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Edgardo hangover fuck session

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Edgardo hangover fuck session video was the following morning after this sexy young Latino Beefcake spent a night out partying with his friends, going totally against my recommendation to stay home and be fresh for the next morning at BeefCakeHunter Land, but Edgardo is kind of rebel… I guess lol

He arrived at the studio in his sexy “Jesus Edition” look, that I find really hot but at the same time looking that he hasn’t sleep at all, so I had two options: to re-schedule the scene or just go ahead and see what happens, so  I opted for the latest, it wasn’t a bad idea after all, at least he was more relaxed, more engage, funnier than the first time.

Packing a week load, he has decided to go for this second round at the BCH arena, he needs to save some money for a car, the poor thing has no car at the moment and is having a hard time going to work.

Laying down in bed I could tell that he was more than ready, and when he started to undress himself , I remembered that one of the things that I like the most about Beefcake Edgardo are his hairy legs, and for those Hunters that love hairy asses, he got that as well and you will get a better glance of that in some parts of this Edgardo hangover fuck session video!

He was so inviting, so I went straight for his nipples, I knew he wouldn’t complaint, meanwhile I was jerking, by then, his soft cock, that it didn’t take long to start getting hard and hard. When his dick was hard, I begun to suck it and deep throat it as well, his soft moaning was like music to my ears…ummmm.

During this part I totally forgot to play the straight porn for him, he did not notice either, like I told him when he asked me for it, I wanted his undivided attention , I knew he was extra horny that morning and I loved that he put his hand on my shoulder and back, that is always a good sign, right Hunters? 😉 The pick point was when I got to his balls, his moaning became intense… he is very sensitive down there.

He wanted to bust right there in my mouth, but no Sir, I still needed to get pounded , so I got on my fours and this time I play the porn to keep him in the zone, even though it wasn’t the greatest pounding I have received, it was long and it felt great. Noticing that he was enjoying himself was also very satisfying.

For the grand finale, I made him seat down and while I was licking his tasty balls, he jerked off until shoot a big fat creamy load all over my mouth and face, making a lot of noise!

I hope you guys enjoy this video Edgardo hangover fuck session.

                               Edgardo hangover fuck session

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  • Sexiboi2014 August 21, 2019

    Damn that is sexy as glad that he and you enjoyed it and he was really into it

    • victor August 26, 2019

      I sure I did enjoyed it LOL I am so glad you did it too my friend! Thanks for comment! ?

  • Sedjet August 21, 2019

    Vic! Fuck you’ve outdone yourself this week! That shot of his ass was AMAZING! So thick and so hairy ?

    Hope he comes back again. He’s face is cute, his body is absolute beef, the mix of smooth and hairy is wonderful, and his personality is adorable!

    • victor August 26, 2019

      Wow I am so happy that you like this scene so much my friend! We had a good time here.. Thanks for comment ?

  • August 22, 2019

    Love this guy Vic! You’re doing a great job!

    • victor August 26, 2019

      Yeah, I think he is very cute, thanks for your support baby! ?

  • not retired 292 August 22, 2019

    Even though i kinda have to agree with you about not being the best pounding you’ve ever had..but he’s still one sexy guy ..i’m a ass man and he has a incredible sexy round hairy beefy butt…it was still a great scene..very nice..with a little practice and encouragement from you coaching him..he will make a great top someday…guarantee!!!!

    • victor August 26, 2019

      Of course he will, and I knew you were going be very much into his ass, like many other Hunters ?, thanks for comment my friend!

  • lon0430 August 23, 2019

    I love his big hairy ass

    • victor August 26, 2019

      You see? I knew it ?

  • August 25, 2019

    I totally agree with not retired 292 about Edgardo’s ass. You know I am an ass man myself. Thank you for the positioning of that mirror to give us a good view of his amazingly shaped hairy ass. He was a bit a mechanical fucker but makes up for it once you get your hot mouth on his dick again. His orgasm is one of the best.

    • victor August 26, 2019

      Right? That orgasm was delicious! I knew that you too would enjoy that view of his ass, Edgardo is a sexy young man, thanks for comment my friend ?

