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Beefcake Cory long pounding

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Beefcake Cory long pounding video is finally here! I know you guys were waiting for it since he mentioned in his début at BeefCakeHunter Land, that he was coming back. Well, what a better week that Thanksgiving week to delight us with this handsome Beefcake 🙂

In contrast with his first appearance at the BCH arena, Cory arrived in more casual clothes, another sexy version of himself, and ready to perform, again his easy nature and smile were shining to the whole encounter.

This time, I instructed him to get comfortable, and lay down on the bed, so he can watch the pussy porn of his likes and touch himself to the point to get rock hard. Watching his beautiful tanned hairy body in contrast with the very white sheets, was a vision of BCH Heaven!

But before the Beefcake Cory long pounding begun, I devoted myself to enjoy his sexy hairy legs, big balls, cock, chest, omg too many things to enjoy of him! I even dared to try to rim him, something that caused one of the cutest things in the scene, his raw and genuine reaction to something that maybe nobody has dared on him before, another great moment in BCH History! 😉

I know that many criticize my doggy style fuck scenes, but it is the safest way to go at the beginning of the Beefcakes’ journey with us, and Cory surprised me with a better-than-expected performance in drilling my hole for long and good! I know there will be more opportunities to explore more with this amazing young man! Yeah, he is willing for more and I can’t wait for that, I promise you I won’t make you wait too long next time 😉

For the finally, I had him lay down on the bed again with his legs wide open while I suck and jerk off his delicious cock until he ejected that precious nectar that this time, I let it show for your pleasure, next time I won’t be this “generous”! I will swallow it whole lol

I hope you guys enjoy this Beefcake Cory long pounding video and I wish all the Hunters in the US and around the world, a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

                               Beefcake Cory long pounding

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  • Rada32 November 24, 2021

    First Comment….. O….M…G …… THIS IS THE BEST SCENE EVER!!!!

    • victor November 30, 2021

      Thanks for been the first, I am so humbled that you LOVE this scene, thank you baby 🙂

  • November 24, 2021

    I subscribed just for Cory. Hope there will be more of him and also Dallas!!

    • victor November 30, 2021

      Yes baby I am working on that , so please stay tuned 🙂

  • cast4ron November 24, 2021

    I love the scene him in bed with vic in between his legs while he watches porn. hot! more scenes like this please!

    • victor November 30, 2021

      I see some Hunters like you enjoy this , I find it hot too! Thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • vhortizuela November 24, 2021

    goodness hes hot

    • victor November 30, 2021

      Yes he is! 🙂

  • November 24, 2021

    It was a good scene and He has an incredible body and a very satisfying cock. Good job Vic. Good job

    • victor November 30, 2021

      I think it was a good scene as well, but I dont think is the best of Cory yet, thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • Pike247 November 24, 2021

    OMG VIC!!! This man is perfection! We need to see him standing in the next scene while you blow him so we can see that perfect ass, and plz make sure you caress it! Also make sure you worship that amazing body!

    • victor November 30, 2021

      OMG you have no idea how much I am looking forward to worship him. Thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • cast4ron November 24, 2021

    also I want to add, it was my prethanksgiving day off and was constantly refreshing this scene. so happy for thankful bust lol Vic we are all so thankful for you! happy thanksgiving!

    • victor November 30, 2021

      I hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well my friend, and thanks for been a good Hunter 😉

  • fierymemars1 November 24, 2021

    This was a great scene and glad to see him back. I just wish I could download these scenes again!

    • victor November 30, 2021

      I am so glad that you loved the scene baby 🙂

  • Honeysuckle November 24, 2021

    How lucky you are to have Cory served up as the main course for your Thanksgiving feast! But I am disappointed you did not taste that delicious gravy he offered up. 😁 Cory is gorgeous! His personality radiates to the point where he makes me smile just looking at and listening to him. Looks like we have another Beefcake Legend in the making. Looking foward to many more scenes to cum from Cory. And hoping the next one will definately be a swallow. 😁

    • victor November 30, 2021

      Next time I will swallow my friend, I know many of you enjoy me drinking that honey from the Bee-fcakes, and hell yess I am hoping for Cory to be Resident at BCH 🙂

