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Published on September 21, 2016

Favorite bugarron Noel

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My favorite bugarron Noel is back! For the Hunters that don’t know what “bugarron” means, it is a Cuban name for those straight guys that play around with gay guys, or in one word “gay for pay” Hahaha!
It has been several months since the last time that I got drilled by Beefcake Noel. We have both been kind of busy, but finally we got the time to get together for this session. I hope it won’t be the last one, which is great news, since Noel has a lot of fans here!
He has been changing jobs lately too often, and that made him a little stressed, but this Cuban beefcake still is my favorite bugarron Noel. This time I got him to show some of his tasty 8”cock, before I got on my knees and started worshipping it. Then I got him to fuck me in different positions, including the much requested “missionary” position. One of my favorite parts while getting fucked by Noel, was when he got very close to my face from behind me, so close I could feel his hot breath in the back of my neck. That is something that drives me crazy, it is my weakest point! Well, the weakest of many… LOL
My favorite bugarron Noel did not disappoint me, and like always showed passion while pounding me. I believe at some point he forgot we were shooting, he almost came inside! Can you imagine, making him cum again? What a sacrifice…Lol of course not! I would gladly squeeze his man-juice over and over…
Beefcake Noel is finally back, and for those Hunters who love him, this one is dedicated to you! And of course to all Hunters, I hope you enjoy this video with my favorite bugarron Noel! (In which I think, won’t be the last one).

                                   Favorite bugarron Noel

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  • September 22, 2016

    He’a back. What a perfect pounding. ??

    • victor September 26, 2016

      yeah, it was, I am glad enjoy it 😉

  • Frederick September 22, 2016

    What a way to start my day !! Vic, this one goes way up the list of your best work. I know you like all cocks, but this one is special to you. It shows by the way you attacked his dick . Noel is truly amazing You can tell when a guy is just letting you blow him, but Noel is actively making you suck him. The way he played with his dick in your mouth and on your face is so hot. I don’t even know how to express how HOT that fuck was. He got into it for real,. I remember now why I liked Noel from before. I want more of him. Bet you do too..

    • victor September 26, 2016

      yeah, I was very into attacking that dick LOL I can go wrong with Noel, I know you like him my friend as many other Hunters ! Thanks for comment as always 🙂

  • pharaoh11463a September 23, 2016

    I like Noel. A real man fucking you the way you wanna be fucked.

    • victor September 26, 2016

      yeap! You are right! those are the ways I love to get fucked 🙂

  • September 24, 2016

    Hey Vick! I’m back! How are you!? I see that you bring one of my favorite! And I also see that you brought a brasilian too amazing job!!!! Keep up with the good work! ?

    • victor September 26, 2016

      Hey my friend , welcome back! How was your vacation from BCH? LOL yeah I got some new stuff here, some drama now and then too LOL but all good, enjoy it! 😉

  • September 24, 2016

    One of my favorite bugarrons! Glad he’s back and like you said hopefully not his last! Im getting hard just writing this!

    • victor September 26, 2016

      hahahaha “getting hard just writing this” lol, that was amazing to read! thanks 😉

  • January 20, 2017

    me gustaria verlo en un jacuzzi o en un rio o en el campo dandote carinno

    • victor January 23, 2017

      hahahah en un rio? y si nos ahogamos? hahahah besos amigo

  • flyairboy1 March 17, 2019


    • victor March 19, 2019

      Thanks baby, I know what you mean. but he is married already and me I am just the “Hunter” 😂😘

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