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Getting on my fours for Bori

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Getting on my fours for Bori.

Well… let’s the Ass Destruction season begin! Today we are going to start by Getting on my fours for Bori. This sexy Latino Beefcake has a delicious almost eight inches curved down cock, so you know what that means… a different sensation in my man-pussy…ummm.

Bori is very proud of his cock, and as soon he got to the BCH arena, he couldn’t quit touching it or showing it to me, what a teasing! He always manages to have it semi hard, which is perfect to get me in the mood fast, and after a breve chat I made him lay down and I put my mouth to work, he gave me a fair amount of attention and his soft moaning was a good sign that we were going in the right direction, even that sometimes his cock got too sensitive and he showed it 😉

Deep throating that delicious brown dick was easy, and I couldn’t get enough of it, his balls are also a delicatessen for any balls worshiper, they are big and full, you will see that at the end of this video 😉

Before Getting on my fours for Bori, since I was facing him so close, I took the chance to venture and kiss his nipples, something that he seemed to enjoy, a soft moaning again tells the story…

When I put his tool inside me, it surprised me how hard it was, and it felt sooooo good, then he started pounding me not too hard not too slow, just right, honestly his performance was better than expected, and you can notice that at moments he may want to go faster or in different positions. When he softly moaned “shit”, I knew I got him totally in the BeefCakeHunter zone!

He lasted longer than I thought, and I think that he was even holding his cum, because after I told him to let me know when he was about to cum, it took maybe a minute or two until he pulled out his cock and  jack it off before pouring on me a bucket of fresh milk, seriously it was a lot!  Very warm and thick!

I hope you guys enjoy this video Getting on my fours for Bori, the first of this Ass Destruction season! 😉

                                 Getting on my fours for Bori

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  • Honeysuckle October 9, 2019

    Bringing sexy back! Having macho Bori back was a very nice surprise! Hope to see him again. He is a very beautiful beefcake!

    • victor October 15, 2019

      Yes he is , I am surprised by the few likes he got, but well… I would have him every day lol, thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • October 9, 2019

    que Boricua mas rico keep them sexy latinos cuming!!

    • victor October 15, 2019

      yes baby, they will still cumming lol

  • not retired 292 October 10, 2019

    I really like this macho manly guy..he reeks with that incredible uncut curved dick is amazing….he ranks right up there with my man Jacobo.. speaking of that hottie where has he disappeared to.. he’s such a babe!!!!
    Can’t wait to see Fred again he’s another incredible top man….

    • victor October 15, 2019

      Fred will be coming back soon and yeah I need to get in touch with Jacobo to make another vid before the end of the year right? I am glad you enjoyed this video with Bori 🙂

  • October 10, 2019

    Awesome ?

    • victor October 15, 2019

      Right? Thanks for comment baby 😉

  • October 10, 2019

    Very handsome Beefcake… I’ve been waiting for his return.

    • victor October 15, 2019

      I know it has been a long time, I hope you enjoyed this a lot my friend 🙂

  • danirile80 October 17, 2019

    Late to the party again , Victor. but I am glad you kicked “Ass Destruction” off with Bori and wonderfully curved cock.. I love the way Bori’s whole face lights up and smiles when you compliment him . Bori is another one of those hidden Beef Cakes that serendipitously fell into your lap, and I glad that he did. Victor, you have definitely outdid yourself in 2019 with a great balance of new and classic beefcakes. I want Bori to return and be a regular citizen at BCH Land.

    • victor October 22, 2019

      Better later than never my friend, and I am very please that you enjoyed this Ass Destruction kit off scene with Bori, I love his cock and like I said it before, his performance was better than I expected, thanks so much for an amazing comment 🙂

  • b1p1k1 November 2, 2019

    Hi Vic Bori is so hotty!!!! He is looking good…fuck scene was awesome….I like how he said your pussy was tight!!!!!

    • victor November 3, 2019

      I know right? I really enjoyed getting fucked by him, thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • November 3, 2019

    Hot Bori did great. Damn! I’m going to have to watch it again.

    • victor November 3, 2019

      I am so happy that you enjoyed this scene with Bori! Thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • Trappednorlando November 5, 2019

    He’s so fine ?

    • victor November 9, 2019

      Right? thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • November 17, 2019

    Will his fine ass be coming back?

    • victor November 21, 2019

      I don’t know his whereabouts, but for sure I will keep trying, I am so glad you like him 🙂

  • March 16, 2020

    Damn I’ve not seen him before, but damn such a hot thick cock!

    • victor March 30, 2020

      Right? he has a nice cock and super hard for a good pounding! Thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • rokeby April 21, 2020

    damn he is hot.. would he let you rim him Victor?

    • victor April 24, 2020

      Yes he is! I don’t know about the rimming part, it has been a while anyways since last time I saw him 🙂

  • October 13, 2021

    Took a while to get to Bori’s scenes. Ok, I am both happy and angry at the same time. 😁😆 Why? Angry 😡 because I JUST found Bori! All this time he has been a tap away and I have been deprived.
    Happy? I got to watch two GREAT scenes back to back where you COMPLETELY arouse the primal urges of a masculine man who does not question his instinct and enjoys himself! Look at both his scenes there by were serious smiles!
    My final thought, when he got to ride the wild pony, I thought my heart would stop. Speed, thrust everything ever wanted in a top! 😋 May be ra rare but they exist.
    Sorry for the ramble but you can blame Bori when he comes back!!!

    • victor October 19, 2021

      Ok Bori is found guilty of provoking so much pleasure in you my friend lol

  • jnastyaf October 30, 2021

    I LOVE HIM TOO!!!! hOT🔥🍆🍆💋😜👄👅🍆💦💦💖

    • victor November 1, 2021

      Yeah, and a good fucker, it felt so good 😉

  • vintagesoul2010 November 16, 2021


    • victor November 23, 2021

      Right? I am so happy that you liked it 🙂

  • Tobyliang January 16, 2022

    Can you pleaseeeeeee ask Bori to come back for another f*ck scene? I loveeeee him

    • victor January 19, 2022

      I wish I can tell him. I have not hear from him in a while 🙂

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