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Phil…the third attempt

Almost two years ago, sexy Beefcake Phil contacted me to be featured again at BCH Land. What came to my mind was to create another fuck scene since I was still craving his cock inside my tight hole. That day I waited on my knees by the door, everything seemed perfect, but a few moments into the sucking, Phil ejaculated, but he reaffirmed that he could go another round. That was the green light for me to suck him for how much I wanted, but knowing how sensitive his dick was, I should have performed less oral, sorry Hunters. By checking the clips for this edition, it is visible how much he was fighting not to cum again, poor thing until he finally did a few minutes after I was riding him. After that, we agreed to shoot more anal footage a few days later, and for some reason that I don't remember now, that day never came. But here is what happened that day; I hope you guys enjoy this BCH-XTRA video :)

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  • Brafly1 February 18, 2024

    I totally forgot about Phill! Have you lost contact with him? I think he needs to be brought back.

  • metalfork February 20, 2024

    So hot! I love it when they cum early it just makes it hotter especially when it keeps going for round 2! I hope there are many more vids like this in the beefcake vaults!

  • February 20, 2024

    NEVER apologize for a great blow job. 🙂 As I always say, better they cum early than not cum at all.

  • Austintaylor2k23 February 21, 2024

    Please post has unseen footages of Christian.. thank you!

  • Jerkyteddy February 22, 2024

    So glad to see Phil back after years!!! I love seeing them cum fast… and then again!

  • calebdorm February 24, 2024

    Danny hands down…..miss seeing him on here!

  • February 25, 2024

    WhT a nice surprise!! An eRly cumshot just shows your skills. Phil wasn’t even hard the 1st time. So 🔥

  • April 3, 2024

    Hi Vic. No apology is necessary. It’s still a hot scene though. 🙂 Please post unseen footage of Justin.