So I’m not a huge fan of the POV, but I understand some of my fellow long time subscriber brothers are. So it dosent bother me. Missed the chat in the beginning. And would love him to be verbal (Verbal is my thing) but all in all 8 out of 10! Loved it

    • victor March 21, 2023

      Ok baby, I will get him to talk more next time. I am happy that enjoyed this scene 🙂

  • Endgameinfinitystone March 18, 2023

    His ass looks great. You should toss that salad and feast 😋😋😋

    • victor March 21, 2023

      Ok that will be in a future menu 😉

  • BM83 March 19, 2023

    Loved the exotic men !hope comes back for more ,will Marquees be returning in the future?

    • victor March 21, 2023

      I am working on getting him back my friend. I miss Marquis as well. Hopefully, we will get in touch soon 🙂

  • Rodrigo March 19, 2023

    More hairy men

    • victor March 21, 2023

      Ok baby 🙂

  • March 20, 2023

    I am so glad to see Lautaro back again so soon. I am especially glad to see him standing showing off his sexy height. I am interested in the tattoo on his side with all the numbers. What is the significance of that I wonder. .He really knows how to work the camera. The POV is always good. My friend the mirror was a very important part of this session. It showed his height perfectly. Those nice long legs and upper body make me very happy.I like his facial expressions. The anal penetration was great camera work and editing. His putting one leg up to get a better angle and you moving onto your side, make for great view .Great camera shot after the orgasm. Never too much of Lautaro .

    • victor March 21, 2023

      I did record him standing up with you in my mind my friend. The tattoo on his side is a binary code that he said it means: “God gives the worst battles to his best warriors” or something like that. Very deep, right? It was a better fuck session that I had expected, but I am very happy about it and very happy that you enjoy this so much 🙂

  • Jaylanch77 March 20, 2023

    Omg when he raised that right leg and started pumping it exposed his hairy crack in the mirror and made me squirt!

    • victor March 21, 2023

      Wow! Really? Amazing! I love to know this! Thanks for sharing it my friend 🙂

  • March 21, 2023

    He is instantly my new favorite

    • victor March 21, 2023

      I am glad to know that my friend 🙂

  • danirile80 March 25, 2023

    Victor, the return of Lautaro met all the anticipated expectations. I like his attitude and demeanor. You know that I like it when you have the Beefcakes stand tall and are on full display in the BCH arena. Lautaro is definitely a mighty strong tower who likes to be admire (his cock was hardening ashe removed his clothing). He can be forgiven for the shaky POV camera work because he was enjoying your world class servicing . Bonus points for showing Lautaro and his reactions while filming the POV 🙂
    Like BobElOso said, Lautaro is effortlessly sexy. He exudes that South American machismo without even trying, LOL!His stroke game is even effortless as slid right into and pistoned away.
    Bring Lautaro back as many times as possible, please. He is a worthy substitute for my favorite Great J, Jacobo:)

    • victor March 29, 2023

      I am happy that Beefcake Lautaro met your best expectations my friend. That is enough to get him back. You guys are right, he is so effortlessly sexy, and for being the first time, he gave me a good fuck, right? lol Thanks for commenting baby 😊

  • joelexus50 March 27, 2023

    Amazing video…Very sensual dude!!..Hope you caan get Ramon and Lautaro together for a HOT 3Some…!!!

    • victor March 29, 2023

      That would be awesome 😎

  • WhatEven May 15, 2023

    You need to bring him back for a missionary fuck like Keith and Gabriel where I can watch his ass and feet while he fucks, ideally finishing in the condom inside you 😉

    • victor May 26, 2023

      That would be really hot, hopefully Beefcake Lautaro is up for the task 😉

  • danirile80 June 25, 2023

    In the din of all this Latin goodness that has been on display in BCH Land (Omar, Ramon, Ruben…), I hope Lautaro is not lost and disappears into the porn ether. He has a lot of potential, I am intrigued. Is he scheduled to return to BCH Land?

    • victor June 25, 2023

      I have been in touch with him, but he is still deciding to return; I think he has been busy with his modeling career. He knows we are here ready for more of him 😉

  • Theo January 4, 2024

    My gosh, wht a perfect shape and sexy performance.

    • victor January 5, 2024

      Right? What a hottie! Thanks for commenting my friend 🙂

  • March 10, 2024

    Will he return?

    • victor March 10, 2024

      I don’t know my friend, I tried a couple of times last year but I think he is concentrate in other endeavors, we wish him the best. 🙂

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