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Published on January 28, 2015

Got milk from a 22 years old hunk

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Got milk from a 22 years old hunk, This video with Beefcake Jimmy could have ended up being a commercial for milk (you will see why at the end) lol. Jimmy just moved down here from North Carolina, and he’s trying to find his way around. I saw him for the first time, by the counter at a local gym. l was trying to find the right opportunity to make him “the offer”, but at the same time I was so afraid of a rejection or even worst, a bad rejection. After all, he is very tall and can easily kick my butt, lol. I finally caught up with him on his way out of work, outside the gym’s parking lot. He just took my card and smiled, and in less than 2 days, he called me and he was like: “Whatever, I am new in town and I need the money.” I couldn’t believe it, and what surprised me the most, was his professionalism and charm. He is pretty sure of himself, and he is determined to get the most out of his new life. After sucking him on the couch, I wanted him to be more comfortable, so I made him lay down on the bed, just in time… right before he came all over the couch… no way, this blowjob had to be longer than that! Hope you guys enjoy Beefcake Jimmy!

                              Got milk from a 22 years old hunk

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  • October 28, 2015

    God hes fucking hot, love how much he loves getting sucked off please bring him back Vic would love to see him fuck you !!

    • victor November 1, 2015

      right? there is another video with him, in that one he supposed to fuck me but his mind betrayed him and ended up been another blow job scene but I did some rimming, Jimmy is one of my favorites 🙂

  • November 20, 2015

    vic wheres this boy in Miami, i wanna find him wanna suck him off love how much he loves getting his dick sucked off good job!

    • victor November 22, 2015

      Jimmy is super handsome and he knows how to enjoy a bj, and who wouldn’t do a good job in that cock? LOL

  • February 19, 2016

    The way he squirms is so hot, you have full control and he’s let himself take over by your mouth. So hot!

    • victor February 20, 2016

      wow you are absolutely right about this scene! is one of my favorites too! gosh!! I miss Jimmy so bad!! 🙂

  • May 14, 2016

    This is definitely one hot, sexy, man…i’ve got to come to Miami and do some exploring…good job buddy…i’m a big fan of yours…just joined….hot fucking men to say the least….

    • victor May 15, 2016

      Thanks for been a fan! Jimmy is definitely in my favs list too! 😉

  • September 15, 2016

    Vic, you are the master of blowjobs!

    • victor September 15, 2016

      hahahah I just have some experience 😉

  • October 7, 2016

    Jimmy is my fav! Where can I see him?

    • victor October 10, 2016

      he is also one of my favs too 😉

  • November 3, 2016

    amazing movie nothing like a head lover, love everything about this guy what a sexy mix boy love love him wheres he at Vic find him now there’s a reaction to a blow job keep it up vic.

    • victor November 7, 2016

      yeah, Jimmy definitely have give one of the best reactions to a bj

  • November 29, 2016

    OMG!!! he’s fuckin devil really hot!!!! love that lying on the bed with full of sex drama .. really hot .. hope most of the hot guy should be like this in bed not in a sofa!!!! he’s fuckin hot.. i coudnt sleep .. lol

    • victor December 1, 2016

      yeah, I love those bed scenes too 😉

  • December 29, 2016

    Vic please bring him back i love him sooooo hot perfect cock love the mix dudes find some mix dudes please if not ill send them to you i know some haha 😉

    • victor December 29, 2016

      hahahah ok thanks for the collaboration , yeah I miss Jimmy too, thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • sweetcd March 1, 2017

    Is this guy coming back soon 🙂

    • victor March 6, 2017

      No he wont baby, I would LOVE to say YES but, I miss him a lot, we had so much good chemistry as friends 🙂

  • April 17, 2017

    One of the best beefcake.Need his return pleaseeeeeeeeee

    • victor April 19, 2017

      yes he is one my favs too! I would LOVE to have him back 😉

  • April 19, 2017

    But he wont ?

    • victor April 20, 2017

      no he is doing very well now 🙂

  • April 24, 2017

    Lol he have to return to be in a good shape

    • victor April 25, 2017

      I would love that, believe me 🙂

  • June 25, 2017

    Have you try to have news recently?Maybe if you show him how many hunter want his return,he will be more excited.We need this beefcake one on the best of this site

    • victor June 26, 2017

      I totally feel you my friend, but I have no news from him , but lets keep getting more Jimmies right? 😉

  • Shayboo48 August 6, 2018

    Now there’s a man who enjoys immensely a M2M bj. Amazing dick.
    He deserves a return match . Please !

    • victor August 7, 2018

      wow, now you know why Jimmy is in the top 10 of my favorites Beefcakes 😜

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