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Published on March 23, 2014

Tony , The Italian Sausage

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Tony , The Italian Sausage, It was a little hard for me to convince Tony to show up for the shooting. We spoke a couple times over the phone, sometime after I had gave him my business card at a shopping mall. He was unsure, but when he finally showed up, I fell for his Italian charm. It makes you want to jump on him and kiss him! But I had to control myself… lol. He used to be a model in his 20’s, now married with kids, and some extra cash is always welcome. I was actually surprised, when he told me that his wife, was the one who encouraged him to come in for this. Man, that REALLY was a turn on for me, and I also noticed how relaxed he was, while I was sucking him off. After all, he has been a good husband, by providing extra income, spicing up his marriage, and enjoying a good blowjob! I could tell she had left a few days’ load for me to blow, a load that I really enjoyed from this handsome Italian dude. Hope you all enjoy as well!

                                      Tony , The Italian Sausage

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  • August 7, 2015

    love to see him fuck you

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