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BBC Heaven Part 2

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Things are getting even hotter in this Second Part of BBC Heaven! We have one-time hit Beefcakes like Leo and Steven, who left me craving for more, especially BBC Steven, whom I believe just one video did not make justice for how sexy and big that cock was; believe it or not, one of my favorite ones! Then we have Beefcake Malik, who visited BCH Land twice but has yet to venture into more action; I still have hopes with him. We also have Beefcake Leroy, Romeo, and Zanders, which fed me BBC Heaven in both my holes; no complaints here, lol. Unforgettable BCH Legend Beefcake Prince also appears in this BBC Heaven compilation, bringing me such sweet and hot memories. We will also enjoy BBC Favorites nominated for Beefcake of the Year, like Ken, Keith, and Marquis, who gave me maratonic encounters that we all loved! And, of course, this BBC Heaven could not have been completed without Mr. Beefcake 2017, Beefcake Marcus, who took me to that Heaven so many times! A first-class stellar parade in this BBC Heaven Part 2!

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  • danirile80 April 28, 2024

    Once again Sunday is indeed made to be a Fun Day with another awesome stroll down memory lane with the BBC of BCH Land. Two surprising omissions: Maurice and Raymond. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic retrospective.

  • Frederick April 28, 2024

    Way to go ,Vic. Another assortment of very hot BBC men. Hard to choose a winner here. I guess you are actually the winner and by extension, so are we. So appropriate that his is in Black and White.. Beside these guys having great BBBC cocks, they also gave us amazing cum explosions.100 %, Vic

  • April 28, 2024

    I love all of these guys but Keith is just gorgeous! There’s something about him! So hot. So handsome!

  • willieroth April 29, 2024

    Many of my faves here…Kane, Keith, Marquis, Marcus and Malik (a lot of K’s and M’s). Malik and Dracke both possess a unique kind of swag and confidence, they dont even have to their clothes off. Just looking at them and listening to them talk makes me rock hard. I am hoping for the return of all of the aforementioned but esp Malik, Dracke and Marquis.

  • Nate Kloenne April 30, 2024

    Damn, so many sexy ass men. I know Leo is one that may never come back but his quiet but masculine demeanor did it for me every time. Him being tall, handsome and mature with a big mushroom dickhead helped. I can nut just from watching him squirm holding back from busting too quick.