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Kiss and Tell Part 2

I know how much my fellow Hunters love when I taste the delicious lips of some Beefcakes, some more intense and genuine than others, but all hot. Please enjoy, once again, and from a different perspective, those moments of intimacy that have made history in BeefCakeHunter Land, including the first published kiss with Beefcake Reaper.  I hope you guys enjoy this BCH-XTRA Sunday Funday update!

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  • Avatar
    November 26, 2023

    We need Jacobo back

  • Avatar
    November 26, 2023

    Another great cumpilation!

  • Avatar
    MAB45 November 27, 2023

    Pleeeaaassseee put together a hot missionary position compilation!

  • $$$$
    Teamrich1 November 27, 2023

    Martin! I miss him so much

  • Avatar
    NOIDTS November 27, 2023

    Passionate Beefcake Follies!

  • Avatar
    G-Hop226 November 27, 2023

    So hot!! Lots of married men here too, my favourite! It’s sad Edward is the only one that’s really still around; I miss all of them so much! Especially Reaper, there’s just something about him that gets me going! Jacobo, Kameroon and Martin can take me any day as well though! Again, I love this music too! Makes it even hotter for some reason. <3

  • Avatar
    November 29, 2023

    Wow! Talk about a nostalgic trip through BCH History. It’s interesting how such a small intimate act has become such a popular milestone in BCH Land. I think it’s because you see these masculine men surrendering to a passionate and honest act of foreplay that drives the Hunters crazy. It just makes the videos that much hotter!
    Some of these moments are the beefcakes best work. Some are the confirmation of legend status at BCH.
    Edward- I was surprised how engaged and passionate he was when he returned to BCH Land. The image of Victor curled up on Edward’s side kissing his lips as Edward’s unicorn spike stands straight up is seared into mind!
    Jacobo – what jmv1231 said! Jacobo was already a legend; the kissing video just crowned him BCH King 🤴 Jacobo’s neck was definitely his male G-spot, as his wickedly curved dick twitched in the air.
    Kameroon- he kinda knew that this is where this was going. Like Danny he just eased into it and enjoyed the ride. Did Kameroon disappear in the porn ether? Would to see him make a comeback.
    Martin – I wasn’t a big Martin fan until this video. I think the kissing fueled his hips and pounding that he gave you.
    Reaper – the legend that started it all.. We didn’t know we needed the kissing scene until we saw this ultra masculine man lean in and shove his tongue down your throat. That was fire 🔥
    This was a great compilation that allows to revisit many of our BCH faves or see some beefcakes in a whole new light.
    For the next compilation maybe do a retrospective on the best BCH Door Greetings, or BCH holiday compilation.

  • Avatar
    motion1234 November 29, 2023

    Love me some Edward! Always my favorite Vic….always!