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Published on June 27, 2018

Beautiful eyes Nuyorican Will

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Beautiful eyes Nuyorican Will works on and off as a construction worker, and I met him in one of my escapades to Central Florida. This sexy straight dude with gorgeous eyes hasn’t got laid in almost two weeks, so it was the perfect timing for him to explore BeefCakeHunter Land!

It was a very hot day and the A/C in the hotel room wasn’t working properly so things got hotter and hotter by the minute, but I am not talking only about the temperature, Beefcake Will, who is very friendly and talkative, at first had a shy start when his pants went down, but that changed after a few minutes! Hmm.

Beautiful eyes Nuyorican Will tried to concentrate in the Latina Pussy porn while I was playing with his tool, but I caught him more than once taking a look of my mouth taking his cock, especially when it was getting harder and harder lol, as a stimulation I couldn’t stop complimenting his cock throughout the video!

Even though he is not muscular, he has a sexy lean body and I ventures to touch it more than he may have expected! Going to side to side I even licked his nipples, wow, and what sexy armpits he has! He also has nice feet and for those Hunters who love feet, they will get a nice glance of Will’s feet, and yeah… I licked them ;). Of course, I couldn’t leave his tasty pink balls out of the game; I really took care of them as they deserved!

I could go on sucking him for hours! But the temperature was really high at that point, now I am talking about the room temperature as well lol. I understood that even though his cock was hard as a rock maybe he wouldn’t be able to cum like that, at least not on this occasion, so I gave him the green light to finish himself off, and the reward was an amazing cum-shot that blind me for a couple of seconds lol, you see guys? The troubles that I have to go through just for you! Lol
I hope you guys enjoy this Beautiful eyes Nuyorican Will video, and he will be back to fuck , so stay tuned my friends!

                               Beautiful eyes Nuyorican Will

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  • vynova14 June 27, 2018

    I like him a lot,seemed alittle nervous but he really loved it. Hope he will be back for more. Closeup of his eyes PLease Vic. Thanks

    • victor July 2, 2018

      He is definitely coming back baby, so stay tuned! Thanks for comment and I am so happy that you like him 🙂

  • markleoj June 27, 2018

    I love young dude….I can’t wait to him to comeback for the anal scene

    • victor July 2, 2018

      Yeah, he is sexy young Beefcake, and yes , he will be back 🙂

  • Sedjet June 27, 2018

    Great cock on this one! Vic could you please put cut/uncut in their stats

    • victor July 2, 2018

      Yeah, I love his cock too! Ok I will take it in consideration, thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • June 27, 2018

    Wow Vic! That was amazing! Hope he comes back soon! And I hope you feel better and your cold goes away, you had sniffles LOL!!!

    • victor July 2, 2018

      Haaahahhah thanks for your concert my friend, yeah I had a little flu the day of the shooting but I got worse the following few days, but now I am totally fine and ready for more! hhaahhah

  • sthuy June 28, 2018

    damn another find… that cock is bigger than my wrist…

    • victor July 2, 2018

      hahahahaha right? 😉

  • Leon0933606 June 28, 2018

    he is so cute!! even though he is not typical handsome guy, he has his style!
    the way he cum is so dam hot!
    would love to see he inside of you:)

    • victor July 2, 2018

      Right? he has his uniquer style and I love it too! You will see him inside me 😉

  • csilva1 June 28, 2018

    Great video Vic.. he’s so cute: rugged yet cute. And poor thing you can tell it’s been awhile since he’s gotten “attention” love it

    • victor July 2, 2018

      I think you are right, that tool was taken care nice and he was due of that! 🙂

  • June 28, 2018

    Fantastic cum shot! Way to take one in the mouth and in the eye for the team, Vic! 🙂

    • victor July 2, 2018

      Hahahah, anytime my friend! 🙂

  • dunkone June 28, 2018

    Pure street!! Love his natural humor, his rugged looks, and that beautiful cock!

    • victor July 2, 2018

      Pure street!!! yeah you are right! and I love these type of dudes! there are more like him coming, stay tuned 😉

  • Frederick June 30, 2018

    The best thing Will has going for him is his hard cock. I do like his hairy pits of course, but am sorry he trimmed his pubes so much. He did settle into getting your excellent service. I was impressed with your ability to deep throat his very hard dick. He liked you complimenting his dick. I think that his one way to keep Will coming back. Were you thinking about what his cock would feel like doing an anal scene? I was imagining seeing that. Will does not have an outstanding body, but his cock definitely makes up for it. Let’s see what is next for Will.

    • victor July 2, 2018

      Even his normal average body, I find so sexy as well, you can tell by the way I touched his chest, legs, etc, what is next for Will? well , taking tour inside my wet tight (“it there is such of thing”) and give me to drink his cum again, stay tuned my friend and like always, thanks for comment 🙂

  • danirile80 June 30, 2018

    Another hidden porn star found for BCH Land. I really like how Will’s attitude changed once he released his load. Will seem less nervous and more energized. The energy level of the entire room went up! Will has his passport stamped for further return trips to BCH Land , and we are here for it.
    On a where are they now note : where are Papa Kream or Jason? Really would like to see a return of those two (in addition to the usual subjects: Marcus and Jacobo) 🙂

    • victor July 2, 2018

      Right? He was nervous at first and he looks like he was fighting a little bit the pleasure but you are right, after he cum, like everything made sense to him lol, he will definitely come back! I still working in getting back those Beefcakes you mentioned, wish me luck my friend 🙂

  • BLACK5151217 July 2, 2018

    Very Sexy 😉👍🔥

    • victor July 5, 2018

      Yes, he is! Thanks for comment baby 🙂

  • Sexdreams July 7, 2018

    Tiene una polla muy linda y unos ojos asombrosos. Su sonrisa transpasa la pantalla 🙂 (He has a beautiful cock and amazing eyes. His smile traspase the screen :))

    • victor July 12, 2018

      A mi también me encantan sus ojos y sonrisa, un chico sexy 🙂 ( I love his eyes and smile as well, what a sexy dude 🙂 )

  • b1p1k1 July 8, 2018

    Sexy sexy mmmmm i envy you Vic getting all these manly, straight, hot, good looking men😉😊☺😀

    • victor July 12, 2018

      And I do it all just for you my friends 😉

  • hotmouth July 18, 2018

    Love my Ricans keep them coming Vic!!

    • victor July 20, 2018

      yeah, please stay tuned for his fuck scene, coming soon baby 😉

  • anon5001 November 22, 2018

    Not the “typical” man people go crazy over but he’s got a lot to offer and he cute and handsome and attractive, love that d and balls and his head of course is sensitive and beautiful. Loved the way he responded to your touch and stimulation and you know how to work an uncut d or any d vic lol

    • victor November 24, 2018

      Well, I know that, but I personally very crazy over him, there is something in him that turns me on a lot, I am so glad that you get crazy about him too 🙂

  • anon5001 November 22, 2018

    I’ll keep saying love me an uncut papi and his body being pretty natural is nice too

    • victor November 24, 2018

      yes, as natural as can be , thanks for comment baby 😉

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