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Beefcake Booker is back

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Beefcake Booker is back at my door, where I was waiting on my knees to enjoy once more of this last year’s big black cock sensation.

His job as a plumber takes him to different parts of the city, and I was lucky enough that he was close to BCH Land when his shift was over. He needed some release and, why not, some extra bucks 😉

After he closed the door behind him, he was all smiles and ready for the action, so I kept the small talk to the minimum and I went straight to his beautiful cock. You may have noticed that I don’t lick his balls much, and that is because he is too sensitive there; you have no idea how much that frustrates me. I am a big “balls lover,” lol. But I am used to all types of men that come to BeefCakeHunter Land, and what I did was concentrate fully on his tool…well, for the most part…lol.

Beefcake Booker is back, and I wanted to be in charge this time, so I decided to ride him. At first, it was challenging to accommodate my hole to his tool; he was not fully in the zone yet, or maybe it had been a while since he was ridden. But Once I put him in the “zone,” I rode him well and in several positions for a long time. I even taught him how to grab my ass properly, lol. I rode him so well and long enough to be sore when he laid on me that I couldn’t take it in that position for much time. Otherwise, the video would have been longer.

After that, I made him sit at the edge of the bed, where I sucked him and jerked him to the climax; he gave us a nice cum shot again, just in time before the lawn workers turned on their work machines, that sometimes ad extra noise to the scenes.

I know that the BCH Daddy lovers will appreciate this sexy daddy’s return so much. I hope you guys enjoy this Beefcake Booker is back video, and please wish me luck so he calls me whenever he is around 🙂

                                     Beefcake Booker is back

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  • Mendo1 April 3, 2024

    Booker is amazing and his cock is beautiful!! Next scene with Booker, we need some kissing!!!

    • victor April 9, 2024

      Yes he is. I really enjoyed riding him. I think he is not ready for a kiss yet lol

  • willieroth April 3, 2024

    YES! A much welcum return to our massively hung Daddy Booker! Great to see he got the door treatment. Always found you waiting at the door on your knees to be very sexy. I was a bit surprised to hear you were too sore to accomodate Booker’s horse hung dick when you were on your stomach. I recall your scenes with Marquis and thought if you were able to comfortably impale yourself on that monster dick, you could do anything! My guess is Daddy Booker maybe slightly more endowed? 🙂 Great scene and Iove Booker’s personality. He acts like he genuinely enjoys your encounters. Daddy dick is the best kind. Hope you will swallow him next time.

    • victor April 9, 2024

      Thanks for loving my scenes by the door. I know, for some reason Booker got me sore after the riding, maybe with Marquis was different because he was more engaged, and that helps.I think in size, both are the same. You are right, Booker is on the easy side, he makes me feel comfortable. Thanks for commenting my friend 🙂

  • Bjradtz April 3, 2024

    I wanna see that bbc have a condom break moment

    • victor April 9, 2024

      Hahahaha …ok 🙂

  • April 3, 2024

    Yes, Booker’s back! Daddy’s home, haha! I love a BJ by the door scene; I always wonder how they react when they just open the door and see you on your knees, ready to go. They must think there’s always going to be a little talk first, but not this time. Just close the door and drop the pants. I don’t think Booker’s had someone take him for a ride like that in years; it’s amazing what a little trip down to BCH Land can do for you. And that cumshot! Straight daddies always have the best reactions. I hope Booker decides to stick around for a while now, and hopefully you can steal a kiss next time, Vic. I think Booker would definitely rock a full-body worship scene too. <3

    • victor April 9, 2024

      Some of them have never had that kind of reception, that’s why I think, even if they don’t say it, that will always be with them. I also think that you are right, it may be a long time since Booker has been ridden. Thanks for commenting baby 🙂

  • metalfork April 4, 2024

    Some men have bedroom eyes Booker has bedroom face. He is sooo sexy and you rode him and got him on the bed bare foot and spread eagle my favorite. Keep the door open for this king I love him

    • victor April 9, 2024

      Yes baby I will. I am so happy that you love this king 🙂

  • guruguy April 5, 2024

    Vic, now that’s a MANNNN !,

    • victor April 9, 2024

      Right? I am glad you like him 🙂

  • frederick April 6, 2024

    Vic, meeting the beef cakes on your knees at your door is always a hot start to any session. Booker is proof of that. He was ready for you in no time at all. I am always up for a mature guy especially if he is a tall one. Booker fills that order as well. The standing BJ always leads to some face fucking. I know you were thinking about the anal coming. Booker’s Big Beautiful Black Cock.would give most bottoms pause. You are up for any challenge I think. You proved it riding him and then taking it lying on your stomach. Loved the look of his big hands on your ass. Booker’s expression were a perfect lead up to his orgasm. I hope he is not a stranger.

    • victor April 9, 2024

      It is always fun to me wait for them like that, It makes me feel like that is my place in the ecosystem lol. Booker is the perfect type of model for you my friend, but in daddy version. He was expecting another doggie, but I was like ha ha , no, just lay down and let me show you lol. I think he will be around. Thanks for commenting my friend 🙂

  • danirile80 April 7, 2024

    OUTSTANDING! My persistent pestering …err … lobbying for the return of our island breezy BCH Daddy, Booker, paid off!

    Booker represents for the older generation and shows that the Daddies are just as sexy as the younger BCH models. I agree with my BCH BFF about how Booker was made for the “greeting at the door” video treatment and is one of the hottest themes at BCH (possible Sunday Funday compilation?), He was ready as soon as you unzipped his pants and pulled his semi-hard BBC through the fly. Booker’s facial expressions are the best from the 2023 class: his furrowed brow, narrowing eyes, and agape mouth. He even incorporates the “Booker Stroke” into the face fucking.

    Of course, I love the Beefcakes all spread out on the bed, and Booker was made for this moment with his 6′ 5″ frame. Watching that first insertion was epic as you could literally see Booker and you share that initial energy is a great moment. The second insertion when you were on your belly and the full weight of Booker slipped into to you was a chef’s kiss moment.

    Booker’s cumshots are a combination of crisis and ecstasy, It builds to to a crescendo, balls tighten, head thrown back, and, I swear, a part of Booker’s soul is released with his load. LOL!

    I am very pleased with Booker’s return to BCH Land. We need more of Booker; maybe, you could break a pipe, so he can return and “fix” it. LOL! Looking forward to the leadup to the 10th Anniversary 🙂

    • victor April 9, 2024

      Yeah, my friend, I was thinking about you when I booked Booker again lol. Thanks for the tip to create a SF based on my Door adventures. Booker was excited on anticipation and that lead to an awesome start. A tall man like him is built to be ridden and to enjoy him while watching his face. I am looking forward to have him back. Anniversary is coming and yeah, there are more new hotties on the way. Like always, thank you for commenting my friend 🙂

  • dltip April 8, 2024

    Booker Is BEAUTIFUL .. keep bringing him back !!!

    • victor April 9, 2024

      Sure baby, I am so happy you love him 🙂

  • TylerX-717 April 9, 2024

    this was hot! I love watching him cum!

    • victor April 9, 2024

      He is always has a great expressions when cumming. Thanks for commenting baby 🙂

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