  • November 24, 2021

    He so hot and sexy I wished I could bend over him 🤤🤤🤤

    • victor November 30, 2021

      I know right? what a hot dude! 🙂

  • Leon2000 November 24, 2021

    Wow. Omg thank you. We love him. This is a great thanksgiving gift and Christmas. He is amazing. Warm hugs

    • victor November 30, 2021

      You are very welcome my friend! but this was only a Thanksgiving gift, the Christmas one still coming 😉

  • November 24, 2021

    That sexy tan against the white room and sheets! Looks like a perfect setup for worshipping! Can’t wait for the next taste of Cory’s leche <3

    • victor November 30, 2021

      Yeah I can’t wait to worship Cory’s body to completion 😉

  • mpxcess November 24, 2021

    So GREAT! Cory is sooo dreamy.

    • victor November 30, 2021

      Yes he is! Thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • Antwon1214 November 24, 2021

    He’s so amazing. Please have him leave his socks on just for a few minutes. Here’s hoping he does you missionary next time. Such a sexy man. Great update. Cory is very comfortable with you. I bet he’ll let you rim him SOON.

    • victor November 30, 2021

      I am so excited that you share with me the love for men in black socks! Yeah, next time I will make him keep them longer. I think the rimming it is going to take a while 😉

  • Geethanair November 24, 2021

    Do rimjob..nice ass.. this man is perfect

    • victor November 30, 2021

      I will try that in future scenes, yes he is perfect! 🙂

  • Endgameinfinitystone November 24, 2021

    Oozing with sexiness. More anal video with him pls 🙏🏼

    • victor November 30, 2021

      Yes baby, I am looking forward for that 🙂

  • November 25, 2021

    Cory is in a category all by himself. No one else comes close to this perfect man!

    • victor November 30, 2021

      wow, wow, wow, I have no words lol Thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • November 25, 2021

    He’s sooo gorgeous

    • victor November 30, 2021

      Yes, he is 😉

  • Serious01 November 25, 2021


    • victor November 30, 2021

      That is right word to describe him, thanks my friend 🙂

  • Pnoisea November 26, 2021

    Damn, I wish he’d let you eat his ass next time.

    • victor November 30, 2021

      lol ok baby, I will try again next time 🙂

  • rkantor1 November 27, 2021

    He’s the best, thanks for creating this content.

    • victor November 30, 2021

      You are very welcome my friend, I am so happy that you enjoy it so much 🙂

  • November 27, 2021

    I don’t think there can much argument that Cory is high on the list of the most handsome beefcakes. He has a a perfectly defined body, great hairy legs which you, Vic, enjoyed. Some of his reactions were hard to read. Certainly your attempt at riming him got a strong reaction. Maybe next time? He watched the porn more than watching your service. Too bad. The split screen was so right. I thoroughly enjoyed the action of his perfect ass.He stayed hard after shooting. I hope he will be more adventurous when he returns for your expert servicing.

    • victor November 30, 2021

      I am counting on him been more adventurous next time, you are right, he is a little hard to read, but energy is good and I am happy for that, Cory is definitely in the list of the most handsome Beefcakes. Thanks for comment my friend, again, so glad that you are back! kisses! 🙂

  • motion1234 November 27, 2021

    Cory, without a doubt, has to be my favorite of your beefcake men on this site….. His sexy smile, his gorgeous ass, his thick hairy legs, and of course, that perfect cock….everything about this man is pure perfection…. Yes, please, life is better with more Cory….and what a perfect Thanksgiving present…. Vic, you have outdone yourself with this hot, hot man…. 🙂

    • victor November 30, 2021

      I am glad to see that your Thanksgiving was extra special with Cory, yes life is better with Cory lol Thanks for comment my friend 🙂

  • November 27, 2021

    He is so sexy! 😍

    • victor November 30, 2021

      Yes he is! 🙂

  • Karlieb91 November 27, 2021

    Hot. Doggy style is good. So is face down or up against the wall. 😉 Don’t like when the top is in a passive position, though.

    Damn, he’s pretty.