  • danirile80 August 25, 2019

    A tipsy/hungover Edgardo is a loose and fun Edgardo, but for filming purposes I can see it being a bit frustrating. This video reminds me of the drunken night with Darious, One of the positives of this video was that that Edgardo was very touchy and playful. That’s always good , right Victor? Enough cannot be said about that Latino beefy body that Edgardo has. Beef: it’s what’s for Dinner, LOL!
    For Edgardo ‘s next video have him stand and get serviced by you.

    • victor August 26, 2019

      You are right, I couldn’t help think about Beefcake Darious when I was editing this video..EDgardo was very touchy and playful and I LOVE that , thanks for comment my friend ?

  • Sexdreams September 10, 2019

    Creo que los videos de los beefcakes con resaca son unos de los mejores, sin duda en el top de beefcakeland. Darious, Harry, Justin y ahora Edgardo…deseando ver el siguiente con hangover!
    Edgardo te folla genial, adoro cuando te habla, es una de sus mejores cualidades.
    Por cierto Vic…que nos espera estas próximas semanas, pistas o algo…ya por privado me comentas mejor con pelos y señales sobre que viene!☺️ (I think the videos of beefcakes with hangovers are some of the best, without a doubt in the top of beefcakeland. Darious, Harry, Justin and now Edgardo … looking forward to seeing the next one with hangover!Edgardo fucks you great, I adore when he speaks to you, it is one of his best qualities.By the way Vic … what is waiting for us these coming weeks, clues or something … or in private tell me the juicy details of what is coming!)

    • victor September 20, 2019

      Al parecer estar hangover los relaja mucho y los pone bien cachondos jajajaja, quien no amanece cachondo después de una noche de fiesta? ;). Estoy de acuerdo contigo, Edgardo tiene una manera sutil de hablarme y convencerme jajajaja. Te dare pistas luego mí amigo, besos! (Apparently being hangover relaxes them a lot and makes them horny hahahaha, who does not wake up horny after a night of partying? ;). I agree with you, Edgardo has a subtle way of talking to me and convincing me hahahaha. I’ll give you clues later my friend, kisses!)

  • joeyrubbo September 17, 2019

    Great cum shot he is a keeper for sure

    • victor September 20, 2019

      That cum shot was amazing right? Thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • February 2, 2020

    que delicia ( so delicious )

    • victor February 7, 2020

      E eu o amo com seus cabelos longos, obrigado por comentar meu amigo! 🙂 (and I love him with his long hair, thanks for comment my friend ! 😉 )

  • Double27ja March 2, 2020

    This is hot. But you had another Hispanic guy that was drunk and thick and had got hurt in an accident

    • victor March 5, 2020

      Yeah his name is Darious, please look him up in the search field of the Beefcakes page 😉

  • lerosmartinez88 May 5, 2020

    Hola Victor, deberias de invitar a Edgardo para un trio con Jacobo…seria un buen video!!! (Hi Victor, you should invite Edgardo for a threesome with Jacobo, that would be a great video!! )

    • victor May 7, 2020

      Eso seria super hot, estar en medio de esos dos machos peludos 😉 ( That would be so hot, been between those two hairy machos 😉 )

  • rayonblvd May 9, 2020

    Damn…when he was rubbing on me and enjoying me touching and kissing his nipples and pits and would have gone for the gold and seen if he would go for a deep kiss…damn this is hot..

    • victor May 13, 2020

      You are so right about that, I miss Edgardo 🙂

  • mannyc420 June 3, 2021

    Wow I am in love! Are there lots of boys like this in south Florida?! I am on my way!!!

    • victor June 8, 2021

      lol somerimes! 😉

  • June 30, 2021

    bring him back..another angles please

    • victor June 30, 2021

      I wish baby but he is not available nowdays 🙂

  • Jatauras21 January 15, 2022

    He was a sexy ass mf… definitely need more of him

    • victor January 19, 2022

      Yeah kind of a bad boy right? thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • Cubanito2u March 2, 2022

    Bring him back Vic! Tan bello, we need him back!!!

    • victor March 8, 2022

      I know right? those lips! ummmmm 😋

  • Phenomenal104 October 24, 2023

    Luv him 👲. He’s hot n sexy!

    • victor October 26, 2023

      Right? and I like the hair too. Thanks for commenting baby 🙂

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