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To our most valuable members, we would like to thank you so much for your support during these challenging times and we want you to know that we couldn't do it without you!

During this period of time our entire staff are working hard to continue in providing you with weekly entertainment. We always believe in being straight forward and honest with our members and so we wanted to share with you some temporary updates to our content delivery procedures and what to expect.

We take our health very seriously and are doing everything we can to get through these challenging times safely. At some point we may include some videos based on old footage and/or creative content that has never been seen before. This is only temporarily and we are hoping you will find it as entertaining as always while we can get through this together.

Last, we at BCH again want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, it is greatly appreciated!



Previous SF Updates

I can’t believe it has already been ten years since BeefCakeHunter went live for the first time, ten years since the most incredible and hottest adventure of my life began.

I found out too late that the word Beefcake did not exactly mean what I thought, but you guys accepted and loved it, and you were the ones that named BCH for short…so that was its destiny.

From the beginning, I knew that if I put all of myself into this project, I could make a living out of it, but it became more than that; it became great, massive…, and era-defining.

Working with these sexy men we call Beefcakes is not just about sex; it is also about getting to know the human beings in them, their stories, and their dreams. Some of them have returned over and over throughout the years, and they have become men that I value with all my heart.

But BeefCakeHunter Land is not only about me or the Beefcakes but also about you, the Hunters, who nurture my world and my work with your engagement and by sharing your fantasies with me. Knowing what you guys love and sometimes making it a reality for you is just priceless. You have become my loyal friends, and I value that friendship dearly.

Some people get wrong what BeefCakeHunter is all about; for me is more than sex and cum; for me is an art. Fortunately, the great majority see what I see, and here we are a decade later.

Time indeed flies when you are having fun, Hunters! Thanks for your support! Cheers to more hot and wet memories, and of course, cheers to more hot Beefcakes! Happy 10th Anniversary, Hunters! Happy Birthday, BeefCakeHunter Land!

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  • willieroth May 5, 2024

    There have been several sites over the years that have failed with the gay for pay concept. What makes this site so special, so successful? Just speaking for myself, I dont know what the secret sauce is for recruiting these straight guys but these are definately the kinds of men I want to see. A variety of men…all races, ethnicities, ages, shapes and sizes. Your models have never been cookie cutter like those other G4P sites. Also, the videography is always on point. I typically dont subscribe to condom sites so the fact that I have been a member here for almost 8 years speaks volumes about the quality of the content you offer here. I always anxiously await the weekly update. Will it be the return of one of my favorites or possibly a new face I will fall in love with? The suspense brings me back time after time. Happy Anniversary Vic and hope you have many more to cum.

    • Victor May 6, 2024

      Knowing the many options are out there for you to choose, but you sticking with us all these years make me so proud and grateful at the same time. Thank you for been with us in this journey. I am aiming to keep bringing you what you love my friend, thanks so much for comment in this special video for me. Cheers to you and for much more fun in the coming years 🙂

  • MAB45 May 5, 2024

    Happy 10th Anniversary Vic!👏🏽🙌🏽

    • Victor May 6, 2024

      Thank you so much, it means a lot to me that you comment in this video 🙂

  • Goodboybottom May 5, 2024

    Congrats my friend , you are the best 👏 10 🎖️ for you !!

    • Victor May 6, 2024

      Thanks so much, you guys made this possible! 🙂

  • Frederick May 8, 2024

    I have said it before, but will say it again. Vic, you are a genius. The fact that you have kept this site at the high level it is for 10 years, proves my point. We Hunters may not always appreciate the hard work you have done over these years to bring us, week after week,, experiences with all ages, sizes , and involvement. Vic, YOU ARE THE MAN !!

    • Victor May 14, 2024

      Happy to bring you joy every time you are in BCH Land! Looking forward to bring you more, thanks your loyalty, support and friendship 🙂

  • May 12, 2024

    One of the factors for your success and longevity is your willingness to make modifications, based on our comments. Thanks for your commitment and HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY!!

    • Victor May 14, 2024

      Probably one of the things I enjoy the most is that connection with you, the Hunters, your experience matter a lot to me. Thank you for stay in touch and your support 🙂

  • hokettga May 13, 2024

    Congratulations on 10 years on a masterpiece of a site and journey Vic!!! Here’s to 10+ more amazing and exciting years 🙂

    • Victor May 14, 2024

      Thanks my friend, thanks for being part of this journey with me, cheers for 10 more! 🙂

  • May 13, 2024


    • Victor May 14, 2024

      Thank you baby 🙂

  • johannn May 16, 2024

    Happy 10th Vic, toasting to 10 more !

    • Victor May 16, 2024

      Thanks my friend!! For 10 more! 🙂

  • Landojim June 4, 2024

    Thank you for 10 years! I have said it many times; this is my go to site! Vic, you are the best! You have a gift for getting the hottest straight men from all walks of life for us to discover. The interaction you have with the Beefcakes is often as hot as the sexual encounter itself. Keep up the good work for another 10 years!

    • Victor June 4, 2024

      THANK YOU! for your support all these years; it means the world to me to hear your words about how you see my work. Thanks for capturing the essence of what BCH is all about and sharing it. Cheers for more years with me on this journey, baby 🙂