    • victor November 30, 2021

      I am happy that you enjoyed this scene baby 🙂

  • danirile80 November 28, 2021

    Expectations for Cory’s 2nd video were quite high here in BCH Land. But I have to agree with my BCH BFF (been missing your comments around here :)) , Cory focused in on the porn a lot in this video. Nevertheless, that didn’t dim his megawatt smile and reactions to all that was happening to him. I think that he still finds it incredible that he finds himself in this situation 🙂
    IMO Cory is a hybrid of Fred and Blake. He gets hard and stays hard . His stroke game is on par with Blake, and I love all that goes into Cory’s cumshot: his moans, and volume. I hope Cory comes back for more in 2022. I wouldn’t mind him being Santa’s Little Helper in BCH Land for Christmas 2021. 🙂

    • victor November 30, 2021

      I know right, but he is willing to make us happy, so he is a gem in brute that I will polish if he gives me the chance, so I am looking for more and better Cory soon! Thanks for comment my friend, I see that you are also glad that fellow Hunter Frederick is back! 😉

  • ltncub14 November 29, 2021

    Great job Vic. I agree with all the comments above. I do wonder however, why the still shots are not parallel with what is in the video. Could you have included any flirting that you and Cory might have done when he was sitting in the chair outside? Also, the still of him in the bed with his shorts is sexy, so maybe you could have included some of the scenes where his legs are spread on the bed before he takes off his shorts.

    I also agree with others that Cory was a bit more focused on the porn this time, and, that took away from watching him enjoy you, but it did not kill the video.

    So Vic, I have asked you this a couple of times…..when will you do a POV with your Beefcakes sitting on the couch so we can hear just how much they enjoy the tickle of their manhood as you roll your tongue gently up and down the shaft… It would be so hot to hear their reaction with the microphone up close.

    Lastly, can you convince Cory to wear some tighter underwear, like maybe some black or grey Calvins that really define the outline of his perfect penis? I just think this guy is way to sexy and needs to slowly undress himself like Kevin did in 2018. I will never forget our adorable Kevin, and wish he would cum back!

    • victor November 30, 2021

      Thanks baby! Yes, I am taking notes here. I agree with all of you about the pussy porn playing, but so far is needed lol.Taking notes again baby lol Thanks for comment and I am happy that you enjoyed this scene so much 🙂

  • December 1, 2021

    He’s so sexy!!! Sexiest one yet. Please bring him back for more.

    • victor December 3, 2021

      Your desires are my commands baby 🙂

  • berlin.calling December 2, 2021

    Cory is such a dream and also so down to earth.. perfection! I love how you did not ask if he liked to get rimmed or if he was clean, you just went for it and he enjoyed it. Make them have a thorough shower first, than you can always just go for it 😉 I also like my boys clean ;PP

    • victor December 3, 2021

      hahahah yeah it was very spontaneous lol his reaction was priceless right? 😊

  • gotfur December 3, 2021

    Sexy guy there, cute face, love his hairy pits, too bad he shaves his bush. He’d be much more masculine with a hairy crotch

    • victor December 3, 2021

      I know, he knows for next time 😋

  • mraso December 4, 2021

    Omg – he’s so fuckin hot

    • victor December 7, 2021

      Yes he is right? 🙂

  • b1p1k1 December 6, 2021

    Hi Vic cory just looks so hot, love his beard, his smile and his fucking skills. He is sobdown to earth speaking with you. Such a hottie he needs to come back and fuck you more Vic🤗Its good to be back Vic miss you.

    • victor December 12, 2021

      It is great you are back my friend! I have been missing your comments 🙂

  • Moore DB December 8, 2021

    He’s a keeper Victor! Hottest find in a long time. Bravo

    • victor December 12, 2021

      There is more of Cory, so please stay tuned my friend 🙂

  • Citric444 December 8, 2021

    Hola Victor !!! I just love Cory ! Wanna have all with him !!! One of your top guys on your site , he is so sexy latin guy !

    • victor December 12, 2021

      Hello my friend, you are right, he is sooooo sexy 🙂

  • Pike247 December 10, 2021

    I really hope Santa brings us more Cory soon…:)

    • victor December 12, 2021

      There is more of Cory my friend, please stay tuned 🙂

  • Memo39 December 15, 2021

    This is your best video so far friend, for my taste, this man is incredible, very handsome and strong, manly, big penis, you do embody the dream of many of us, how manly men constantly fuck you, congratulations and your page Very beautiful, very well done, it is seen that you are an expert in computer science, again congratulations.

    • victor December 16, 2021

      Thanks for your words my friend, I am humbled to lear how much you enjoy my work and Cory, please stay tuned for more of him 🙂

  • malkolmxxx December 19, 2021

    OMG!! Beautiful Scene!1st! Cory is Such a HANDSOME Guy, I can CUM just from looking at his face! Then he is SO Laid back and Comfortable with you and you can tell that you Enjoy him thoroughly! That almost “rimming” part was Very Cute/Hot at same time! Can’t wait to see him again!

    • victor December 21, 2021

      I totally agree with you about Cory, and that “almost” rimming scene was really cute! lol

  • December 19, 2021

    like cory and peter

    • victor December 21, 2021

      Good taste my friend, good taste! 😉

  • December 21, 2021

    Man!!!!He is the reason why i subscribed again …. And i must say, it was worth it!!!! More of Cory please!!!!!

    • victor December 21, 2021

      There will be more of Cory baby, so please stay tuned 🙂

  • December 22, 2021

    Looking forward to the rimjob scene… are a lucky man!

    • victor December 29, 2021

      I think we will get there next year baby 🙂

  • December 26, 2021

    damn he’s a sexy hot man. love the two angle cameras on him. best i’ve seen in a long time 😉

    • victor December 29, 2021

      I am so happy that you loved this scene my friend, please stay tuned for more of Cory 🙂

  • January 15, 2022

    ¡Hola Vic! Me encanta todo tu trabajo, es el mejor contenido que pueda ver, muchas gracias por todo tu esfuerzo, amo todos tus videos, eres un ídolo para mí. Te veo desde México 🤗 (Hi Vic! I love all your work, it is the best content I can see, thank you very much for all your effort, I love all your videos, you are an idol for me. I see you from Mexico 🤗 )

    • victor January 19, 2022

      Gracias mi amigo, que bueno saber que disfrutas mucho de mi trabajo, saludos a todos los Hunters Mejicanos, los amo! (Thank you my friend, it’s good to know that you enjoy my work a lot, greetings to all the Mexican Hunters, I love you! )

  • June 12, 2022

    Hi VIc,
    I was wondering what happened to Cory and also why was his debut video removed? Even thought we got to see more of him in the later videos, it was still nice to see him for the first time in the initial video, so why was it removed? Anyway, I am guessing that he has decided not to return to BCH land for personal reasons, like maybe a girlfriend found out or something. Hopefully his lifeguard job was not put at risk if anyone saw him.

    Give us the scoop, will Cory be back or not?

    • victor June 12, 2022

      Hi baby, his first video is there, it has not been removed, for some reason when you look at the videos by the model’s name, his first scene doesn’t appear, but yeah the video is still there, and YESS!!! he is coming back very soon, please stay tuned 😉

  • June 15, 2022

    So happy to hear that Cory will return soon. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.
    Listen Vic, if you have not already taped the new scene with him yet, can you share with him that as a fan, we hope he will talk more and maybe be a bit more relaxed like he was i the first scene he ever did with you. That is why I was worried when I could not find that scene, but I found it. He was just a lot more chill an natural in that scene, and in the later scenes he seemed more quiet and or nervous.
    He is of course a thing of beauty and hopefully this time his pubes are a little more grown out. Can you get him to strip out of his lifeguard shorts, or even ask him to wear a red Speedo underneath his outer clothes. It would be so great to see a bulging package out of red Speedo. And, of course like I had requested before, please ask him to sit back on the couch and have him hold the camera while you are on your knees ticking that beautiful tool with your tongue. It would be great to see this and hear his pleasure up close on the microphone of the camera.

    All the best Vic!

    • victor June 20, 2022

      Yeah he is coming back baby, so please stay tuned for more Cory “Mr. Beefcake 2021” Thanks for commenting baby 🙂

  • Ozbruv August 3, 2022

    He reminds me of my nephew. So sexy

    • victor August 9, 2022

      Yes he is 🙂

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